Jill Stein on Foreign Policy

Green Party presidential nominee; Former Challenger for MA Governor


Attended Moscow event with Putin, says she was critical

A campaign spokesperson told Newsweek that Stein "attended at her own expense to spread a message of peace and diplomacy" and gave a speech in Moscow "in which she criticized the excessive militarism of both Vladimir
Source: Newsweek magazine on 2023 Presidential hopefuls , Nov 10, 2023

Syria invited Russia into war; don't threaten no-fly zone

Q: Why do you think a nuclear war is more likely under a President Clinton than a President Trump?

STEIN: If you watched the debate the other night, you would have heard Trump saying that he's looking for collaboration with Putin. But I consider the threat of nuclear war not trivial at all, and this is one of the most clear and present dangers to our surroundings.

Q: Why is it more likely under Clinton, though? This is about Trump's hair-trigger temper generally, not just with Putin.

STEIN: Put it this way: The most likely nuclear threat right now is with Russia. And when you have Hillary Clinton then beating the war drums against Russia, and essentially saying that if she's elected that we will declare war on Russia--because that's what a no-fly zone over Syria amounts to. Shooting down Russian warplanes.

Q: Not if the Russians adhere.

STEIN: But our no-fly zone does not adhere to international law. Syria--for better or for worse--invited Russia there.

Source: Slate.com interview after Second 2016 Presidential Debate , Oct 19, 2016

US helped create refugee crisis, so we should help them

Q: The U.S. has taken in about 12,000 Syrian refugees over the past year. Why take the risk of having those refugees coming into the country?

Hillary Clinton: I will not let anyone into our country that I think poses a risk to us. But there are a lot of refugees who are women and children.

Jill Stein: There is a refugee crisis created in large part by US military interventions. We need to do our part by taking in refugees.

Source: Stein Twitter posts on Second 2016 Presidential Debate , Oct 9, 2016

Support Iranian nuclear deal as part of nuclear-free Mideast

Q: On Iran: Support treaty limiting Iran's nuclear capacity in return for lifting economic sanctions?

Clinton: Yes.

Trump: No.

Johnson: "Skeptic," but "wouldn't get rid of treaty."

Stein: Yes. Create nuclear-free zone in the entire Middle East.

Q: On Iraq: Did you support the Iraq war? Should the US commit significant additional ground troops to Iraq to combat ISIS?

Clinton: Voted to give Bush authority for war; then said "made a mistake." Supported Obama draw-down. Opposes adding more combat troops, but wants more support for Arab & Kurdish ground forces.

Trump: Says opposed war but made no public opposition statements at time, & some indicating support. Later supported troop withdrawal. Now supports 20,000-30,000 additional US troops.

Johnson: Opposed war. Boots on ground, bombs, & drones "make things worse." ISIS has been "largely contained geographically."

Stein: End Iraq and Afghan wars, withdraw troops & military contractors. Weapons embargo in Middle East.

Source: CampusElect Voter Guide to 2016 Presidential race , Oct 9, 2016

Re-examine NATO to avoid economic and military domination

Q: An issue between [Hillary and Trump] has been NATO and the NATO Alliance. What's your view?

STEIN: I think we need to take a good hard look at NATO. In my view NATO needs to be part of a re-examination of a foreign policy that has been based on economic and military domination and we need to look at what the consequences of this kind of foreign policy are. And, you know we spent $6 trillion--

Q: What's the domination, where NATO comes into it?

STEIN: Well, NATO for example is how we can do an end run around our own internal process when we want to create regime change somewhere.

Q: So your running mate [Ajamu Baraka] referred to the "gangster states" of NATO. Do you share that view?

STEIN: Well, he uses language I would not use. But, shall we say, I don't think it represents American democracy to do an end run around our process or determining when we will go to war.

Q: Well he uses language, but what does he mean?

STEIN: I think he means the same thing I'm saying.

Source: Wash. Post editorial board on 2016 presidential hopefuls , Aug 25, 2016

End CIA-supported coups and regime change in Latin America

Q: Will the Green Party organize the Sanders base so that it is not disillusioned?

A: Many Sanders supporters have long straddled both campaigns. As the Democratic Party moves to sideline his campaign, Sanders' supporters themselves are getting the word out that the revolution continues here, inside our campaign.

Q: Who are you reaching out to?

