Eric Holder on Government Reform

Attorney General-Designee

Office prosecutes Congressional corruption cases

Holder’s U.S. attorney office prosecutes both local and federal crimes--including high-level Congressional corruption cases and other violations of the law involving federal workers. When the investigations involve politicians or their employees, the cases become high-profile, controversial, and emotionally charged. Holder, as the top attorney, must handle the publicity surrounding his office’s cases, both notorious and mundane. He must also assure that the cases are handled swiftly and legally.
Source: Biography on answers.com , Nov 18, 2008

Prosecuted Abscam case in the late 1970s

Public Integrity attorneys were charged with prosecuting high-level corruption cases, often involving respectable public figures. Among those Holder helped to prosecute, in his 12 years in the office, were former South Carolina congressman John W. Jenrette--in the notorious “Abscam” case in the late 1970s--and a Philadelphia judge who accepted monetary gifts to “fix” cases. The list of people Holder prosecuted while with Public Integrity included FBI agents, politicians, & organized crime figures.
Source: Biography on answers.com , Nov 18, 2008

DC statehood is perfectly legitimate

As one of the first acts in the majority, Democrats in Congress passed a resolution to give certain voting rights in the House to delegates from DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, & American Samoa. But consider this: American Samoa has fewer than 60,000 residents, while the average Congressional district represents 600,000 residents. Furthermore, Obama enthusiastically supports granting a congressional seat to heavily-Democratic Washington, DC, despite the fact that such a move would blatantly violate the Constitution, which reserves the right to vote for Congress to residents "of the several States." Washington, DC is not a state, of course, and this was noted in a legal opinion drafted by the Department of Justice. In a sign of the importanc of DC statehood to the Obama administration, Attorney General Eric Holder rejected the opinion and ordered a new one from other Justice lawyers, who conveniently found that DC statehood is perfectly legit.
Source: Real Change, by Newt Gingrich, p. 36 , Dec 18, 2007

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