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I defunded Planned Parenthood in a blue state

Like so many other governors here, I defunded Planned Parenthood four-and-a-half years ago, in a Blue State. But it's bigger than that. We did that in a Blue State, we took the money and put it into women's health. But I think the bigger issue here is we should be able to do this nationally, and this is precisely why so many Republicans are upset with Washington. They see the House and they see the Senate and they say why can't we pass this? Why can't we defund Planned Parenthood, put it in a spending bill? Forget about the 60-vote rule, there's no reason--and the Constitution doesn't call for 60 votes. Pass it with 51 votes, put it on the desk of the president, and go forward and actually make a point. This is why people are upset with Washington.
Source: 2015 Republican two-tiered primary debate on CNN , Sep 16, 2015

We defunded Planned Parenthood in a blue state

Planned Parenthood, which I defunded more than four years ago in a blue state, long before these videotapes [allegedly depicting Planned Parenthood staff selling fetal tissue to private buyers]. We did it in a blue state. There's no reason why it can't be done in Washington, and I lay some of that blame on the leadership in Congress.
Source: CNN SOTU 2015 interview series: 2016 presidential hopefuls , Sep 13, 2015

Use alternatives to protect life of mother; no exceptions

Q: You've consistently said that you want to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. You recently signed an abortion law in Wisconsin that does have an exception for the mother's life, but you're on the record as having objected to it. Would you really let a mother die rather than have an abortion, and with 83% of the American public in favor of a life exception, are you too out of the mainstream on this issue to win the general election?

WALKER: Well, I'm pro-life, I've always been pro-life, and I believe that an unborn child can be protected, and there are many other alternatives that can also protect the life of that mother. That's been consistently proven. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who has a radical position in terms of support for Planned Parenthood, I defunded Planned Parenthood more than four years ago, long before any of these videos came out. I've got a position that's in line with everyday America.

Source: Fox News/Facebook Top Ten First Tier debate transcript , Aug 6, 2015

Ban abortion after 20 weeks at both state & federal level

Gov. Scott Walker embraced a move to ban abortion after 20 weeks after repeatedly declining to spell out where he stood on the issue in last year's re-election campaign. Wisconsin Right to Life has touted as its top priority legislation that has yet to be introduced that would prevent women from seeking abortions in most cases after 20 weeks.

Walker said in last year's campaign he opposed abortion, but refused to say whether he supported banning the procedure after 20 weeks. In a Tuesday letter, he addressed specific legislation head on: "As the Wisconsin legislature moves forward in the coming session, further protections for mother and child are likely to come to my desk in the form of a bill to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks," his letter said. "I will sign that bill when it gets to my desk and support similar legislation on the federal level. I was raised to believe in the sanctity of life and I will always fight to protect it."

Source: 2015 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: 2016 presidential hopefuls , Mar 3, 2015

Passed pro-life legislation & defunded Planned Parenthood

In his 2010 and 2012 races for governor, Walker mostly steered clear of talking about his strong opposition to abortion. Nonetheless, he acted in private and signed legislation in 2013 requiring women seeking abortions to get ultrasounds and doctors performing the procedure to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.

Abortion flared as an issue in his 2014 race, and Walker ran an ad saying the measure was about patient safety and that he understood the decision to end a pregnancy is an "agonizing one."

The governor repeatedly declined last year to say whether he would support banning abortion after 20 weeks, which is the top priority for Wisconsin Right to Life in the current legislative session. But now, as Walker eyes the presidency, he is trumpeting his opposition to abortion at events such as his January speech to the Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines. "We've passed pro-life legislation and we've defunded Planned Parenthood," he said there.

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit , Mar 2, 2015

Supports Personhood Amendment prohibiting all abortions

It was a memorable political ad: Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin spoke directly into the camera in a 30-second spot last fall and called abortion an "agonizing" decision. He described himself as pro-life but, borrowing the language of the abortion rights movement, pointed to legislation he signed that leaves "the final decision to a woman and her doctor."

That language was gone when Walker met privately with Iowa Republicans in a hotel conference room last month, according to a person who attended the meeting. There, he highlighted his early support for a "personhood amendment," which defines life as beginning at conception and would effectively prohibit all abortions and some methods of birth control. But the governor is also making an aggressive effort to win the hearts of the party's Christian conservatives. In doing so, he is stressing a much harder line on social issues than he did just a few months ago.

Source: N. Y. Times, "Woo Christian conservatives," by J. Martin , Feb 23, 2015

I'm proudly pro-life, but focus on fiscal issues

Q: You say that in your book you say you were focused on the fiscal issues, but when it comes to social issues, let's not be obsessed about it.

WALKER: I'm not backing away from my positions. I'm proudly pro-life, but for me the reason I was elected in 2010, the reason I was elected again in 2012, the reason I hope I'll be eventually elected yet again in 2014 like other governors across the country, is because we focused obsessively on helping fix the economy and the private sector and helping put in place a balanced budget that can sustain us at both the state and local level. I think people want us to do that. It's not just politically popular, it's what people elect us to do. I got to the point in the 2010 election where I was so focused on fixing our economic and fiscal crisis [because regular voters] care about my plan to get the economy going again and to keep our balanced budget.

Source: Face the Nation 2013 series of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Dec 1, 2013

Protect life from conception to natural death

I believe government has no higher purpose than protecting its citizens, particularly those that cannot fight for themselves like the unborn and elderly.

I am 100% pro-life and believe in protecting life from conception to natural death. As governor, I will protect the sanctity of all human life.

I am proud to be endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life, which noted that my election "would greatly contribute to building a culture of life."

Source: Campaign website, scottwalker.org, "Issues" , Nov 2, 2010

Opposes federal abortion funding.

Walker opposes the CC survey question on funding abortion

The Christian Coalition voter guide [is] one of the most powerful tools Christians have ever had to impact our society during elections. This simple tool has helped educate tens of millions of citizens across this nation as to where candidates for public office stand on key faith and family issues.

The CC survey summarizes candidate stances on the following topic:"Public funding of abortions, (such as govt. health benefits and Planned Parenthood)"

Source: Christian Coalition Survey 10-CC-q1b on Aug 11, 2010

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