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Raul Acosta on Homeland Security

Military should not be used as a tool for corporate America

The military should not be used as a tool for corporate America. There should be no conflict of interest with the Executive branch of government that orders a military action or Congress that approves of it. For instance, the V.P's role in Halliburton and the oil contracts in Iraq create an ethical conflict of interest and should be avoided at all costs.
Source: Campaign website, Oct 5, 2004

Better support for veterans

Military soldiers and their families need to be supported and treated with respect. This especially includes VETERANS, whom often get the short end of the stick when it comes to post-war service.
Source: Campaign website, Oct 5, 2004

Increase military pay to keep army voluntary

Q: More Spending on Armed Forces Personnel?

A: Armed forces personnel should have good pay, so as to be fair to the soldiers and to continue to attract a volunteer military.

Source: E-mail exchange between OnTheIssues and the candidate Oct 5, 2004

Keep missile defense development for now

Q: End Development of a Missile Defense System ("Star Wars")?

A: This threat is CURRENTLY diminishing but I would keep this system going.

Source: E-mail exchange between OnTheIssues and the candidate Oct 5, 2004

Decrease military spending & refocus on new tech

Q: Your view on defense spending: increase it or decrease it?

A: I'm inclined to decrease traditional spending on defense but to focus more on smaller, better equipped response units.

Q: On weapons systems?

A: New technology should be the focus.

Source: E-mail exchange between OnTheIssues and the candidate Oct 5, 2004

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