Jill Stein on Health Care

Green Party presidential nominee; Former Challenger for MA Governor


Medicare-for-all better & cheaper than ObamaCare

Q: How to improve ObamaCare?

Donald Trump: ObamaCare will never work. It's too expensive, and not only expensive for the person that has it, unbelievably expensive for our country. We have to repeal it. We have to get rid of the lines around the state, where we stop insurance companies from competing. We want competition. She wants to go to a single-payer plan, which would be a disaster.

Jill Stein: We need a Medicare-for-all system. 25 percent of healthcare costs are spent on wasteful paper pushing, on CEO salaries, on advertising, on exorbitant pharmaceutical costs like paying $400 for an EpiPen, which contains $1 worth of medication. Under an improved Medicare, that 25 percent overhead is reduced to 1 percent. It enables us to put our healthcare dollars truly into healthcare, so that you are covered, head to toe, cradle to grave.

Source: Stein Twitter posts on Second 2016 Presidential Debate , Oct 9, 2016

Vaccines are a foundation to a strong public health system

Q: How will your administration support vaccine science?

STEIN: Vaccines are a critical part of our public health system. Vaccines prevent serious epidemics that would cause harm to many people and that is why they are a foundation to a strong public health system. Polio is an important example. So is H Flu--a bacteria that caused serious illness, including meningitis, in 20,000 children a year in the US, before development of the H flu vaccine. We need universal health care as a right to ensure that everyone has access to critical vaccines. The best way to overcome resistance to vaccination is to acknowledge and address concerns and build trust with hesitant parents. We can do that by removing corporate influence from our regulatory agencies to eliminate apparent conflicts of interest and show skeptics, in this case vaccine-resistant parents, that the motive behind vaccination is protecting their children's health, not increasing profits for pharmaceutical companies.

Source: ScienceDebate.org: 20 questions for 2016 presidential race , Oct 9, 2016

Early diagnosis and intervention for mental illness

Q: What will you do to reduce the human and economic costs of mental illness?

JILL STEIN: As part of a Medicare for All universal health care system we need a mental health care system that safeguards human dignity, respects individual autonomy, and protects informed consent. In addition to full funding for mental health care, this means making it easier for the chronically mentally ill to apply for and receive Supplemental Security Income, and funding programs to increase public awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of the mentally ill and differently abled.

We must ensure that the government takes all steps necessary to fully diagnose and treat the mental health conditions resulting from service in combat zones, including post- traumatic stress disorder. We will also release prisoners with diagnosed mental disorders to secure mental health treatment centers, and ensure psychological and medical care and rehabilitation services for mentally ill prisoners.

Source: ScienceDebate.org: 20 questions for 2016 presidential race , Oct 9, 2016

Healthcare for all including contraception

Source: Stein-Baraka platform on 2016 presidential campaign website , Aug 8, 2016

Require vaccines to protect other children

Q: Should the federal government require children to be vaccinated for preventable diseases?