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Withdrawn Democratic Presidential Challenger; CA Rep


We need a healthcare guarantee: if you're sick, you get seen

Kamala HARRIS: A parent who has seen their child has a temperature that is out of control takes the child to the E.R., knowing that if they walk through those doors, even though they have insurance, they will be out a $5,000 deductible.

Swalwell: I'm one of those parents. I was just in the emergency room. And I'm telling you we fight health insurance companies every single week. We have to have a health care guarantee. If you are sick, you're seen. And in America, you never go broke because of it.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (second night in Miami) , Jun 27, 2019

Guarantee: If you're sick, you see a doctor & not go broke

Too many Americans still find themselves having to choose between paying rent or paying medical bills, between buying food or buying prescriptions-- and nobody should have to rely on a GoFundMe or a collection jar because they've fallen ill. Americans need a healthcare guarantee: If you're sick, you'll be seen by a doctor, and if you're seen, you'll never go broke because of it. We also must make a huge public investment in finding cures in our lifetime for the diseases that ail us, from Alzheimer's to ALS to cancer. Our technology is surging forward, our innovation is vast - we should focus that on saving lives.
Source: 2020 Presidential Campaign website EricSwalwell.com , May 2, 2019

Support public option, but let people keep private care

I support a bill that would give Medicare to all. That's the title of the bill. The part of the bill that I would strike would be to give a public option, the Medicare portion, but allow people to keep plans that they like. Union members like to keep their union plans. Employers may offer a better plan. I think it's very much in our DNA to have choice. And so I will support that.
Source: CNN SOTU 2019 interview of presidential hopefuls , Apr 14, 2019

Coverage for all, but don't eliminate private insurers

Swalwell published an op-ed in support of Medicare for All last month, writing that the policy is "the obvious solution to a health care system that still drives people to financial ruin." Swalwell also co-sponsored a Medicare for All bill in February.

In March, Swalwell said he supports "coverage for all" but is not in favor of eliminating private insurers, as some of his competitors are. A page that was once dedicated to the issue on his website is currently not working.

Source: PBS News Hour on 2020 Democratic primary , Apr 10, 2019

Invest in search for cures for Alzheimer's, cancer, ALS

Wants large sums of public money to find cures to Alzheimer's, cancer and ALS.
Source: Axios.com "What you need to know about 2020" , Apr 9, 2019

Keep private insurance; allow public option

He's for allowing Americans to have a choice between private healthcare coverage and government-run health benefits. Swalwell told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that he's opposed to Medicare for All proposals supported by other Democrats running for President that would bring an end to private insurance. "I support coverage for all, which would be a public option that would drive down the pressure on the private insurers," Swalwell said.
Source: Forbes Magazine, "Coverage," on 2020 Democratic primary , Mar 19, 2019

Yes to Medicare-for-All after time in the ICU with daughter

There's no place better to learn about the American health care system than in a hospital, among the afflicted and their families. You can particularly learn a lot by sleeping a few nights in your infant daughter's hospital room. We need a Medicare for All universal health guarantee. We need, and Americans deserve, a health care system in which if you get sick you get seen, as well as one in which if you get seen, you don't go broke because of it.
Source: Swalwell OpEd on NBC News for 2020 Democratic primary , Mar 2, 2019

Work on preventative health care within ObamaCare

I support the Affordable Care Act and the benefits that many are already receiving, including health insurance coverage for children up to age 26 under a parent's health insurance. I also believe we need to do more to control the costs of providing health care. For instance, we developed a pilot project that provides low-cost preventative health care at fire stations. We need to do more to provide preventative health care that is accessible and affordable to avoid higher costs for health care later
Source: 2012 House campaign website, swalwellforcongress.com , Nov 6, 2012

GOP can't beat ObamaCare, so they pretend it's a "disaster".

Swalwell voted NAY Full Repeal of ObamaCare

Heritage Action Summary: This vote would fully repeal ObamaCare.

Heritage Foundation recommendation to vote YES: (2/3/2015): ObamaCare creates $1.8 trillion in new health care spending and uses cuts to Medicare spending to help pay for some of it. Millions of Americans already have lost, and more likely will lose, their coverage because of ObamaCare. Many Americans have not been able to keep their doctors as insurers try to offset the added costs of ObamaCare by limiting the number of providers in their networks. In spite of the promise, the law increases the cost of health coverage.

Secretary of Labor Robert Reich recommendation to vote NO: (robertreich.org 11/22/2013): Having failed to defeat the Affordable Care Act, Republicans are now hell-bent on destroying the ObamaCare in Americans' minds, using the word "disaster" whenever mentioning the Act, and demand its repeal. Democrats [should] meet the Republican barrage with three larger truths:

  1. The wreck of private insurance: Ours has been the only healthcare system in the world designed to avoid sick people. For-profit insurers have spent billions finding and marketing their policies to healthy people--while rejecting people with preexisting conditions, or at high risk.
  2. We could not continue with this travesty of a healthcare system: ObamaCare is a modest solution. It still relies on private insurers--merely setting minimum standards and "exchanges" where customers can compare policies.
  3. The moral imperative: Even a clunky compromise like the ACA between a national system of health insurance and a for-profit insurance market depends, fundamentally, on a social compact in which those who are healthier and richer are willing to help those who are sicker and poorer. Such a social compact defines a society.

Legislative outcome: Passed House 239-186-8; never came to a vote in the Senate.

Source: Supreme Court case 15-H0132 argued on Feb 3, 2015

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