John Hagelin on Education

2000 Natural Law Party Nominee for President


Include physical & mental well-being to improve education

As Americans, we pride ourselves on our educational opportunities. But the fact is, education is not working. Even though we spend more money per student than any other country, our students still rank far behind most of their international peers in math and science-and well behind U.S. test scores of 20 years ago. I would promote proven educational programs that directly increase intelligence and creativity and simultaneously improve moral reasoning, self-reliance, and mental and physical health and well-being. These programs include sound approaches to nutrition; natural, preventive health education; effective drug prevention; and innovative curriculum development, including programs to develop the full mental potential of students.
Source: www.Hagelin.org, ‘What Hagelin will do’ , Apr 1, 2000

Focus education on developing consciousness of students

Source: 2000 National Political Awareness Test , Jan 13, 2000

Education needs mental and physical basics

[To improve education we need] certain basic things like nutrition and the nutrition of school lunches, especially in disadvantaged neighborhoods where malnutrition actually has been shown to have a very negative effect on academic performance. But more fundamentally, curriculum innovations that spark the creativity of the kids in school and even technologies to develop the mind, like meditation.
Source: Jim Bohannon Show, Westwood One radio , Nov 16, 1999

Model schools can test and showcase innovations

Many educational innovations are working, and this is what I think the Federal government’s role should be. Not to dictate local educational curricula, but to showcase programs that work through a half a dozen Federally funded model schools in which the programs that are most effective in various types of schools are simply showcased and researched so that teachers and principals and parents from across the country can pick and choose from among these most successful model programs.
Source: Jim Bohannon Show, Westwood One radio , Nov 16, 1999

Purpose of education is to develop innate mental potential

Graduates from our high schools are using 5-10% of their innate mental potential. We believe deeply in educational innovations that will allow us to compete in the information age and will allow us to develop more of our innate mental potential. It’s difficult for us to even imagine what life will be in this country when our education stops failing and we begin to develop more of this potential. Mind, creativity, intelligence will be replacing brute force as the engines of social progress.
Source: Washington Journal, C-SPAN , Sep 5, 1999

Education is key to solving all of our problems

Education that succeeds in unfolding our greatest national resource, the full creative potential of our 250 million citizens, will solve all of the problems we face as a nation. Or, put another way, I don’t think we will really come to solve many of the nation’s most pressing problems of crime and drug abuse and spiraling health costs and so forth as long as we’re continuing to use 5-10% of our full mental potential, which is the outcome of the existing educational system in this country.
Source: National NLP conference call , Sep 27, 1992

John Hagelin on School Choice

Supports vouchers, charter schools, & block grants

Source: 2000 National Political Awareness Test , Jan 13, 2000

Improved public education might lead to vouchers later

What I’d rather do, in order to avoid that controversy [vouchers], is focus first on educational programs that have been successfully adopted in public and private schools that will eliminate the problems of the school systems and provide much better educational outcomes for all. Once people feel that the public school system is in a much better stead, people will be far more open to implementing a system like vouchers that would make possible more choice in the educational system for their children.
Source: National NLP conference call , Sep 27, 1992

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