Tea Party on Free Trade



First principles: individual freedom & free markets

The Tea Party movement is so effective because it has been in large part self-organizing. The many branches of the Tea Party movement have created a virtual marketplace for new ideas, effective innovations, and cutting-edge tactics. We agree on the first principles of individual freedom, free markets, and constitutionally constrained government, but when it comes to how to best advocate these ideas, best practices come from the ground up.

The Tea Party ethos gives the political establishment--Left and Right--such uncontrollable fits because they want to talk to (and attack} the man in charge. The Tea Party is the product of a perfect storm of:

  1. broken Republican commitments
  2. the aggressive left-wing agenda of a Democratic regime motivated by redistributionist values that are antithetical to the values of most Americans, and
  3. technological innovations that allow people to find one another, organize, and get essential information in real time from competitive sources.
Source: Give Us Liberty, by Rep. Dick Armey, p.166-167 , Aug 17, 2010

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