Janet Napolitano on Gun Control

Democratic AZ Governor; Designee for Secretary of Homeland Security


Allow justifiable force as defense in gun cases

Legislative Summary: SB 1145: An emergency measure, justifying threatening or using force against others in prescribed instances, establishes a presumption for when a person is acting reasonably when using justifiable force, alters the burden of proof when a justification defense is presented and specifies that the justification for use of force in crime prevention statute is not limited to use of force in specific areas.

Support from Bloomfield Press: Arizona joins 48 states that recognize the burden to prove guilt in self-defense cases must remain on the state, and that every person must enjoy the presumption of innocence. SB 1145, also called the Castle Doctrine, did several other things to strengthen your right to defend yourself, your family, your home, and more.

Legislative Outcome:Passed House 41-15-4 on Apr/18/06; Passed Senate 26-1-3 on Apr/19/06; Signed by Governor Janet Napolitano on Apr/24/06

Source: Bloomfield Press on Arizona voting record SB 1145 , Apr 24, 2006

No new gun laws; bearing arms is a fundamental liberty

Q: What is your position on the second amendment?

A: The right to bear arms is enumerated in the Constitution, and is therefore fundamental to the liberty interests of all Americans. I believe elected officials have a duty to ensure that these interests are not abridged. My position on the 2nd Amendment is simple: existing laws related to firearms and their possession are a sufficient framework by which to ensure the safety of all Arizonans. Rather than focusing on new legislation, we must first be vigilant in our enforcement of the laws that are on the books. We must step up outreach and education efforts to ensure that gun safety is at the top the agenda, and work together to mitigate tragic accidents that result from unsupervised firearm use by children. Parents talking to their children about gun safety and practicing gun safety in front of them will accomplish this goal, new legislation will not.

Source: Campaign web site, www.GoJanet.org, “Issues” , Sep 9, 2002

Prevent unauthorized firearm use with "smart gun" technology.

Napolitano adopted the manifesto, "A New Agenda for the New Decade":

Make America the “Safest Big Country” in the World
After climbing relentlessly for three decades, crime rates started to fall in the 1990s. Nonetheless, the public remains deeply concerned about the prevalence of gun violence, especially among juveniles, and Americans still avoid public spaces like downtown retail areas, parks, and even sports facilities.

We need to keep policing “smart” and community-friendly, prohibiting unjust and counterproductive tactics such as racial profiling; focus on preventing as well as punishing crime; pay attention to what happens to inmates and their families after sentencing; use mandatory testing and treatment to break the cycle of drugs and crime; and enforce and strengthen laws against unsafe or illegal guns. Moreover, we need a renewed commitment to equal justice for all, and we must reject a false choice between justice and safety.

Technology can help in many areas: giving police more information on criminal suspects so they do not rely on slipshod, random stop-and-search methods; allowing lower-cost supervision of people on probation or parole; and making it possible to disable and/or trace guns used by unauthorized persons.

Above all, we need to remember that public safety is the ultimate goal of crime policy. Until Americans feel safe enough to walk their neighborhood streets, enjoy public spaces, and send their children to school without fear of violence, we have not achieved public safety.

Source: The Hyde Park Declaration 00-DLC11 on Aug 1, 2000

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