Tea Party on Homeland Security



Outraged by how citizens are manhandled at airports

This is about liberty versus tyranny.

Tea Party members are outraged by what our government has done to private property rights and how citizens are manhandled in our airports. Millions of young Americans flocked to my campaign rallies in the last 4 years to hear the message of liberty and how important it remains as they face an uncertain future. Countless independent voters and even some liberal Democrats are increasingly fearful of a government that continues to damage individual rights and civil liberties.

It is the rising generation that gives me hope that we can turn the tide. There are more needless and harmful government regulations today than at perhaps any other time in our history. There are also more Americans willing to sit idly by and take this abuse than ever before.

Source: Government Bullies, by Rand Paul, p. xx , Sep 12, 2012

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