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Increase to $14B per year for missile defense

Source: 2012 campaign website CandidateBriefing.com , Nov 1, 2012

Obama military budget is too small to defend vital interests

Since World War II, the definition of U.S. vital national interests has remained relatively constant. This has led to a widely accepted set of security commitments that the government has made to the American people and U.S. friends and allies around the world. These commitments include:
  1. Safeguarding U.S. national security;
  2. Preventing a major power threat to Europe, East Asia, or the Persian Gulf;
  3. Maintaining access to foreign trade;
  4. Protecting Americans against threats to their lives and well-being; and
  5. Maintaining access to resources.
The Obama Administration's proposed defense budget, within both the five-year and 10-year time frames, is simply too small to field a military that is capable of effectively defending these vital national interests and fulfilling the accompanying security commitments.
Source: Heritage research report by Baker Spring , Mar 1, 2012

OpEd: Pushes to increase defense budget; majority oppose it

There's a little scam going on here. The same people who are drilling into your head that the federal government is your enemy are also saying we have to strengthen it--but only that part of the government that pours money into their pockets. So the Heritage Foundation, the right wing foundation that, more or less, sets the budget and agenda for the right wing, wants to increase the Pentagon budget--against the will of the population. The population is opposed to that by about 6 to 1, but the Heritage Foundation wants it because they know something that you're not supposed to know. That secret is that the system is primarily functioning, and has been for 50 years, to transfer funds from the general public to advanced sectors in high-technology industries.
Source: Dialogues, by Gov. Jerry Brown, p.219 , Feb 12, 1996

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