David Cobb on Energy & Oil

Green Party nominee for President

Move towards energy independence from renewable sources

The Cobb '04 campaign believes the United States should move towards energy independence, slowing global warming and creating jobs through a crash program to get energy from clean and renewable resources such as wind and solar power.
Source: Campaign website, VoteCobb.org, "Issues" Jul 2, 2004

Subsidize clean renewables instead of oil & nuclear

The Cobb '04 campaign calls for federal legislation to be passed to move our tax money from the subsidizing of oil, coal and nuclear into a crash program to move rapidly towards the use of clean and renewable energy sources and to conserve energy through the retrofitting and weatherization of all our homes and buildings. An immediate $25 billion should be shifted from the Pentagon budget to this program, a true "national security" program.

This program is a massive jobs program as jobs are created through the manufacture, installation and maintenance of solar, wind and other clean energy products.

This is an anti-terrorism program in that it can move us towards "energy independence" and away from military and economic imperialism in pursuit of oil in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and elsewhere.

Source: Campaign website, VoteCobb.org, "Issues" Jul 2, 2004

$300B per year to fund clean energy in poor countries

The Cobb '04 campaign supports an international plan to transfer clean energy to poor countries. A $300 billion a year fund could come from a small tax on international currency transactions, which total $1.5 trillion every day. A tax of a quarter-penny- per-dollar on those transactions would yield about $300 billion a year for wind farms in India, solar assemblies in El Salvador, fuel cell factories in South Africa, and vast solar powered hydrogen farms in the Middle East. This is an urgent issue.
Source: Campaign website, VoteCobb.org, "Issues" Jul 2, 2004

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