Democratic Party on Technology

Party Platform


Restore FCC's authority to enforce net neutrality

We will increase public investment in rural, urban, and Tribal broadband infrastructure. Democrats will restore the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) clear authority to take strong enforcement action against broadband providers who violate net neutrality principles through blocking, throttling, paid prioritization, or other measures that create artificial scarcity and raise consumer prices for this vital service.
Source: Democratic Party Platform adopted at 2020 Convention , Jul 27, 2020

Recognize and defend Internet freedom worldwide

The Obama administration has led the world to recognize and defend Internet freedom--the freedom of expression, assembly, and association online for people everywhere--through coalitions of countries and by empowering individuals with innovative technologies. The administration has built partnerships to support an Internet that is secure and reliable and that is respectful of U.S. intellectual property, free flow of information, and privacy. To preserve the Internet as a platform for commerce, debate, learning, and innovation in the 21st century, we successfully negotiated international Internet policymaking principles, support the current multi-stakeholder approach to Internet governance, and oppose the extension of intergovernmental controls over the Internet.
Source: 2012 Democratic Party Platform , Sep 4, 2012

Put science ahead of ideology in research and policymaking

Investing in technology to create good jobs. We will invest in the technologies of the future, from renewable energy to nanotechnology to biomedicine, and will work to make permanent the research and development tax credit. We will achieve universal access to broadband services, which could add $500 billion to our economy, generate 1.2 million jobs, and transform the way we learn and work. And we will put science ahead of ideology in research and policymaking.
Source: The Democratic Platform for America, p.21 , Jul 10, 2004

Vigorous federal highway and transit initiatives

Enhancing Our Transportation System. Our nationís transportation network is an integral part of our economy and an engine for economic expansion that must be strengthened. We are committed to vigorous federal highway and transit initiatives that put Americans to work, relieve traffic congestion, and foster long-term projects at state and local levels.
Source: The Democratic Platform for America, p.21 , Jul 10, 2004

Every home should have Internet access

We must launch a new crusade to move toward full Internet access in every home. Gore has proposed a national goal of computer literacy for every child by the time they finish the eighth grade. He has also called for expanded technology training for workers and supports incentives for employers to provide home Internet access to their workers. We must dramatically expand teacher training in how to use the power of the Internet.
Source: 2000 Democratic National Platform as adopted by the DNC , Aug 15, 2000

A big priority is to grow new economy

We will double the current levels of investment in information technology. We believe in helping universities and laboratories become centers of innovation that catalyze private sector growth. We believe in public-private partnerships that will help bring new products to market faster. In the private sector, we believe in supporting entrepreneurs who make the New Economy go. This means making permanent the Research and Experimentation tax credit. It means keeping cyberspace a duty-free zone.
Source: 2000 Democratic National Platform as adopted by the DNC , Aug 15, 2000

Electronic bill of rights will protect privacy & kids

Gore has led the Administrationís efforts to give parents effective tools to protect children from inappropriate content on-line. He has focused on the challenge of protecting Americansí personal privacy on-line. He has called for an Electronic Bill of Rights, including the right to choose whether personal information is disclosed; the right to know how, when, and how much of that information is being used; the right to see it yourself; and the right to know if is accurate.
Source: 2000 Democratic National Platform as adopted by the DNC , Aug 15, 2000

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