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2000 Reform Primary Challenger for President


Benghazi was a disaster; Gadhafi couldn't have been worse

Q: Are Americans safer with dictators running the world in the Middle East?

TRUMP: In my opinion, we've spent $4 trillion trying to topple various people that frankly, if they were there and if we could've spent that $4 trillion to fix our roads, our bridges, and all of the other problems, we would've been a lot better off. We have done a tremendous disservice, not only to Middle East, we've done a tremendous disservice to humanity. It's not like we had victory. It's a mess. The Middle East is totally destabilized.

Carly FIORINA: That is exactly what President Obama said. But let's just start with, who got it wrong? Recall that Hillary Clinton was all for toppling Gadhafi then didn't listen to her own people on the ground. And then when she lied about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, she invited more terrorist attacks.

TRUMP: Well, people feel differently. I mean, the fact is Benghazi was a disaster because of Libya, everything just fell into place. It could not have been worse.

Source: 2015 CNN/Salem Republican two-tier debate , Dec 15, 2015

New Jersey Muslims celebrated after 9/11

Q: Let's talk about your claims around Muslims celebrating in the streets after 9/11. Where did you see this?

TRUMP: I saw it on television. So did many other people. It was 14 years ago. But I saw it on television. I saw clips and many people saw it in person. I've had hundreds of phone calls to the Trump Organization saying, "We saw it. It was dancing in the streets." So many people saw it. And, so, why would I take it back? I'm not going to take it back.

Source: Meet the Press 2015 interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Nov 29, 2015

Bring back waterboarding and other interrogation methods

Q: Do you think we should bring back enhanced interrogation like waterboarding?

TRUMP: Well, we have to be strong. You know, they don't use waterboarding over there; they use chopping off people's heads. They use drowning people. I don't know if you've seen with the cages, where they put people in cages and they drown them in the ocean and they lift out the cage. And we're talking about waterboarding. I would bring it back, yes. I think waterboarding is peanuts compared to what they'd do to us, what they're doing to us, what they did to James Foley when they chopped off his head. That's a whole different level and I would absolutely bring back interrogation and strong interrogation.

Source: ABC This Week 2015 interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Nov 22, 2015

Surveil mosques but don't close mosques

Q: You've said that we have to consider closing mosques. What would be your criteria for closing a mosque? And how does that square with the First Amendment? You've said your top priority would be to preserve and protect our religious liberties. Is that only for Christians?

TRUMP: Well, I don't want to close mosques; I want mosques surveilled. And all I would do, certainly there are certain hot spots and everybody knows they're hot spots. Good material was coming out of those mosques. We were learning a lot. And they were stopping problems and potential problems by learning what was happening. I don't want to close up mosques but things have to happen where, you have got to use strong measures or you're going to see buildings coming down all over New York City and elsewhere.

Source: ABC This Week 2015 interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Nov 22, 2015

New Jersey Muslims cheered on 9/11

Q: You raised some eyebrows yesterday with comments you made at your latest rally when you claimed that "thousands and thousands" of Muslims were cheering as the World Trade Center came down on 9/11. The police say that didn't happen and those rumors have been on the Internet for some time. So did you misspeak yesterday?

TRUMP: It did happen. I saw it. It was on television. There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down. I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as those buildings came down. It was well covered at the time.

Source: ABC This Week 2015 interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Nov 22, 2015

We worry about Iranian nukes but why not North Korean nukes?

It's not only Russia [that we're having trouble with]. We have problems with North Korea where they actually have nuclear weapons. You know, nobody talks about it, we talk about Iran, and that's one of the worst deals ever made. One of the worst contracts ever signed, ever, in anything, and it's a disgrace. But, we have somebody over there, a madman, who already has nuclear weapons we don't talk about that.
Source: Fox Business/WSJ First Tier debate , Nov 10, 2015

We have a problem with radical Muslims

Q: On the campaign trail, a voter said "We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims." You're not responsible for what he says, but this is raw, unvarnished, ignorant bigotry. Do you not have a responsibility to call out this hatred?

TRUMP: Well, you know, we could be politically correct, if you want. But, certainly, are you trying to say we don't have a problem? We do have a problem with radical Muslims. As I have already said; I have tremendous people that I know that are Muslims.

Source: CNN SOTU 2015 interview series: 2016 presidential hopefuls , Sep 20, 2015

Fix veteran's hospitals, and pay private doctors for them

Q: You said that you would build more hospitals for veterans--is there anything else you would do?

A: One of the things I would do is fix the hospitals. What I'm going to do is make sure that they will be able to go out and use private doctors and we will pay the private doctors. We're going to do a bit of a free market thing so that veterans can get immediate service and good treatment.

Source: CNN SOTU 2015 interview series: 2016 presidential hopefuls , Sep 20, 2015

Our nuclear arsenal doesn't work; it's 30 years old

Our enemies are getting stronger and stronger, and we as a country are getting weaker. Even our nuclear arsenal doesn't work.

It came out recently they have equipment that is 30 years old. They don't know if it worked. And I thought it was horrible when it was broadcast on television, because boy, does that send signals to Putin and all of the other people that look at us and they say, "That is a group of people, and that is a nation that truly has no clue. They don't know what they're doing."

