Donald Trump on Environment

2000 Reform Primary Challenger for President


Cut the EPA; what they do is a disgrace

Q: Would you cut departments?

TRUMP: Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace.˙Every week they come out with new regulations.

Q: Who's going to protect the environment?

TRUMP: We'll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit, but you can't destroy businesses.

Source: Fox News Sunday 2015 Coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Oct 18, 2015

Won't go to circuses that cut elephants due to animal rights

Trump tweet of 3/5/15: "Ringling Brothers is phasing out their elephants. I, for one, will never go again. They probably used the animal rights stuff to reduce costs."

Here is our investigation into what those poor elephants were experiencing:

"The Cruelest Show on Earth": Bullhooks. Whippings. Electric shocks. Three-day train rides without breaks. Our yearlong investigation rips the big top off how Ringling Bros. treats its elephants.

Source: Mother Jones Fact-Checking of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Mar 6, 2015

Partner with environmentalists when undertaking projects

In 2006, I saw the link land in northeast Scotland's Grampian Region. I knew this was the right place for my golf course. As soon as my proposed development was announced in 2006, environmentalists were immediately on guard.

There were a lot of issues to be dealt with, from badger and otter protection plans to the economic value to locals. People expected a duel, which I realized, so instead I offered a partnership approach. We worked with the Scottish National Heritage, and it became clear to them that I am environmentally sensitive. I was also inclined to be sympathetic to the rich history of the area due to my own heritage. I also hired the leading expert on geomorphology, for extensive research on the 25 acres of sand dunes on this land.

Source: Think Like a Champion, by Donald Trump, p.113-4 , Apr 27, 2010

Good development enhances the environment

Being in a position to help out at Jones Beach has been a tremendous feeling. I know detractors will be pleasantly surprised when they see how well integrated the design will be with the environment and the park.
Source: Never Give Up, by Donald Trump, p. 97 , Jan 18, 2008

FactCheck: Yes, hybrid family vehicles are available in US

Trump complained in his book "Time to Get Tough": "Obama's total cluelessness was revealed at one speaking event. A man told Obama that he and his wife need a bigger vehicle because they have 8 kids. So what did Obama do? He told the guy, 'Buy a hybrid van.' Just one problem: they don't exist in America. The president cannot even speak intelligently without a teleprompter." (p. 18).

Is that true? We researched whether any hybrid vans are available in America. Technically, Trump is correct; but in the car showroom, Obama is correct.

Trump is technically correct if one differentiates "vans" from "SUVs". Hybrid SUVs ARE available in America: the Chevy Tahoe and the Toyota Highlander both seat families of 7. There are hybrid vans available outside the US: the Toyota Estima (seats 7) is a hybrid available in Japan and Hong Kong. We would interpret Obama's statement as meaning "encourage Toyota to import that van if the SUV won't suit you." We would not interpret Obama's comment as "clueless

Source: OnTheIssues FactCheck on Time to Get Tough, by Donald Trump ,

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