Steve Forbes on Energy & Oil

2000 Republican Primary Candidate for President


Explore ANWR immediately, to reduce foreign oil dependence

FORBES [to Keyes]: Would you support opening up ANWR in Alaska for exploration to find out what oil we have there and to get that oil out so we’re a little less dependent on sources, unstable sources overseas?

KEYES: Yes, I would. We’re going to have to try to take advantage of our energy reserves. We want to do it in a way that’s responsible-respecting ecological requirements and at the same time exploiting God’s precious resources for the good of our people. It’s also important because if we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil, it buys us time in order to make use of our ingenuity to develop alternative energy resources. So I would support that and I think that it’s a good way to go, provided we do it in a way that is responsible and that harnesses our scientific know-how to make sure we respect environmental requirements.

FORBES: The environmental technology is there to do the job right and you’re right, we should do it right now.

Source: (x-ref to Keyes) GOP Debate in Johnston, Iowa , Jan 16, 2000

Kyoto Protocol based on flawed science & worse economics

The Kyoto Protocol is classic government over-reach. It proposes a “solution” to a “problem” that very well may not exist. The catastrophic claims about global warming are deeply flawed. The Earth’s temperature were fluctuating long before the Industrial Revolution, and there is no real evidence that the world is heading into an age of super-heated temperatures. Beyond the questionable science, the Kyoto treaty has other serious flaws. It leaves out more than 100 nations (including some of the world’s worst polluters).The Kyoto treaty should be abandoned, not enforced. It is nothing more than another big government power grab dressed up in green.
Source: “A New Birth of Freedom,” p. 126-7 , Nov 9, 1999

No real evidence of global warming

The catastrophic claims about global warming are deeply flawed. There is no real evidence that the world is heading into an age of super-heated temperatures. The question is not whether we should be concerned about the environment but how we can build upon our successes and make even greater progress.
Source: Steve Forbes 2000 Online HQ, “New Birth of Freedom” , Aug 19, 1999

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