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Arizona data showed Biden win was statistically impossible

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani urged the Republican legislators to get to the bottom of the fraud, asserting that "You also had numerous situations of your workers, your citizens, observing the poll officials helping people vote to the point of telling them who to vote for. "Poll workers being observed changing votes, taking ambiguous votes and making sure they were cast for Biden," Giuliani said.

Also at the hearing, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the famed scientist and engineer with various MIT degrees, presented data showing that the only way for Biden to have statistically caught up with President Trump in Arizona was if Democrat votes came in at 130 percent for Biden and -30 percent for the president.

[In Arizona, Joe Biden received 1,672,143 votes (49.4%), to Donald Trump's 1,661,686 votes (49.1%), and the Libertarian Party's Jo Jorgensen receiving 51,465 votes (1.5%) - ed.]

Source: The New American magazine on 2020 Massachusetts Senate race , Dec 1, 2020

Only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian

Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian-American scientist whose campaign features the slogan "Only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian"--a jab at the controversy surrounding Warren's decision to check off a minority box marked for Native Americans when she successfully applied for a teaching position at Harvard Law School decades ago--is threatening to sue Walsh and the city over their handling of August's event, should Walsh decline to issue a full apology.
Source: 2018 Massachusetts Senate campaign website shiva4senate.com , Nov 14, 2017

It's about free speech, not against Black Lives Matter

Shiva Ayyadurai, who delivered the keynote address at August's "Free Speech Rally" where police restricted access on Boston Common as protesters numbered in the thousands, is demanding an apology from Mayor Marty Walsh, and threatens to sue if not.

The August 19 event, held at the Common's Parkman Bandstand, ended prematurely ahead of the arrival of thousands of marchers organized by Black Lives Matter. Police in anticipation of the rally ringed the bandstand with a series of barriers, preventing rally-goers from moving within less than a football field's length from where speakers assembled. Ayyadurai demands an acknowledgment that Walsh was "wrong in mischaracterizing the approximately 40 people in the Parkman Bandstand as a hate group and as sympathetic to white supremacy."

Ayyadurai is also demanding Walsh "acknowledge the sincerity of the group's commitment to free speech." Ayyadurai himself at one point, according to video he has from the event, declared "black lives do matter."

Source: New Boston Post on 2018 Massachusetts Senate race , Nov 10, 2017

Affirmative action hasn't helped most blacks

Affirmative action was a gain from people fighting on the streets, but what resulted was not the liberation of large numbers of minorities. It created a pencil thin strata of minority bourgeoisie, and that bourgeoisie frankly became Uncle Toms. They didn't advance the cause of African Americans; they really wanted to keep their own people on the plantations.

That's why people were so hopeful for Obama, but what really happened was more segregation, more separation between blacks and whites. The average situation of a black male today is worse than before Civil Rights, on many, many levels. Affirmative action was a bone that they threw to quell the mass protests. The right solution is to enable people to unleash their own creativity and their own innovation.

Source: Merion West interview on 2020 Massachusetts Senate race , Jul 24, 2017

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