Sarah Palin on Welfare & Poverty

Republican Governor (AK); 2008 nominee for Vice President


Got churches to provide private aid for starving people

In Feb. 2009, Sarah announced that she intended to do something to help Native Americans in the Lower Yukon region of western Alaska, many of whom--hit by high prices, a poor fish harvest, and an extended spell of subzero temperatures-- were finding it impossible to feed their families.

The villager's plight had come to statewide attention in January through a letter by Nick Tucker of Emmonak to various Alaskan media sites. For a month, Sarah tried to ignore the emergency. Her small government vision apparently did not allow for state aid to people who were on the verge of freezing or starving to death. Only when she arranged for help from a private source--in this case, Samaritan's Purse, an evangelical Christian organization directed by Reverend Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham--did she involve herself.

Source: The Rogue, by Joe McGinniss, p.296 , Sep 20, 2011

EITC moves thousands of welfare recipients into workforce

Source: Alaska Governor’s Office: Proclamation, “EITC Awareness” , Jan 31, 2008

Recognize Salvation Army and encourage charity to them