A: For example, we are getting the word out to Latinos and other groups concerned about immigrant rights. They have seen that Republicans are the party of hate and fearmongering. And Democrats are the party of deportation, detention and night raids. We are the only campaign opposing border militarization, pointing out that the most important solution to the immigration crisis is to stop causing it-- through predatory trade deals, the war on drugs and U.S. military and CIA-supported coups and regime change. U.S. immigration policy effectively criminalizes millions of refugees fleeing the poverty and violence resulting from misguided U.S. policies.

Source: Marxism-Leninism Today magazine: 2016 presidential hopefuls , Mar 30, 2016

U.S. meddling in Mideast exacerbates terrorism

"After 9/11 the US told the Saudis to clean up their act, stop sanctioning terror, etc.," said Stein, "But as recently as 2009, Hillary Clinton wrote in a State Department memo that they were still the overwhelming funders of international terrorism. It's crazy to spend $6 trillion on fighting terrorism when we turn blind eye to the Saudis."

It's not only the Saudis, though. Stein argued that US involvement in sectarian conflicts in the Middle East, like the ongoing Syrian civil war, only exacerbate tensions in an already volatile region. "We're funding the 'good-guy terrorists' now, they might become 'bad-guy terrorists' later." Stein went on to draw a more complex picture of forces on the ground in the conflict: "They're hybrids of freedom fighters, resistance fighters. Then there are the religious extremists and the warlords. It's complicated."

One thing's for sure, said Stein: constant US meddling in the region is "putting a flamethrower to Middle East."

Source: American Herald Tribune foreign policy interview , Feb 29, 2016

Stop US funding and support of the Israeli occupation

The Tribune asked Stein about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Stein began, "We need to stop aligning with our favored country for that reason alone. We need to stop arming and funding governments committing war crimes and violating human rights."

Our actions perpetuate an "absolute disaster of a policy. We're spending $8 million a day supplying the Israeli military." That money goes to continuing the policies of home demolitions, apartheid, and massacres, Stein said. The policies are "flagrant violations of international law" that will eventually have the effect of "driving Israel out of existence" by its own actions.

Stein has hope that a solution can be reached, she said, but she believes the US needs to step back and let things take their own course. "Most authorities say a two-state solution is no longer possible due to the carving up of the territories by Israel and the occupation," Stein said. "My feeling is we shouldn't be in the business of telling them how to work it out."

Source: American Herald Tribune foreign policy interview , Feb 29, 2016

Back to the drawing board on our relationship to the Mideast

Stein's opinion on foreign policy centered on the Middle East: "We need to go back to the drawing board on our relationship to the Middle East," Stein said, "Our foreign policy has had catastrophic consequences; it's based on economic and military domination rather than human rights and diplomacy."

Stein pointed to the Syrian conflict as an example of the failure of US diplomacy in the region. "It's no secret that the Saudis have been behind the terror groups tearing Syria apart," she explained, citing US patronage of the oil-rich kingdom as a driving force behind instability in the war-torn country. "Saudi Arabia has been given blanket permission to instigate religious extremism to the tune of $100 billion in US weapons," she said, "Freely distributed to whichever terrorists they want to support." Stein believes that there needs to be a full weapons boycott in Syria and a freeze on the bank accounts of countries sponsoring terror, including Saudi Arabia.

Source: American Herald Tribune foreign policy interview , Feb 29, 2016

End foreign aid to countries with human rights abuses

While she agrees with [Democratic progressive challenger Senator Bernie] Sanders on many issues, she points out in the interview a couple of important differences. She appears to be passionately against the continued funding of countries with human rights abuses that she believes are in violation of International Law such as: Saudi Arabia and Israel. Although Sanders does not emphasize his position on this issue while on the campaign trail, she is correct that he definitely does support their continued funding. Some of his supporters may not realize that at this point, partly because it does not seem to be a major focus of his campaign. The two candidates do differ on foreign policy and foreign aid.
Source: Green Party press release on interview in Denton Times Life , Dec 26, 2015

Take 65,000 Syrian refugees immediately, not over 18 months

Stein called for admitting at least 65,000 refugees from Syria and elsewhere to the US as a first step in addressing the refugee crisis. She pointed out that the refugees are a tragic symptom of a much bigger underlying disease that also needs an immediate response: "As a doctor I know that in order to fix a deadly symptom, you have to treat the underlying deadly disease. Much of the refugee crisis stems directly from disastrous US military interventions in the Middle East. This vicious cycle must stop here. We should initiate an arms embargo to the region, compel the Saudis to stop funding ISIS, & get Turkey to stop allowing militias to cross their border to fight for ISIS."

