Libertarian Party on Drugs

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De-fund war on drugs, and end violent drug cartels

Mr. President, so many of your supporters have begged you to defund and end the War on Drugs, but you have refused their pleas. Drug prohibition separates families, fosters violence, and destroys communities. You can end the war on drugs today, by doing what so many Libertarian gubernatorial and presidential candidates have pledged to do: pardon all nonviolent drug offenders.

Libertarian candidates have pledged to completely end the war on drugs, and thereby eliminate the black market profits that fund violent cartels. Ending the Drug War will make our streets safer, and people will no longer have to fear incarceration if they seek help overcoming an addiction.

Source: 2015 State of the Union Libertarian Party response , Jan 20, 2015

Repeal all drug laws creating “crimes” without victims

We support the protections provided by the Fourth Amendment to be secure in our persons, homes, and property. Only actions that infringe on the rights of others can properly be termed crimes. We favor the repeal of all laws creating “crimes” without victims, such as the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes.
Source: National platform adopted at Denver L.P. convention , May 30, 2008

The war on drugs threatens individual liberties

The War on Drugs is a threat to individual liberty and domestic order; furthermore, it has provided a rationale by which the power of the state has been expanded to restrict our privacy. We condemn the use of “profiles” as sufficient to satisfy the probable cause requirement of the Fourth Amendment, the use of “civil asset forfeiture” to reduce the standard of proof historically borne by government in prosecutions, and the use of military forces for civilian law enforcement.
Source: National Platform of the Libertarian Party , Jul 2, 2000

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