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It's time equal work results in equal pay

It means our economic approach must be grounded in creating good-paying, family-supporting jobs across our commonwealth, and not just increasing corporate profits. And that those good jobs must pay a woman the same as they would a man. In 2020, it's time equal work results in equal pay.
Source: 2020 Kentucky State of the State address , Jan 14, 2020

Repay miners who remain unpaid due to mine bankruptcy

Virginia and Kentucky are working to get over 1,000 workers paid after a coal operator with mines in both states unexpectedly slammed its doors. Approximately 480 Virginia miners and 600 Kentucky miners missed their last paychecks after Blackjewel LLC filed for bankruptcy on July 1.

In a joint letter sent yesterday, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring & Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear asked the Office of the United States Trustee to ensure the "immediate repayment" of paychecks owed to workers. "All workers who have labored for the company and are owed back wages should be made whole. And they should be made whole immediately," the attorneys general wrote.

Herring & Beshear said Blackjewel's poor financial planning led to its "haphazard" bankruptcy wherein it issued paychecks backed by insufficient funds.

"Despite knowing for years of its precarious financial situation, the Debtor did nothing to prepare itself or its workforce for this month's bankruptcy," the letter said.

Source: The Dogwood Daily on 2019 Kentucky gubernatorial race , Jul 17, 2019

Grow our economy with skill training, not CEO giveaways

Under Matt Bevin, Kentucky is near the bottom in the nation for job and wage growth. I will work every day to bring good-paying jobs that enable our hardworking men and women to raise their families. My vision for growing our economy doesn't depend on massive give-aways for wealthy out-of-state CEOs like we've seen from Matt Bevin. We should be investing in our workforce and focusing on the areas in which Kentucky is uniquely positioned to lead, like agritech and healthcare.

We must prepare our workforce for the 21st century in jobs well-suited for Kentucky in fields like agritech, automation, data analytics and healthcare; we can build an economy and workforce for the future. In a global economy, it's vitally important that skills training continue after high school. As governor, I'll promote apprenticeship training. In order to attract businesses to our state, we need an educated and highly-trained workforce.

Source: 2019 Kentucky Gubernatorial campaign website AndyBeshear.com , May 2, 2019

Wrong that women make significantly less than men

Equal Pay: It's wrong and absurd that women in Kentucky make significantly less than men for doing the same job. As the father of both a son and a daughter, this is personal for me. Kentuckians should not be paid different amounts just because of their sex. This is common sense and as governor I'll work to eliminate this pay gap.
Source: 2019 Kentucky Gubernatorial campaign website AndyBeshear.com , May 2, 2019

Support prevailing wage law; oppose Right-To-Work laws

I oppose so-called Right-To-Work (for less) laws that undermine workers' rights, and every year as governor, I will support a bill to repeal this law and reinstate the prevailing wage law. Right-To-Work (for less) results in lower wages and fewer benefits for working families. Unlike this governor, I understand that our economy is stronger when working families make a truly living wage. As governor, my labor secretary will be a card-carrying union member.
Source: 2019 Kentucky Gubernatorial campaign website AndyBeshear.com , May 2, 2019

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