Source: 2015 announcement speeches of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Jun 16, 2015

Increased Veterans Day parade audience from 100 to 1 million

Trump has long been a devoted supporter of veteran causes. In 1995, the fiftieth anniversary of World War II, only 100 spectators watched New York City's Veteran Day Parade. It was an insult to all veterans. Approached by Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the chief of New York City's FBI office, Trump agreed to lead as Grand Marshall a second parade later that year. Mr. Trump made a $1 million matching donation to finance the Nation's Day Parade. On Saturday, November 11th, over 1.4 million watched as Trump marched down Fifth Avenue with more than 25,000 veterans, some dressed in their vintage uniforms. A month later, Trump was honored in the Pentagon during a lunch with the Secretary of Defense and the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Source: 2016 presidential campaign website, DonaldJTrump.com , Jun 16, 2015

Defeat ISIS and stop Islamic terrorists

Businessman and celebrity Donald Trump got a standing ovation from most of the crowd at the Iowa Freedom Summit as he blasted rank-and-file Republican politicians and described President Barack Obama as either grossly incompetent or having ulterior motives in leading the country: "I know what needs to be done to make America great again. We can make this country great again. The potential is enormous and I am seriously thinking of running for president," Trump remarked as the crowd cheered.

Trump said the country is in trouble and if he wins the presidency he would defeat ISIS and stop Islamic terrorists. He said he would reduce the federal budget deficit and build a fence on the nation's southern border to stop illegal immigration, adding, "I mean seriously securing" the border.

Source: Des Moines Register on 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit , Jan 24, 2015

American interests come first; no apologies

    I believe that any credible American foreign policy doctrine should be defined by at least seven core principles:
  1. American interests come first. Always. No apologies.
  2. Maximum firepower and military preparedness.
  3. Only go to war to win.
  4. Stay loyal to your friends and suspicious of your enemies.
  5. Keep the technological sword razor sharp.
  6. See the unseen. Prepare for threats before they materialize.
  7. Respect and support our present and past warriors.
Source: Time to Get Tough, by Donald Trump, p. 87 , Dec 5, 2011

All freedoms flow from national security

Obama's recent decision to gut the U.S. military by cutting $400 billion from our defense budget, a figure more than double what then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates identified as being prudent. Now here's Obama, a guy who never met a spending bill h doesn't love. But when it comes to funding our troops and giving them the equipment, training, and support they need, Obama is MIA.

The reason conservatives support a strong and well-funded military is because they know that all freedoms flow from national security. That's why we need a new president. It's also why we need to get tough in foreign policy to deal with the threats and challenges America faces from rival and enemy nations.

Source: Time to Get Tough, by Donald Trump, p. 90-91 , Dec 5, 2011

Business students should read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"

Back in school, I spent time studying wars and their impact on where we are today in civilization. That's a big assignment and I'm by no means an expert, but it is worth spending some time to know how and why we are where we are today.

One book that I would suggest to you, because it is valuable for business and managerial strategies, is "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. This was apparently written in the sixth century BC and is a study of military strategy. It may sound like an unusual business school recommendation, but believe me, it isn't. It's valuable and worth your time.

By comparison, another famed book is Machiavelli's The Prince, which is more about political conflict and qualities necessary for leadership than war or business, but its emphasis on power becomes a negative factor. Ethics and integrity seem to get lost somewhere in the shuffle, and therefore the word Machiavellian has become a pejorative term. It's a better use of your time to read "The Art of War."

Source: Think Like a Champion, by Donald Trump, p. 33 , Apr 27, 2010

3% of GNP for military is too low

To tell the enemy were not going to invade defies common sense. That lack of confidence may reflect another troubling reality: our diminished military forces. To wage our aerial assault on Yugoslavia we had to call upon US forces from all points of the globe. Why? Because were spread too thin. The US last year spent 3% of gross domestic product maintaining our military forces. Compare that with past figures: Defense spending in the last year of the Carter administration came to 4.9% of GDP. During the Reagan buildup it was 6.5%. We are still living off the Reagan military buildup of nearly 20 years ago. The question is: What will we live off ten or fifteen years from now if we do not invest again?

You cant pursue forward military and foreign-policy objectives on a backward military budget. Im not advocating that America go forth and police the world. Im just saying that if were going to use our military power abroad, we had better make sure that power is ready to be used.

Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.149 , Jul 2, 2000

Missile defense is inappropriate; focus on terrorism

We definitely must find funding for defense, which means somebody is going to come up with less money for their own project. I think the best place to start is by diverting money from the planned missile defense system. I know this sounds almost counterintuitive because a missile defense system is supposed to help us defend against attack by rogue states.

To begin with, Im not laughing at missile defense, and I never have. The question isnt whether or not such a defense can be built. The question is whether it is the right defense for our times. And I believe the answer is, largely, no. In this age of miniaturization, our real threat is not going to be flying in on a missile. Its going to be delivered in a van, or a suitcase, or a fire-hydrant-sized canister.

Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.150 , Jul 2, 2000

Prepare for bio-terrorism attack

We need to stockpile antibiotics in major population areas and train emergency workers to respond quickly to biological attack. We need to develop and deploy sensors in major cities that will give us early warning that biological devices have been detonated. Remember, these microbes can take a while to spread, so any warning we have will help to save lives. We need to keep a close eye on former Soviet bio-technicians, offering them jobs where we can and steering them clear of terrorist regimes. Call your congressman. When private citizens start asking about the Joint Statement on Biological Weapons, politicians will know this is an issue theyd better take seriously.

[We should] prepare for the possibility of attack, to avoid total panic in case an attack does occur. Our adversaries understand that if they are able to blindside us they will be much more likely to succeed in blackmailing us.

Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.166-67 , Jul 2, 2000

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