Richard Nixon on Immigration

President of the U.S., 1968-1974


Help underdeveloped world to avoid flood of refugees

In addition to our moral obligation to help developing countries, we have major economic and strategic interests at stake.
  1. We will benefit if we can unlock the vast untapped economic potential of these countries.
  2. If we ignore the southern hemisphere, we risk being dragged into potentially deadly regional conflicts.
  3. Unless we foster economic opportunity in the underdeveloped world, our borders will be overwhelmed by a flood of economic refugees. The success of the 4 Asian tigers-- Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore--should serve as a positive example that less developed countries can make the transition from poverty to prosperity.
Many of our previous aid programs have amounted to nothing more than conscience money thrown at the problem of world poverty or spent to prevent Communist expansion. Today, we must reorient our approach to the southern hemisphere, applying the lessons of the successful development of East Asia's newly industrialized countries.
Source: Seize the Moment, by Richard Nixon, p.235-237 , Jan 15, 1992

More visas for professionals and for Western Hemisphere

I urge passage of several measures which are being resubmitted dealing with the immigration policies of the United States, and with American contributions to international banks to assist the economic development of friendly nations. Further, to encourage travel and tourism in the United States, the requirement for a visa would be waived for all business and pleasure visits of ninety days or less by nationals of countries designated by the Secretary of State.
Source: Message to Congress upon Resubmitting Legislation (APP#29) , Jan 26, 1971

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