Eric Swalwell on Gun Control

Withdrawn Democratic Presidential Challenger; CA Rep


Mandatory gun buy-back, but not pistols or rifles

Q: You have a unique position on gun reform. You're proposing that the government should buy back every assault weapon in America and it should be mandatory. How do you envision that working?

SWALWELL: Keep your pistols, keep your rifles, keep your shotguns, but we can take the most dangerous weapons from the most dangerous people. We have the NRA on the ropes, because of the moms, because of the Brady Group, because of March for our Lives. I'm the only candidate calling for a ban and buyback of every single assault weapon in America. I have seen the plans of the other candidates here. They would all leave 15 million assault weapons in our communities. I will approach this issue as a prosecutor. But also as a parent, of a generation who has seen thousands of black children killed in our streets. And a generation who goes to the theater and we actually look where the fire exits are. We don't have to live this way. We must be a country who loves our children more than we love our guns.

Source: June Democratic Primary debate (second night in Miami) , Jun 27, 2019

No problem with people owning handguns

Democrats have largely converged on a moderate, consensus view of gun control; we wanted to get at a deeper question of values--so we asked "In an ideal world, would anyone own handguns?" Some answers:
Source: 2019 "Meet the Candidates" (NY Times.com) , Jun 18, 2019

Assault weapon buyback program, with criminal enforcement

Cory Booker was asked on CNN about his gun control proposals: "Your competitor in the 2020 race, Congressman Eric Swalwell has also, like you, proposed an assault weapons ban. He's proposing a buyback program where Americans who currently have those guns could sell them essentially to the government, but if they don't, within a certain period of time, they would be prosecuted--thrown in jail, perhaps. Are you supportive of the same?"

Booker responded affirmatively that the law would be enforced with criminal sanctions after a "reasonable period." He had said earlier: "The critical thing is, I think most Americans agree, that these weapons of war should not be on our streets." Earlier in the day, Booker unveiled a 14-part gun control plan, which included a ban on assault weapons including high capacity magazines.

Source: Washington Examiner on 2020 Democratic primary , May 6, 2019

National ban and buyback of semiautomatic assault weapons

Ending Gun Violence: No more turning a blind eye to American lives stolen by gun violence. We must enact truly universal background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases, do more to take guns away from domestic abusers, push states to adopt gun violence restraining order laws, and remove weapons of war from our communities once and for all. I'm the only candidate calling for a mandatory national ban and buyback of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons.
Source: 2020 Presidential Campaign website EricSwalwell.com , May 2, 2019

Be big; be bold; do good; gun control

Key criticisms of Swalwell:
Source: Axios.com on 2020 Democratic primary , Apr 22, 2019

Banning assault weapons does not mean broad gun ban

Swalwell said his call for a ban on assault weapons was not a step toward broader gun bans. "Keep your pistols,˙keep your long rifles, keep your shotguns." Swalwell said the ban would come with criminal consequences for people who did not participate in the buy-back, but suggested an "alternative, which would be to keep them at a hunting club or a shooting range. It's not just the violence they've caused, it's the fear. I want to get rid of that fear."
Source: CNN Politics on 2020 presidential hopefuls , Apr 19, 2019

I want to lead on gun violence issues

Keep your pistols, keep your long rifles, keep your shotguns. I want these weapons of war out of the hands of the most dangerous people. I want background checks. So do 73% of NRA members. I want to invest in gang violence prevention programs. I want more community- oriented policing. There's a lot that we could do on this issue, but unless it's the number one issue for a president, it's just going to be one that we respond to shooting to shooting. I want to lead on it.
Source: CNN SOTU 2019 interview of presidential hopefuls , Apr 14, 2019

Ban assault weapons, buyback for those out there

Plans for it to be his No. 1 issue on the campaign trail. During his first 100 days in office, Swalwell says he will push for a ban on military-style semi-automatic assault weapons. He also wants to enact a federal buyback of all 15 million assault weapons in the U.S.
Source: Axios.com "What you need to know about 2020" , Apr 9, 2019

After mass shootings, time to make gun control an issue

Swalwell will center his campaign on gun control. Helping him do that will be Cameron Kasky, a survivor of the February 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Swalwell has written about being inspired by the youth movement in his call to ban all assault weapons. "We are doing a town hall in Parkland," he told me. "And I do believe that gun safety has to be a top 2020 issue."
Source: The Atlantic, "Gun Safety," on 2020 Democratic primary , Apr 4, 2019

Ban assault weapons and buy back as many as possible

Reinstating the federal˙assault weapons ban˙that was in effect from 1994 to 2004 would prohibit manufacture and sales, but it would not affect weapons already possessed. We should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons, we should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law, and we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons.
Source: Swalwell OpEd in USA Today for 2020 Democratic primary , May 3, 2018

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