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WI Governor (WI Governor; Republican Presidential candidate)
Scott Walker
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Scott Walker on Abortion
Click here for 11 full quotes on Abortion OR background on Abortion.
  • Ban abortion at 20 weeks; require ultrasound; close clinics. (Oct 2018)
  • I defunded Planned Parenthood in a blue state. (Sep 2015)
  • We defunded Planned Parenthood in a blue state. (Sep 2015)
  • Use alternatives to protect life of mother; no exceptions. (Aug 2015)
  • Ban abortion except for life of mother after 20 weeks. (Jul 2015)
  • Ban abortion after 20 weeks at both state & federal level. (Mar 2015)
  • Passed pro-life legislation & defunded Planned Parenthood. (Mar 2015)
  • Supports Personhood Amendment prohibiting all abortions. (Feb 2015)
  • I'm proudly pro-life, but focus on fiscal issues. (Dec 2013)
  • Protect life from conception to natural death. (Nov 2010)
  • Opposes federal abortion funding. (Aug 2010)
Scott Walker on Budget & Economy
Click here for 6 full quotes on Budget & Economy OR background on Budget & Economy.
  • Wisconsin Comeback: lower unemployment and lower tax burden. (Jan 2015)
  • Blueprint for Prosperity: Lower taxes & $100M Rainy Day fund. (Jan 2014)
  • Refused to participate in federal stimulus package. (Nov 2013)
  • Growth agenda: ease tax burden & regulatory burden. (Jun 2012)
  • Eliminating collective bargaining created $154M surplus. (Jun 2012)
  • Wisconsin's once strong economy is in need of repair. (Feb 2011)
Scott Walker on Civil Rights
Click here for 9 full quotes on Civil Rights OR background on Civil Rights.
  • Legalizing same-sex marriage was a grave mistake. (Oct 2018)
  • Prohibit discrimination in the workplace, but no equal pay. (Sep 2015)
  • If Black Lives Matter, then train cops better. (Aug 2015)
  • Constitutional amendment to prevent federal gay marriage. (Apr 2015)
  • 2013: same-sex marriage issue over; 2015: issue not settled. (Feb 2015)
  • Supreme Court has spoken; preventing gay marriage is over. (Oct 2014)
  • A Better Bottom Line & Project SEARCH: job help for disabled. (Jan 2014)
  • Perhaps leave gay marriage up to each church, not government. (Mar 2013)
  • Marriage is to be between one man and one woman. (Nov 2005)
Scott Walker on Corporations
Click here for 4 full quotes on Corporations OR background on Corporations.
  • Put power into hands of job creators, and job growth results. (Nov 2014)
  • Put in place manufacturing/agriculture production tax credit. (Jan 2014)
  • 300 rule changes from Small Business Regulatory Review. (Jan 2013)
  • Expand relocation & economic development tax credits. (Feb 2011)
Scott Walker on Crime
Click here for 6 full quotes on Crime OR background on Crime.
  • Independent investigation for any death in police custody. (Sep 2015)
  • Require certainty in sentencing, to protect crime victims. (Apr 2015)
  • Use inmates to cut grass on state highway medians. (Nov 2013)
  • Pass "castle doctrine": defend home with deadly force. (Nov 2013)
  • Protect the rights of crime victims. (Nov 2010)
  • Supports capital punishment for certain crimes. (Aug 2010)
Scott Walker on Drugs
Click here for 6 full quotes on Drugs OR background on Drugs.
  • Opposes legalization of both medical & recreational use. (Oct 2018)
  • More drug testing for unemployment insurance applicants. (Feb 2017)
  • Heroin Opiate Prevention & Education: HOPE combats abuse. (Apr 2015)
  • Drug testing is common sense policy for workplace safety. (Apr 2015)
  • Opposes Colorado's legalization of marijuana. (Feb 2015)
  • Rated D by NORML, indicating a "hard-on-drugs" stance. (Nov 2016)
Scott Walker on Education
Click here for 20 full quotes on Education OR background on Education.
