Jay Nixon on Education

Missouri Democratic Governor


Affordable tuition is highest priority

In 2009, too many kids couldn't afford college--and those who did get a degree were saddled with too much debt. But today, more kids are going to college, getting their degrees--all while taking on far less debt than the national average. We're talking thousands of dollars less. This year, we will strengthen Missouri's position as a leader in college affordability and quality. First, my budget includes an additional $56 million in performance funding. And with this historic investment, our public colleges and universities will once again freeze tuition for Missouri undergraduates.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Missouri legislature , Jan 20, 2016

Fund public schools, don't develop voucher schemes

Even during the worst of the recession, we never backed away from our commitment to support our public schools. There were some who doubted whether our students and schools were up to the challenge, who said the new state standards were too tough, too ambitious. I disagreed. I knew that if we raised our expectations, our students would rise to meet them. No gimmicks or voucher schemes--just great teachers, the right tools, strong communities, and a shared commitment to excellence.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Missouri legislature , Jan 20, 2016

Increase education funding by $150 million

We now have a unique opportunity to build a better future for our children. We must seize it. And nothing will have a greater impact on our children's future than the commitment we make now to their education. So in my budget, we increase funding for education. And we increase it by $150 million.Our children are our first priority. They are Missouri's future. Of course, with increased funding, come higher expectations. We expect better test scores, better graduation rates, more college degrees and more Missourians ready to compete for the best jobs in a global economy. We've all got to do better, and that means everybody: students and teachers; parents and principals; coaches and college presidents. Increased funding means increased accountability.
Source: 2013 State of the State Address to Missouri Legislature , Jan 28, 2013

A+ scholarships: community college for every high schooler

My budget includes more than $75 million for our Access and Bright Flight scholarships. And it increases funding for our A+ scholarships, which cover tuition and fees at all our public community colleges.

To qualify for an A+ scholarship, high school students must keep their grades up, have excellent attendance, and stay out of trouble.Since I've been Governor, we've expanded the A+ program to 150 more schools. But there are still schools that aren't part of the A+ program, so their students can't even apply for A+ scholarships.

That's unfair to these kids, and we're going to fix it. This is the year we will expand our A+ scholarship program to every public high school in the state, so that every qualified student in this state has the opportunity to go to community college--tuition free.

Source: 2013 State of the State Address to Missouri Legislature , Jan 28, 2013

Allow expanding charter schools to poor-performing districts

Authorizing the Expansion of Charter Schools: S.B. 576 passed House 99-54-10 on May 15, 2012; became law without Governor's signature, June 27, 2012
Source: Missouri legislative voting records for S.B. 576 , May 15, 2012

We need federal dollars for our schools

Rejecting federal funds would have a harmful impact on schools. Schools are relying upon those funds in the supplemental budget to meet payroll and other expenses this year. The federal law that authorized these education funds was clear. If Missouri turns these funds away, they will go to schools in other states. Meanwhile, Missouri schools will be left frantically finding ways to cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from their budgets in the next few weeks.
Source: 2011 gubernatorial press release, "Unemployment" , Apr 1, 2011

Re-invest in our public school system

Jay Nixon believes that a quality education is the key to achieving the American Dream. We need to strengthen our education system from top to bottom so that every child, no matter where in Missouri that child lives or what that child’s parents do for a living, has an opportunity to succeed.

Jay is a living testament to the potential of our public school system, attending the Jefferson County schools as a kid and going on receive his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Missouri. As Attorney General, Jay has seen first-hand the problems facing Missouri public schools. He knows that many of our school buildings are in poor shape, we need more technology in the classroom, our teachers are vastly underpaid, and too many of our children are dropping out of high school. Simply put, there are children in Missouri who do not have adequate and equal access to a quality education. That must change. As Governor, Jay will make it a priority to re-invest in our public school system

Source: 2008 Gubernatorial campaign website, nixonforgovernor.com , Nov 4, 2008

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