Christie Todd Whitman on Foreign Policy

Former Director of the E.P.A (Pres. Bush Cabinet); Former Republican Governor (NJ)


Need broader policy and more dialogue with Africa

A more comprehensive [Africa] policy is needed. Such an approach would bind the diverse and promising recent U.S. initiatives--in counterterrorism, HIV/AIDS, and the reward of good governance and economic reform--that today operate in relative isolation of one another into a coherent, dynamic policy. It would recognize the growing capacity of African leaders and institutions working to improve economic performance and governance, to promote democracy, and to resolve conflicts.
Source: Whitman Strategy Group report, "More Than Humantiarianism" , Feb 1, 2006

Discuss with G-8: climate change, health, development

Christie Whitman will lead the US delegation to the meeting of G-8 environmental ministers in Trieste, Italy on March 2-4. “The principal discussions will be on the status of climate change negotiations, environmental and health issues, especially those related to impacts on children, and sustainable development, including groundwork for the UN World Summit on this issue to be held in South Africa next year,” said Whitman. “I’m looking forward to engaging in these significant discussions.”

Whitman will deliberate on these issues with the environmental ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United Kingdom as a key preparation for the summit meeting of the G-8 heads of state in Genoa, Italy, next July. The G-8 meetings are held annually. Groundwork is laid for those meetings of heads of the major economic countries with ministerial meetings on key subject areas. Environmental ministers’ meetings have been held annually since 1992 in different host countries.

Source: Press Release, “G-8 Meeting” , Feb 28, 2001

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