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I'm armed and gay: armed gays are harder to bash

Oliver is running for president on a platform emphasizing immigration and criminal justice reforms as a man who is both pro-police reform and pro-choice. He is also pro-Second Amendment, describing himself as an "armed and gay" Libertarian who owns a .38 special revolver. "Armed gays are harder to bash," Oliver told the small crowd at Hoosier Brewing in Old Town Greenwood.
Source: Franklin (IN) Daily Journal on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Sep 25, 2023

Don't tell LGBTQ people who to be or how to live

A gay Libertarian from Georgia is making waves in his run for his party's nomination for U.S. president--becoming the first-ever third-party candidate to speak at the Iowa State Fair Political Soapbox. Oliver spoke with the Bay Area Reporter, telling the paper that 2024 represents "a unique opportunity for our party to break out into the mainstream."

"We have stood for self-expression and self-ownership and autonomy since our founding in 1971--just two years after Stonewall," Oliver said of the Libertarian Party. "It took Democrats decades to catch up because they had to wait until it was politically popular. If there's one thing I know about LGBTQ people it's that we like to go our own way and not be told who to be or how to live."

And Oliver might be right--enthusiasm for the lead candidates in the Democratic and Republican primary races, Biden and former President Donald Trump, respectively, is not great.

Source: Bay Area Reporter on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Aug 22, 2023

2003: Launched his high school's gay-straight alliance

Oliver makes no effort to hide his healthy contempt for the current two-party system. But he wasn't always so disillusioned. As an out teenager in a state where laws against sodomy were aggressively enforced until the state supreme court invalidated them in 2003, Oliver launched his high school's gay-straight alliance. Oliver remembers screening Brokeback Mountain when it opened in 2005 and being so moved that he dragged his straight friends to the theater to see it the very next week. He thought, "This is what's gonna get all my friends to understand the struggle," he says. "But they did not have the same experience. They were like, 'It was a good movie, but you kinda oversold it.'"
Source: NetBlogPro.com on 2022 Georgia Senate race , Nov 11, 2022

Equal rights regardless of color; even black transgender

He wants to work on criminal justice reform, push for accountability for police through the Ending Qualified Immunity Act, end cash bail, improve healthcare, add LGBTQ people to the Civil Rights Act and end the country's war on drugs and immigrants. "I'm absolutely looking to support any kind of legislation that will help our LGBTQ brothers and sisters live a more free and equal life in our country," Oliver said.

In the Podcast Q interview Oliver, a former Obama Democrat, also discusses becoming a Libertarian, protecting black transgender people, campaigning with masks and hand sanitizer, combatting HIV and breaking through to voters in the heavily Democratic district. "At the end of the day, [Libertarians] believe in criminal justice reform. We believe in limited government that is answerable to the people. And we believe that everyone regardless of color, creed sexual orientation, deserves equal inherent rights," Oliver said.

Source: The Q Substack for 2020 House race GA-5 , Sep 21, 2020

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