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More bio-energy means less greenhouse emissions & more jobs

By tripling US use of bio-energy and bio-products by 2010, we can keep millions of tons of greenhouse gases out of the air, generate $15 billion in new income for our farmers, and create another set of new technologies to be marketed to the world.
By requiring every federal agency to cut greenhouse emissions by 30%, so that the government itself lives by the rules it negotiated at Kyoto for American companies, we can save American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
By creating a Clean Air Partnership Fund, we can support state and local projects to reduce both local pollution and global greenhouse gases.
We have to strengthen, not weaken, environmental protections across the board, from global warming to stabilizing world population.
Source: New foreword to Earth in the Balance, p. xviii & xix Apr 23, 2000

Save the family farm

Gore promised that in a Gore Administration, farm policy would be “explicitly directed at saving the viability of family farms.” Among other things, he vowed that the Packers and Stockyards Act would be enforced to prevent price discrimination by packers against small farmers. Much of his criticism was directed at the Freedom to Farm Act of 1996. Gore said it had an inadequate safety net to protect farmers when prices slumped.
Source: Boston Globe on 2000 race, p. A22 Dec 23, 1999

Ethanol programs creates jobs & helps economy

[The federal ethanol program] has been a real success; it means thousands of jobs and billions in economics activity in this country.
Source: Sustainable Energy Coalition, media backgrounder #2 Nov 18, 1999

Invest in worker training and re-training

Gore would expand worker training for dislocated workers, support training in local communities, and help make lifelong learning more affordable. “Every hard-working American should have the chance to use their best talents, wherever they work right now. That’s why I’m announcing a major new commitment to training and re-training, so that every worker, at every level, in every business, in every industry, has the skills and training to turn a job into a career,” Gore said.
Source: Press Release “Help Workers Gain New Skills for New Economy” Jun 23, 2000

Expand Family and Medical Leave to balance work & family

Q: What will you do as president to provide leadership to get our country working better for everybody, working people as well as CEOs?
A: I have talked with so many working parents who are really stressed out trying to balance work and family. It’s hard. I want to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act. They ought to - you also ought to - have the right to go to parent-teacher meetings and doctors appointments. It ought to be easier to balance work and family.
Source: Democrat Debate at Dartmouth College Oct 28, 1999

Task force to study industrial needs

Mindful of pressures [from labor unions], Clinton & Gore have called for some labor-friendly provisions in trade treaties and have created a task force to study the plight of manufacturing. A spokesman said, “Gore agrees with the many representatives of labor, including those from the industrial unions, that there is nothing more important than expanding our prosperity to all portions of the country, including our industrial sector-our steelworkers, our auto workers, our truck drivers, our shipbuilders.
Source: New York Times, p. A20, on 2000 election Oct 17, 1999

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