Mike Bouchard on Homeland Security


Can't give up basic rights to stay safe

Q: What's the balance between civil rights and homeland security and how are we doing balancing?

BOUCHARD: We need to keep our state safe. We can't give up basic rights to stay safe. I have very big differences than her. I'm a member of the joint terrorism task force with the FBI - what can I do personally to mitigate and respond to the need. There's a list of things that they need to do and fix.

STABENOW: I'm a member of the Banking Committee that tracks money of terrorists. There is a critical balance between what it takes to stay safe and keep our rights. I'm proud of having the Detroit Regional Chamber's endorsement because of protecting businesses in Michigan. I'm championing an effort with Congressional colleagues to protect our middle class way of life.

Source: 2006 Michigan Senate Debate in Grand Rapids Oct 15, 2006

If we don't fix terrorist security, people die

Q: Do you agree we will face another terrorist attack?

STABENOW: we need to push and pass the 9/11 Report. I've lead the effort to fight for those things that allow our firefighters and police what they need to do their job and keep us safe. We have tripled the number of border security. I've brought in dollars for sheriffs across the state, including Mike.

BOUCHARD: That's just more talk-versus-reality in Washington. I sit on Committee that represents law enforcement - she's never visited. We need someone who understands security. Security funding has turned into pork barrel spending. They are well intentioned, but no results. If you don't fix a problem - people die.

Source: 2006 Michigan Senate Debate in Grand Rapids, x-ref Stabenow Oct 15, 2006

Proposes "Skycops", incentives for off-duty officers to fly

To better help secure our airways and prevent terrorists from hijacking airplanes, I propose that we supplement the Federal Air Marshall program with a program I call "Skycops."

Skycops utilizes trained law enforcement officers who fly our skies every day for work and personal business to leverage the overextended resources of the Federal Air Marshal Program. My plan calls for a standardized hands-on training class for all personnel who are certified to fly with a firearm.

In addition, this program

Source: Campaign website, mikeformichigan.com, "Issues" Oct 1, 2006

Ensure unconditional victory in the War on Terror

Events over the last few years have made Americans more aware than ever of the dangers that face our nation. As a Sheriff, I am well aware of the threats that we face on a daily basis. As your U.S. Senator, I will work to secure our borders, improve emergency response planning, and ensure we have an unconditional victory in the War on Terror. We must put aside partisanship and work together in order to make our country safe, and that's what I'll do in the U.S. Senate.
Source: Campaign website, bouchardforussenate.com, "Issues" Jun 24, 2006

Served on the frontlines of homeland security

Some politicians talk about homeland security, Bouchard has been on the frontlines, including helping New York City in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and assisting in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. On homeland security and emergency planning, he's ready to step in and work towards reaching meaningful solutions to the challenges facing our country.
Source: Campaign website, www.bouchardforussenate.com Mar 5, 2006

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