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Constitution Party nominee for President; Reform Party nominee in several states


Tar & feather might be appropriate for Wall Street

You count on third-party candidates to bring up issues the major parties aren’t touching. Nader, Barr, and Baldwin did that--and also taught a lesson in how the hard-left, libertarian right, hard-right can agree on challenges to both Democrats and Republicans. All three are against the financial bailout and think the government should prosecute Wall Street firms and banks for fraud instead. (“Tarring and feathering,” Baldwin suggested, “might even be appropriate.”)
Source: 2008 third-party presidential debate, in Cleveland Magazine , Nov 2, 2008

Wall Street “banksters” have violated the law

The candidates, cordial among themselves, took aim at corporate greed on Wall Street and agreed that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should face criminal charges for their handling of the economy. They accused the current administration of chronic financial irresponsibility. Barr found it curious that the Department of Justice has been absent during the nation’s financial crisis. Baldwin agreed, saying that many of these “Wall Street banksters” have violated the law.
Source: 2008 third-party presidential debate; Cleveland Plain Dealer , Oct 31, 2008

Opposes $700B economic bailout; can’t borrow out of debt

Baldwin doesn’t agree with the $700 billion economic bailout. “My dad told me, ‘Son, you cannot borrow your way out of debt,’ ” he said. Baldwin said he would pull the federal government out of issues it has no constitutional business being involved with, such as education, energy and health and human services.
Source: 2008 Third Party debate, in Lorain County Chronicle-Telegram , Oct 19, 2008

Restore a debt free, interest free money system

I would work to expunge the Federal Reserve and to restore the American economy to sound money. The Fed’s economic policies, in addition to the irresponsible spending of politicians in Washington have lead directly to the collapse of the dollar. No system of “debt money” should ever again be imposed on the people of the United States. We will work to restore a debt free, interest free money system that works for the people of this country & not for the benefit of the international banking cartel
Source: 2008 Presidential website, baldwin2008.com, “Issues” , May 27, 2008

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