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Ensure veterans' sacrifice is honored when they return home

Jay Ashcroft came under withering criticism this week following recent comments suggesting special benefits for veterans are unfair. Ashcroft said, "I think we ought to treat everybody equally. I don't think we ought to say if you're in the military, we give this discount but everybody else has to pay twice as much. I don't think that's good government."

Bill Eigel, who served in the Air Force, said he was "stunned to hear one of the candidates up here say he's really not interested in looking into veterans' issues or helping them out." Eigel, who is running a hard-right campaign for governor, later shared a video of Ashcroft's comments on social media. "I know first hand the struggles that our veterans and active military personnel face. I lost friends. I saw the struggle upon returning to the States," he wrote on social media. "I disdain the ruling elite who send our men and women to die in their wars, all while doing nothing to ensure their sacrifice is honored when they return home."

Source: Kansas City Star on 2024 Missouri Gubernatorial race , Feb 22, 2024

Calls for restrictions on foreign ownership of farmland

Eigel has moved to call a special session on foreign ownership. The bill, sponsored by Eigel, would have prohibited foreign entities--both individuals and businesses--from purchasing any real estate--not just farmland. "Governor, we cannot afford to wait until January to address this important issue," Eigel wrote. "Our farmers and ranchers deserve to know that we have their back and that we aren't going to let foreign interests buy up our farmland and put Missouri farmers out of business."
Source: Kansas City Star on 2024 Missouri Gubernatorial race , May 19, 2023

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