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$28M to deal with Flint water treatment crisis

In addition to the $9 million supplemental appropriation for Flint made in October 2015, the request today is for $28 million. It includes:
  1. Additional bottled water, filters, and replacement filters for anyone who needs these resources.
  2. Assistance for the City of Flint to help with its utility related issues.
  3. Testing and replacing fixtures in schools, day care facilities, and other higher risk locations.
  4. Treatment of children with high lead levels, including diagnostic testing, nurse visits, and environmental assessments.
  5. Treatment of potential behavioral health issues such as ADHD for those who have or could have had an elevated blood lead level.
  6. We will also work with local primary care providers and hospitals to educate the community about toxic stress and how to identify early developmental delays.
  7. Additional support for children's health care access
  8. An infrastructure integrity study for pipes and connections, using outside, independent experts
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Michigan legislature , Jan 19, 2016

Detroit has a bright future, but more work to be done

Look at the city of Detroit. We have a city that now has less debt, we have a city that's safer, and we have a city that's got better services. Detroit has a bright future, and I'm committed to supporting the city and achieving that goal.

We've created over 300,000 private sector jobs in the state of Michigan. In Dec. 2010, our unemployment rate was 11.3%. Recently, our unemployment rate is 6.7%. We have more work to be done, but Michiganders are working again, and in good, well-paying jobs.

Source: State of the State address at 2015 Michigan Inauguration , Jan 20, 2015

Detroit bankruptcy is an opportunity to stabilize Detroit

Q: It had been expected, but it still came as a shock this week when the city of Detroit filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in history, a record $19 billion. Once the city of 2 million people, Detroit's population has plummeted to 700,000. It takes an hour for police to respond to calls. Almost half of the city's schools have closed in the last three years. What does this mean for the people of Detroit?

SNYDER: This was a very difficult situation, but it's the right one. we looked through every other viable option. We worked in good faith towards many other courses of action. And this has been 60 years in the making. Ultimately, this is an opportunity to stabilize Detroit and grow Detroit, because you have to get back to the fundamentals--not just the debt question. But even more important than the $18 billion in debt is the accountability to the citizens of Detroit. They're not getting the services they deserve. Enough is enough and now is the time to turn it around.

Source: Face the Nation 2013 on 2014 Michigan gubernatorial race , Jul 21, 2013

Reform no-fault auto insurance: We have largest claims in US

About auto insurance. In terms of no-fault, in terms of claims coming in, the severity of claims, we far exceed every other state in how expensive our claims are. The average claim in Michigan is $44,000. The next two states are $17,000 and $10,000. That leads to high auto insurance costs for our citizens.

It's time for some reforms, folks. And, the two reforms I am talking about are first we should reform no-fault. It is time to do that in a thoughtful way. The second one is in the area of insurance fraud. We should create an Insurance Fraud Authority to address issues there, so that we can bring benefits to our citizens.

The insurance industry and the financial service industries continue to be more and more important in Michigan. Because of that, I have signed an Executive Order to create the Department of Insurance and Financial Services and I think it's a great opportunity.

Source: 2013 State of the State Speech to Michigan Legislature , Jan 16, 2013

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