Democratic Party on Environment

Party Platform


Restore wilderness & watersheds for generations to come

We are restoring treasured landscapes like the Great Lakes, the Florida Everglades, and local wilderness areas. We are working with Gulf Coast states to restore the Gulf and hold BP and other responsible parties accountable. Democrats will continue to work with local communities to conserve our publicly-owned lands and dramatically expand investments in conserving and restoring forests, grasslands, and wetlands across America for generations to come. We will ensure that our National Parks are protected while expanding opportunities for Americans to visit and experience these national treasures. Democrats will continue working to ensure the integrity of the waters Americans rely on every day for drinking, swimming, and fishing, by supporting initiatives that restore our rivers, oceans, and watersheds. We will preserve ecosystems and open more lands and waters for hunting, fishing, and recreation. This will bolster local economies and is good for communities today and for generations to come.
Source: 2012 Democratic Party Platform , Sep 4, 2012

Honor hunting & fishing heritage via more conservation lands

Honoring our hunting and fishing heritage. We are committed to protecting the lands used by hunters and anglers, and we will open millions of new acres of land to public hunting and fishing. We will conserve and restore the habitats where wildlife flourish, expanding use of voluntary, incentive-based programs that target private landowners.
Source: The Democratic Platform for America, p.33-34 , Jul 10, 2004

Reject choice of healthy economy vs. healthy environment

These are our commitments: we will make our air cleaner and our water purer. We will ensure our children can safely play in our neighborhoods, our families can enjoy our national parks, and our sportsmen can hunt and fish in our lakes and forests. We will foster a healthy economy and a healthy environment by promoting new technologies that create good jobs and improve our world. And we will work with our allies to achieve these goals and to protect the global environment, for this generation and future generations. We reject the false choice between a healthy economy and a healthy environment. We know instead that farming, fishing, tourism, and other industries require a healthy environment. We know new technologies that protect the environment can create new high-paying jobs. We know a cleaner environment means a stronger economy.
Source: The Democratic Platform for America, p.33 , Jul 10, 2004

Encourage open space and rail travel

We want to transform sprawl into growth. We support tax credits to build more livable communities. We should acquire lands for forests and recreation sites and set aside wildlife preserves. We support the building of high-speed rail systems. High-speed rail reduces highway and airport congestion, improves air quality, stimulates the economy, and broadens the scope of personal choice for traveling between our communities. We support grants to Amtrak and the states for improving and rail routes.
Source: 2000 Democratic National Platform as adopted by the DNC , Aug 15, 2000

We do not have to choose between economy and environment

Al Gore is committed to restoring the Everglades; protecting the coasts and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil and gas drilling; and preserving our forests. Democrats believe that communities, environmental interests, and government should work together to protect resources while ensuring the vitality of local economies. Once Americans were led to believe they had to make a choice between the economy and the environment. They now know this is a false choice.
Source: 2000 Democratic National Platform as adopted by the DNC , Aug 15, 2000

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