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Chuck Baldwin on Homeland Security

Constitution Party nominee for President; Reform Party nominee in several states

Deploy a fully-operational strategic defense system

I further support the deployment of a fully-operational strategic defense system as soon as possible. We will not allow a unilateral disarmament and dismemberment of America's defense infrastructure. History shows that which is hastily torn down is not easily rebuilt. Recent history also shows that foreign military adventurism is likewise destructive to this nation's national security capability. I will insist that all defense expenditures should be directly related to the protection of our nation.
Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" May 27, 2008

Resist reducing benefits to veterans and their survivors

I am eternally grateful to America's veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect our nation and to preserve our liberty and, as President, I will honor our nation's commitment to them in every way. I will vigorously resist the attempt by any government agency to nullify or reduce earned benefits to veterans and their survivors, including but not limited to, compensation, pensions, education, and health care.
Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" May 27, 2008

Strong national defense that is second to none

We will have a national defense that is second to none, with armed forces that serve only under the American flag, and whose mission will be to defend these United States of America!

It is a primary obligation of the federal government to provide for the common defense of the USA, and to be vigilant regarding potential threats, prospective capabilities, and perceived intentions of potential enemies.

The maintenance of a strong, state-of-the-art military on land, sea, in the air, and in space will b of the highest priority in a Baldwin Administration. I strongly support the modernization of our armed forces, in keeping with advancing technologies and a constantly changing world situation.

I will insist that all defense expenditures should be directly related to the protection of our nation, and that every item of expenditure must be carefully reviewed to eliminate foreign aid, waste, fraud, theft, inefficiency, and excess profits from all defense contracts and military expenditures.

Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" May 27, 2008

PATRIOT Act violates principles of 4th & 5th Amendments

Great are the dangers of giving unlimited, unconstitutional power to a government that does not respect the checks and balances intended by our Constitution and Bill of Rights! In the wake of 9/11 and the so-called 'War on Terror' we have seen legislatio and executive action that deprives the American people of their rights secured under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments under the guise of "combating terrorism" or "protecting national security."

Examples of such legislation are the National Security Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the proposed Domestic Securities Enhancement Act (known as 'Patriot II'). The USA PATRIOT Act permits arrests without warrants and secret detention without counsel, wiretaps without court supervision, searches and seizures without notification to the individual whose property is invaded, and a host of other violations of the legal safeguards our nation has historically developed according to principles descending from the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

Source: Campaign website,, "Issues" May 27, 2008

Americans have more to fear from D.C. than Baghdad or Tehran

I believe the American people have more to fear from Washington, D.C., than they do from Baghdad or Tehran. I believe the United Nations is a sinister organization from which the United States should withdraw. I believe the federal government taxes too much, spends too much, lies too much, and snoops too much into the personal lives of the American people.
Source: Chuck Baldwin Live column: "Strictly Personal" May 9, 2008

There is absolutely no reason for us to be in NATO

There is absolutely no reason for us to be in NATO. We should not be antagonizing Russia by attempting to expand NATO. There is no reason why Russia could not become a friend and ally of the United States. Free and fair trade with Russia and a noninterventionist foreign policy in Europe would do much to endear American interests to Russia. To insist on expanding and empowering NATO only serves to further alienate Russia and drive her to make alliances with Communist China.
Source: Chuck Baldwin Live column: "If I Were President" May 2, 2008

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