  • Expand charters & vouchers; straight per-pupil support. (Oct 2018)
  • Froze UW tuition; cut $500 million from higher ed. (Oct 2018)
  • Help college students refinance loans. (Jan 2018)
  • Private refinancing options for student loan debt. (Jan 2017)
  • Continue with tuition freezes. (Jan 2016)
  • Multiple strategies to increase accessibility of college. (Jan 2016)
  • Support virtual schools and homeschooling. (Jul 2015)
  • Tuition cap on University of Wisconsin; then reform tenure. (Mar 2015)
  • Politicians shouldn't be involved with evolution. (Feb 2015)
  • High school football is ok if practiced responsibly. (Feb 2015)
  • Choose schools based on objective info, not Common Core. (Jan 2015)
  • Over past 4 years, graduation rates & ACT scores are up. (Jan 2015)
  • Liberate schools from the grip of the unions. (Nov 2013)
  • Schools should choose teachers based on merit, not seniority. (Nov 2013)
  • Breaking union monopoly saved schools $10M. (Nov 2013)
  • Expand options at charter schools and choice schools. (Nov 2013)
  • Expand school choice from Milwaukee statewide. (Nov 2013)
  • Expand vouchers statewide for low-income families. (Nov 2013)
  • UW FlexOption: family-friendly flexible degree program. (Jan 2013)
  • Supports charter schools and choice, not one-size-fits-all. (Sep 2010)
Scott Walker on Energy & Oil
Click here for 5 full quotes on Energy & Oil OR background on Energy & Oil.
  • No measurable global warming in the last 15 or 20 years. (Oct 2018)
  • Climate change action reduces manufacturing jobs. (Sep 2015)
  • Lawsuit against new energy regulations: save jobs & rates. (Jan 2015)
  • Supports using traditional energy sources. (Apr 2010)
  • Signed the No Climate Tax Pledge by AFP. (Nov 2010)
Scott Walker on Environment
Click here for 5 full quotes on Environment OR background on Environment.
  • Keep ethanol mandate until oil companies allow free market. (Mar 2015)
  • Freeze stewardship program for state lands. (Mar 2015)
  • Streamline process for safe and environmentally sound mining. (Jan 2013)
  • Don't ignore sportsmen in DNR decisions. (Nov 2010)
  • Delist wolf & implement land use policy that benefit people. (Aug 2010)
Scott Walker on Families & Children
Click here for the full quote on Families & Children OR background on Families & Children.
  • Stopped state funding for Planned Parenthood. (Nov 2013)
Scott Walker on Foreign Policy
Click here for 7 full quotes on Foreign Policy OR background on Foreign Policy.
  • China launched a cyber-attack; send a message now. (Sep 2015)
  • Against nuclear deal with Iran; keep state sanctions. (Sep 2015)
  • Tore into Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran. (Aug 2015)
  • When America leads, we build alliances in Mideast. (Aug 2015)
  • Every country Hillary Clinton touched has gotten worse. (Aug 2015)
  • Foreign policy is about leadership, not PhD's. (Feb 2015)
  • Terrorists are cowards who are afraid of freedom. (Jan 2015)
Scott Walker on Free Trade
Click here for 3 full quotes on Free Trade OR background on Free Trade.
  • Trump's tariffs on China harm Wisconsin companies. (Oct 2018)
  • Milk exports up; but also ginseng exports to China. (Jan 2014)
  • Global opportunity: Get WI products out to the world. (Feb 2011)
Scott Walker on Government Reform
Click here for 9 full quotes on Government Reform OR background on Government Reform.
  • Reduce power of next attorney-general after losing election. (Dec 2018)
  • Avoid witch hunts: limit political corruption investigations. (Oct 2018)
  • Supported redistricting, but struck down as unconstitutional. (Oct 2018)
  • No new absentee voting: make it harder to cheat. (Mar 2014)
  • Wisconsin "citizen filibuster" gave birth to Occupy movement. (Nov 2013)
  • Prevent voter fraud: require voter ID at polls. (Nov 2013)
  • Recall election rejected big government interests & spending. (Aug 2012)
  • Cutting the cost of government enables us to save jobs. (Mar 2011)
  • End tax on HSAs; reduce frivolous lawsuits. (Feb 2011)
Scott Walker on Gun Control
Click here for 5 full quotes on Gun Control OR background on Gun Control.
