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Constitution Party nominee for President; Reform Party nominee in several states


Return the country to its constitutional structure

Chuck Baldwin, a minister, radio talk-show host and columnist, is a former Republican. Baldwin joined the Constitution Party and is its presidential nominee. “I became totally fed up with the Republican Party and their total loss of conservative convictions,” he said. “The Bush administration is an abysmal failure. He’s nothing more than a liberal in conservative clothing.” Baldwin says, “We’re a party that wants to return the country to its constitutional structure.”
Source: 2008 Third Party debate, reported in The Valley Vindicator , Oct 19, 2008

Nation is fed up than ever with politics as usual

In 2004, when Baldwin was the Constitution Party’s vice presidential candidate, he and his running mate garnered only 1 percent of the vote. But he believes the nation is more fed up than ever with politics as usual and is hungry for another choice.

“I’m not a liberal. I’m not a conservative. I’m a Constitutionalist,” Baldwin said. A Constitutionalist follows the rules set forth in the U.S. Constitution, no matter what, Baldwin said.

Source: 2008 Third Party debate, in Lorain County Chronicle-Telegram , Oct 19, 2008

Nominated at Constitution Party convention, 383-125

At its April 24-27 national convention in Kansas City, the Constitution Party nominated Florida pastor/political activist Chuck Baldwin as its candidate for president. Baldwin received 383 votes to 125 garnered by Maryland’s Alan Keyes and a few given to minor candidates. During the proceedings, hundreds of delegates from across the nation heard speeches from a slate of seven candidates and also from party founder Howard Phillips.
Source: John F. McManus in The New American , Apr 27, 2008

Married; three children; six grandchildren

Younger looking than his 56 years, Chuck Baldwin was born in northwest Indiana and received his education at Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan; Liberty University of Lynchburg, Virginia; and the Christian Bible College of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. In 1973, he married the former Connie Kay Cole, and they are proud parents of three children and now enjoy six grandchildren.
Source: John F. McManus in The New American , Apr 27, 2008

Chaired Moral Majority but later distanced himself

As pastor of the Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, Baldwin once served in the 1980s as Florida chairman of the Moral Majority founded by the late Jerry Falwell. Before Falwell passed away in 2007, Baldwin distanced himself from his former mentor because of Falwell’s continuing support for President George W. Bush and other GOP headliners who had “strayed from positions vitally important to conservatives.”
Source: John F. McManus in The New American , Apr 27, 2008

Endorsed Ron Paul in Republican primary

In the widely read Internet news column he has authored for many years, Baldwin endorsed the 2008 candidacy of Texas Congressman Ron Paul for the Republican nomination, and he specifically spoke out against the candidacies of Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee,
Source: John F. McManus in The New American , Apr 27, 2008

Critic of Pres. Bush and his Christian right followers

A consistent critic of the current occupant of the White House, Baldwin has regularly chided fellow Christian Right pastors and their flocks for “blind support for President Bush in particular and the Republican Party in general.” He has faulted them for
Source: John F. McManus in The New American , Apr 27, 2008

Constitution Party Vice Presidential nominee in 2004

As the party’s vice presidential candidate in 2004, Baldwin campaigned with presidential candidate Michael Peroutka. Considered even then as a possible candidate for the party’s nomination, Baldwin denies that he had ever sought the top post, but he added, “I am always open to God’s will.” After having been named the party’s nominee, he asked the convention to nominate Tennessee attorney Darrell Castle as his running mate, and his request was honored.
Source: John F. McManus in The New American , Apr 27, 2008

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