George Nethercutt on War & Peace

Former Republican Rep (WA-5); 2004 former Senate challenger

Murray's vote against the Iraq war was a wrong decision

NETHERCUTT: I'll stay in lock step with the commitment to win the war on terror. This is a fight that we must take on, in my judgment. This is one venue in the continuing war on terror that is the most insidious challenge of our time-to win the war on terror. She voted against the war, against taking on Saddam. That was the wrong decision. My goal is to make sure we stand up a government there, to give the people of Iraq a chance to be free.

MURRAY: Saddam was an evil tyrant and we're all glad he's gone. I voted against the resolution to go to war in Iraq because we did not have a clear mission, we didn't have a clear exit strategy, we were not honest with the American public about the costs-both in lives and in dollars. We're there now and we must make sure our troops have on the ground the equipment and supplies and support that they need. We must reach out to other nations to get their support as well, because we cannot continue to endure the costs of this conflict.

Source: WA Senate Debate Oct 20, 2004

Iraq is one of the chapters in the book on ending terrorism

Murray thinks our ports and our homeland are our first line of defense. I know it's our last line of defense. We have to go out there wherever the terrorists are and stop them before they get here. The war in Iraq is one of the chapters in the book on ending terrorism.
Source: WA Senate Debate Oct 20, 2004

Rebuild Iraqi infrastructure quickly-out in five years

Rep. George Nethercutt said yesterday that Iraq's reconstruction is going better than is portrayed by the news media and the faster infrastructure rebuilding is completed, the faster the country can take care of itself and the United States can leave. "So in five years or less, we're out of there," said Nethercutt. "I'm as fiscally conservative as anyone can be ... but I think it is a smart investment for this country to make."
Source: Wyatt Buchanan, seattlepi.com Oct 13, 2003

Voted YES on approving removal of Saddam & valiant service of US troops.

States that the House of Representatives:
  1. affirms that the United States and the world have been made safer with the removal of Saddam Hussein and his regime from power in Iraq;
  2. commends the Iraqi people for their courage in the face of unspeakable oppression and brutality inflicted on them by Saddam Hussein's regime;
  3. commends the Iraqi people on the adoption of Iraq's interim constitution; and
  4. commends the members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Coalition forces for liberating Iraq and expresses its gratitude for their valiant service.
Reference: War in Iraq Anniversary resolution; Bill H Res 557 ; vote number 2004-64 on Mar 17, 2004

Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq.

Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq: Passage of the joint resolution that would authorize President Bush to use the US military as he deems necessary and appropriate to defend U.S. national security against Iraq and enforce UN Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq. It would be required that the president report to Congress, no later than 48 hours after using force, his determination that diplomatic options or other peaceful means would not guarantee US national security against Iraq or allow enforcement of UN resolutions and that using force is consistent with anti-terrorism efforts. The resolution would also give specific statutory authorization under the War Powers Resolution. Every 60 days the president would also be required to report to Congress on actions related to the resolution.
Reference: Bill sponsored by Hastert,R-IL; Bill HJRes114 ; vote number 2002-455 on Oct 10, 2002

Voted NO on disallowing the invasion of Kosovo.

Vote on an amendment to the "Kosovo and Southwest Asia Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act" which would prohibit the use of funds for any invasion of Yugoslavia with U.S. ground forces except in time of war.
Reference: Amendment introduced by Istook, R-OK; Bill HR 1664 ; vote number 1999-119 on May 6, 1999

Supports $48 billion in new spending for anti-terrorism.

Nethercutt adopted the Republican Main Street Partnership issue stance:

The Republican Main Street Partnership (RMSP), the largest group of moderate GOP elected officials in the nation, applauds President Bush's call for $48 Billion in new defense spending to win the war on terrorism, provide for homeland defense and modernize the U.S. military.

Main Street Moderates, also offer support for the President's "Homeland Defense" initiative that strengthens border security ($2.1 Billion Increase), bulks up INS and Customs inspectors and agents (focusing on the northern border), and proposes a 500% increase in "Bio-Terrorism" spending. These were part of the RMSP Anti-Terrorism Policy proposed by key Main Street members Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT) and others shortly after Sept. 11th. Sen. Snowe called "the President's proposals to boost funding for the Coast Guard, border security and customs right on target." "By focusing on these issues (Defense and Homeland Security), he's clearly in touch with what's most important to the American people," said fellow Main Street member Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY).

Source: Republican Main Street Partnership press release 01-RMSP5 on Jan 30, 2002

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