  • Supports conceal carry and stand-your-ground laws. (Oct 2018)
  • Eliminate 48 hour waiting period for gun purchases. (Jun 2015)
  • Allow concealed carry as part of right to bear arms. (Nov 2013)
  • The Second Amendment is not optional. (Nov 2010)
  • Opposes restrictions on the right to bear arms. (Aug 2010)
Scott Walker on Health Care
Click here for 11 full quotes on Health Care OR background on Health Care.
  • Sue to repeal ObamaCare; reject Medicaid expansion. (Oct 2018)
  • State control of health insurance program, not federal. (Jan 2018)
  • No Medicaid expansion means no waiting list for poor. (Nov 2014)
  • To best benefit economy, replace ObamaCare. (Jan 2014)
  • Didn't accept additional Medicaid money from ObamaCare. (Dec 2013)
  • Pushed ObamaCare for state choice on Medicaid expansion. (Nov 2013)
  • Passed tort reform & cut taxes on HSAs. (Nov 2013)
  • Don't put bureaucrats in charge of personal decisions. (Nov 2010)
  • The private sector, not mandates, will fix healthcare. (May 2010)
  • Opposes government-run healthcare. (Aug 2010)
  • Loosen "one-size-fits-all" approach to Medicaid. (Jan 2011)
Scott Walker on Homeland Security
Click here for 5 full quotes on Homeland Security OR background on Homeland Security.
  • Syrian refugees pose a security threat. (Nov 2015)
  • Listen to generals in the field to decide defense policy. (Feb 2015)
  • Ensure against radical Islamic terrorism on American soil. (Feb 2015)
  • Build up U.S. military to take out ISIS entirely. (Feb 2015)
  • Support for our military transcends partisan differences. (Jan 2015)
Scott Walker on Immigration
Click here for 11 full quotes on Immigration OR background on Immigration.
  • Stripped in-state tuition from DREAMer students. (Oct 2018)
  • I changed my view to anti-immigration because I listened. (Aug 2015)
  • We have too many legal immigrants. (Apr 2015)
  • 2013: Comprehensive reform; 2015: no, that's amnesty. (Mar 2015)
  • No amnesty; close the back door & enforce the law. (Feb 2015)
  • No amnesty; but no mass deportation & no executive action. (Feb 2015)
  • No amnesty, but no mass deportation either. (Feb 2015)
  • Endorses path to citizenship for immigrant workers. (Jul 2013)
  • Make it easier to enter the country legally. (Jul 2013)
  • 2010: stop suspected illegals; 2012: that's a distraction. (Jul 2013)
  • Supports AZ's immigration law and no benefits for illegals. (Jul 2010)
Scott Walker on Jobs
Click here for 17 full quotes on Jobs OR background on Jobs.
  • Supports right-to-work law; ended prevailing wage law. (Oct 2018)
  • Artificially raising wage won't help create jobs. (Oct 2018)
  • Don't raise minimum wage; raise whole economy. (Sep 2015)
  • Unemployment dropped in my term from 8% to 4%. (Aug 2015)
  • Wisconsin is open for business, via right-to-work law. (Mar 2015)
  • Anti-state unions but pro-private unions. (Mar 2015)
  • Right-to-work rules stand up for the hardworking taxpayers. (Feb 2015)
  • $35M for Wisconsin Fast Forward: technical skill training. (Jan 2014)
  • Link unemployment benefits to job search every week. (Jan 2014)
  • Don't raise minimum wage; train for higher-wage jobs. (Jan 2014)
  • Make union membership optional for government employees. (Nov 2013)
  • Union bosses donate to campaigns, then get sweetheart deals. (Nov 2013)
  • When given the choice, employees don't choose union. (Nov 2013)
  • Federal employees have limited collective bargaining power. (Nov 2013)
  • Hypothetically, make WI a right-to-work state. (Jun 2012)
  • Unions dislike it, but he was elected to take on sacred cows. (Jan 2012)
  • Create 250,000 jobs via special legislative session. (Feb 2011)
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Scott Walker on Local Issues
Click here for 2 full quotes on Local Issues OR background on Local Issues.
