Debbie Stabenow on Energy & Oil

Democratic Jr Senator; previously Representative (MI-8)

Global Warming is real and Iím focused on solving it

Q: Do you believe in global warming from human sources, and should it drive our policies?

BOUCHARD: Yes, thereís conflicting reports. We could be in a position to lead away from fossil fuels. She filibustered the comprehensive energy package in Congress. We need someone who will lead on that - she hasnít. She has only one bill authored -- to rename a federal building. I wrote legislation to close incinerators while in the S state Senate.

STABENOW: Global Warming is real and Iím focused on solving it. I cite nineteen provisions which I authored, many bi-partisan. Global Warming is too important for partisan politics. I supported the energy bill from two years ago -- it created real energy boom in Michigan. We have strong agriculture, and ability to tell world to buy fuel here in Michigan instead of Middle East.

Source: 2006 Michigan Senate Debate in Grand Rapids, x-ref Bouchard Oct 15, 2006

Voted NO on protecting middle-income taxpayers from a national energy tax.