David Cobb on Principles & Values

Green Party nominee for President

Pursuing "smart states" strategy (no swing states)

Cobb has stated his intention to run a campaign focused on building the Green Party and to pursue a "smart states" strategy focused on states that traditionally vote for the Democratic or Republican candidate with a significant plurality, also referred to as "neglected states" because the Democratic and Republican candidates traditionally spend put most of their campaign energy into more competitive "swing states." The candidates themselves are using the phrase, "vote your conscience."
Source: WordIQ.com candidate definition Aug 17, 2004

Green party wins by disseminating message

Q: You don't really expect to win, do you?

A: Yes and no. We don't have enough people, money, or media access to take the White House. But there are other measures of success. In 2000, the Green Party grew enormously and became a household name. In that respect, it was a winning campaign. We can and will build on that success this year, by helping state and local parties to organize, helping Green candidates get elected to office, providing a campaign to disseminate our message, and more.

Source: Campaign website, VoteCobb.org, "FAQ" Jul 2, 2004

Rejects "spoiler" argument and rejects Electoral College

Q: Didn't the Green Party cost Gore the election in 2000? Aren't you afraid of doing that to Kerry?

A: Greens do not accept the "spoiler" argument. Al Gore was the legitimate winner of the election, but the outdated and undemocratic Electoral College, along with corruption in the Florida electoral system, allowed the Supreme Court to decide that George W. Bush should occupy the White House.

This time around, David is running more heavily in states where the outcome of the vote is predictable, based on history. Green voters in those states can choose David without worrying that they are contributing to returning Bush to the White House. Of course, we are still seeking votes in other states as well, just not as intensely (unless they are required to gain or maintain ballot access, in which case we will be highly assertive).

Source: Campaign website, VoteCobb.org, "FAQ" Jul 2, 2004

Build the Green Party and help get Bush out

Q: Will you stay away from the states where there's a close race?

A: I want to run a strong, aggressive and smart campaign that will both grow the Green Party and culminate with George W. Bush out of the White House. It's a very nuanced strategy. But it's one that I think is in the best interest of the country and it's in the best interest of the Green Party.

Source: CNN's Inside Politics, Judy Woodruff interview Jun 29, 2004

Challenges Kerry on issues, but acknowledges Bush is worse

Q: Aren't you really saying that you're going to tread lightly when it comes to seriously challenging John Kerry?

A: Well, Greens tell the truth. And the truth of the matter is, that John Kerry voted for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. John Kerry voted for the Patriot Act. John Kerry voted for NAFTA. Kerry opposes single payer universal health care. Kerry opposes raising the minimum wage to a living wage. I'm going to be willing to criticize John Kerry on taking positions that progressives cannot support, and that progressives would like to see enacted. That's the reason so many more progressives at the grassroots level are actually joining the Green Party. At the same time, I'm going to acknowledge the truth of the matter that as bad as John Kerry is on all these issues, George W. Bush is qualitatively worse. The difference between John Kerry and George W. Bush may be nearly incremental, but it is not inconsequential. I trust the voters to hear the truth, and make up their own minds.

Source: CNN's Inside Politics, Judy Woodruff interview Jun 29, 2004

Coordinated Nader 2000 campaign in Texas

Cobb is a public interest attorney for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund in Houston, Texas. He has worked with the Program on Corporations Law & Democracy since 1998.

He had a successful trial practice until early 2000, when the Nader 2000 campaign asked him to coordinate the effort in Texas. He quit his traditional law practice and has not looked back, devoting himself to citizen activism full-time since the conclusion of the 2000 campaign. He has facilitated "Rethinking Corporations/ Rethinking Democracy" seminars across the country.

Cobb serves as the general counsel for the Green Party National Committee, and was a co-founder of the Green Party of Texas in March 1999. He was one of the principal coordinators of the TX Greens' successful ballot access petition drive in 2000.

Source: 2002 campaign website for TX Attorney General Nov 1, 2002

Former member of Pipeline Workers Local Union

Cobb grew up in rural Texas. Immediately after graduating from high school he went to work in construction, where he was a member of Pipeline Workers Local #38.

After several years as a construction worker, he returned to school and graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Political Science. He was a member of the University Honors Program.

He entered the University of Houston Law Center and was a member of the Houston Law Review, where he served on the executive board. He was graduated from law school in 1993.

He has served on the board of directors of Children at Risk, a local non-profit group that advocates for children's issues before municipal, county, and state government.

He continues to serve on the board of directors of the Union Community Fund-Houston, a community-based and worker-directed charity created by the AFL-CIO and funded by local rank-and-file union members to support local nonprofit organizations meeting working family needs.

Source: 2002 campaign website for TX Attorney General Nov 1, 2002

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