  • Build a new sports arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. (Jun 2015)
  • Reopen Travel Wisconsin welcome centers. (Jan 2013)
Scott Walker on Principles & Values
Click here for 10 full quotes on Principles & Values OR background on Principles & Values.
  • Pray for Kentucky, that we will be blessed. (Jan 2018)
  • I ran for office because I was worried about my kids' future. (Aug 2015)
  • My relationship with God drives every major decision. (Apr 2015)
  • Raised as a "P.K.", Pastor's Kid, by his father Pastor Llew. (Apr 2015)
  • Run for governor & president are determined by God's will. (Mar 2015)
  • Even if people disagree, they want politicians who lead. (Feb 2015)
  • I won with independents' and young people's votes. (Nov 2014)
  • Book "Unintimidated" isn't my biography, but about reforms. (Jan 2014)
  • 19 Walker associates involved in "John Doe" scandal. (Jun 2002)
  • Endorsed Endorsed by Donald Trump/MAGA during presidency. (Nov 2018)
Scott Walker on Social Security
Click here for the full quote on Social Security OR background on Social Security.
  • Increase public employee pension payments to 5%. (Feb 2011)
Scott Walker on Tax Reform
Click here for 7 full quotes on Tax Reform OR background on Tax Reform.
  • Allow pass-through companies option to reduce tax burden. (Dec 2018)
  • Cut $8 billion in taxes, mostly for higher earners. (Oct 2018)
  • Reduce property, income and production tax burden. (Jan 2016)
  • Reduced property taxes by $141 in 4 years; more coming. (Jan 2015)
  • Tax increases reduce state revenues in the long run. (Nov 2013)
  • High tax and low employment is no coincidence. (Nov 2010)
  • Supports the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. (Jan 2012)
Scott Walker on Technology
Click here for 7 full quotes on Technology OR background on Technology.
  • Opposes Net Neutrality: principle of Internet is freedom. (Oct 2018)
  • Cancel high-speed rail plans. (Apr 2017)
  • $35 million to expand broadband access grant program. (Jan 2017)
  • Partner with private firms to install fiber network. (Jan 2016)
  • Opposed high-speed rail line: $810M federal but $110M state. (Nov 2013)
  • Spend $810M on roads instead of high-speed rail. (Jun 2012)
  • Pulled plug on light rail; fix roads and bridges instead. (Nov 2010)
Scott Walker on War & Peace
Click here for 7 full quotes on War & Peace OR background on War & Peace.
  • Lift political restrictions on 3,000 troops in Syria. (Sep 2015)
  • Undo Iran nuclear deal on Day One; keep sanctions instead. (Aug 2015)
  • Send weapons to Ukraine; & missile defense to Poland. (Aug 2015)
  • US troops should fight ISIS alongside Kurds and Sunnis. (Jun 2015)
  • Islamic terrorism like a virus; make sure it doesn't spread. (Mar 2015)
  • ISIS will attack on American soil; so take fight abroad. (Feb 2015)
  • Don't rule out US boots on the ground in Syria. (Feb 2015)
Scott Walker on Welfare & Poverty
Click here for 4 full quotes on Welfare & Poverty OR background on Welfare & Poverty.
  • Work requirement for adults under 50 receiving Medicaid. (Dec 2018)
  • Help transition from government dependence to independence. (Jan 2014)
  • Public workers should contribute 18.4% to health & pension. (Nov 2013)
  • Able-bodied must work or train to get food stamps. (Nov 2013)
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