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Freedom Caucus fights establishment irresponsible spending

[In the leadup to the 2015 election], the House Freedom Caucus was roundly pummeled by the media, liberal and pseudo-conservative alike. This small band of conservative House members had the audacity to challenge the status quo in Congress, and in the eyes of Washington's elites, that's a serious offense. For years, Washington's chattering class has guarded the status quo Establishment. But despite the howls of media outrage, the Freedom Caucus persevered and succeeded in making changes that brought in a new speaker of the House.

The HFC has fought to stop business-as-usual in Washington. They are dedicated to [ending] the irresponsible federal spending we've seen over the last decade.

This support for commonsense policies has led the Establishment to brand them as "radical" and "ultra-conservative." In reality they are merely advocating for doing what Republican leaders pledged to do. The Freedom Caucus exists to serve as a strong, conservative conscience guiding Congress.

Source: Heritage Action 2015 voting recommendation on HFC , Nov 9, 2015

Balance budget over 10 years by spending cuts & tax reform

All this talk of "spending cuts" in sequestration is forgetting one important point: These aren't true spending cuts. They are reductions in the rate at which government spending is continuing to grow, said Heritage's Pres. DeMint. "You can see there's no cuts in spending. In fact, it will continue to increase at a rather dramatic pace."

While Pres. Obama runs around warning everyone of economic devastation, it's the President's policies that are truly harmful to the economy, DeMint said. "He's tried to discredit capitalism, and now he's trying to make a case that the only way to grow the economy is to continue to grow spending."

Heritage recommends an approach to budgeting that would set the country back on a prosperous track. "We want to see the country on a 10-year path to a balanced budget that creates some financial stability," DeMint said. "We need some pro-growth policies like good, simple tax reform and entitlement reform to give some certainty out over the next 10 years."

Source: Heritage President Jim DeMint on CNBC's "The Kudlow Report" , Feb 27, 2013

NEA is welfare for artists and the cultured upper-class

President Trump in early 2017 released his skinny-budget proposal outlining discretionary spending reforms for the federal government. One piece of his blueprint that has received attention is the move to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The following 1997 report explains why there is no need for the federal government to be spending your money on these programs.

Few programs seem more worthy of outright elimination than the NEA. Indeed, since its inception in 1965, steadfast partisans of "welfare for artists" continue to defend the Endowment, asserting that it promotes philanthropic giving, and makes cultural programs accessible to those who can least afford them.

In fact, the NEA does not promote charitable giving. Despite Endowment claims that its efforts bring art to the inner city, the agency offers little more than a direct subsidy to the cultured, upper-middle class.

Source: Heritage Action 2017 voting recommendation on NEA , Apr 29, 1997

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