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Delaware Democratic Governor


Reliability and cost of energy is key

For manufacturers and other businesses, we know the reliability and cost of energy is key. We need to expand our energy portfolio, reduce costs and improve air quality.

First, we import too much of our electricity from dirty and expensive sources. Over the last four years, we have reduced emissions more than any other state, but we need more local generation. That is why we support numerous utility-scale clean and efficient natural gas plants and cost-effective clean energy projects--including numerous solar, biogas and fuel cell projects.

Second, we need to expand natural gas infrastructure across our state. Too many in Delaware are paying too much for energy because they are too far from a pipeline to bring them affordable natural gas.

Third, the cheapest energy remains the energy we don't use. We have made progress on improving energy efficiency, but we can do more to help save money by making efficiency Delaware's "first fuel."

Source: 2013 Del. State of the State speech , Jan 17, 2013

Supports renewable resources connecting to grid

Delaware is adopting leading-edge interconnection policies that allow small renewable resources to connect to the grid without requiring redundant and restrictive review.

Integrating more clean energy into the grid puts more people to work, supports capital investment, and promotes a healthier environment. Through strong bipartisan support, Delaware has demonstrated repeatedly that we can strengthen our economy and improve our environment at the same time.

Source: 2011 gubernatorial press release, "Grid Interconnection" , Oct 21, 2011

Petroleum refinery reopening is a stride in jobs and economy

The reopening of the Delaware City petroleum refinery is the culmination of two years of teamwork. Now, hundreds will report to work here each day, better able to support their families and their neighborhood businesses.

The Delaware City refinery is a high-conversion heavy crude oil refinery with a processing capacity of 190,000 barrels per day. The refinery's production is sold in the U.S. Northeast via pipeline, barge, and truck distribution.

Source: 2011 gubernatorial press release, "Delaware City Refinery" , Oct 7, 2011

Fossil fuels contribute to harmful greenhouse gases

Our heavy reliance on fossil fuels puts Delaware at a competitive and environmental disadvantage. The combustion of fossil fuels, both to drive our vehicles and to generate electricity in power plants, also is a leading contributor of harmful greenhouse gas emissions that are helping to produce global warming and climate change. The state needs to:

Offer energy efficiency tax incentives that reward investments in energy efficiency by consumers or businesses.

  • Expand low-income home weatherization funding.
  • Offer green building tax credits to companies that incorporate renewable energy sources, like windpower, into their design features.
  • Lead by example. Delaware state government should examine the portfolio of state buildings and real estate and use them to demonstrate how renewable energy can be integrated into those facilities.
  • Encourage investment in alternative energy sources from trustees of large pension funds and managers of investment portfolios.
    Source: 2008 Gubernatorial campaign website, markell.org, “Issues” , Nov 4, 2008

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