The International Rescue Committee has called for the US to take at least 65,000 refugees from Syria's civil war rather than the 10,000 proposed by Obama. Stein criticized the Obama administration plan to take up to 18 months to screen refugees as "a bureaucratic nightmare than will only increase pain & suffering."

Source: Campaign press release on Syrian Refugee crisis , Sep 23, 2015

Work towards neutral Ukraine; don't arm them against Russia

OnTheIssues: Should we help Ukraine against Russia?

Stein: We should encourage Ukraine to be neutral--we helped foment a coup against a democratically-elected government, [resulting in a government] where ultra-nationalists and ex-Nazis came to power. Imagine the inverse: if Russia did that in Canada--installed a government hostile to us--we saw something like that in Cuban Missile Crisis--that would not be acceptable to us. So let's not be single-issue--instead of fomenting a hostile Ukraine we should be leading the way in establishing a neutral Ukraine that would allow Russia to not feel under attack. We've made great strides--Putin is not a hero--but as Noam Chomsky points out, the Doomsday clock has moved closer to midnight than it has been since 1983. The hostile faceoff with Russia causes that and is entirely misplaced--led by war hawks in Obama administration--especially [Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs] Victoria Nuland, who cheered on an overthrow in Ukraine.

Source: Phone interview on 2016 presidential race by OnTheIssues.org , Jul 6, 2015

China provides less heavy-handed foreign aid than does US

OnTheIssues: How would you maintain relations with China and human rights vs. debt?

Stein: We should deal with China like a member of global community--stop isolating and intimidating China--that is not gonna work.

OnTheIssues: What about the latest standoff in the South China Sea?

Stein: It is wrongheaded for us to deal with territorial rights on the borders of China--what I mean by dealing with China as a member of global community is not to isolate them. On US debt, they finance all sorts of 3rd-world countries in a way that is far less heavy-handed than the US--we need to compete with China on that. We do need to stand up on human rights--but we need to do that inside the US or it does not pass the laugh test. Like in our jails and in our schools and in our courts and the way that we treat immigrants--we have created them and then we criminalize them. We need to get our own house in order first--stand up for human rights in China, yes, but also in Israel and Saudi Arabia too.

Source: Phone interview on 2016 presidential race by OnTheIssues.org , Jul 6, 2015

Lifting the Cuban embargo was long overdue

OnTheIssues: What do you think about lifting the Cuban embargo?

Stein: It was long overdue--it was time to end our economic & political warfare against Cuba. We need to be respecting their right to self-determination. We should go there without intent to interfere in their national process of deciding what kind of government, what kind of food and entertainment they have--we should respect the choices that the Cuban people have made.

OnTheIssues: And the Castros?

Stein: We should not be in the business of overturning Castro's rule. We should encourage human rights in Cuba, but we have been harboring terrorists against Cuba and we need to address human rights violations that we ourselves have been doing.

Source: Phone interview on 2016 presidential race by OnTheIssues.org , Jul 6, 2015

Expanding NATO threatens Russia and breaks our promise

OnTheIssues: What should the U.S. do about Russia?

Stein: I think this is an issue where something does need to be said--but it's important to understand where they are coming from. The United States, under Bush 1, had an agreement when Germany joined NATO--Russia agreed with the understanding that NATO would not move one inch to the east. Since then NATO has pursued a policy of basically encircling Russia--including the threat of nukes and drones and so on.

Source: Phone interview on 2016 presidential race by OnTheIssues.org , Jul 6, 2015

Focus on human rights, international law, and diplomacy

OnTheIssues: We all know about the "Obama Doctrine"; what would be the basis of the "Stein Doctrine"?

Stein: On the basis of human rights, international law, and diplomacy. We need to be a leading member of the world community--leading but not domineering, which has become the U.S. approach, dominated by endless war, which is unsustainable.

Source: Phone interview on 2016 presidential race by OnTheIssues.org , Jul 6, 2015

Re-establish foreign policy on basis of international law

Q: What are your top foreign policy planks?

STEIN: To provide a welcoming path to citizenship for immigrants and to restore our civil liberties, our foreign policy platform is very important. We feel that we should have a foreign policy that basically gets rebooted and established on the basis of international law, human rights and diplomacy, and that we should not be in the business of funding basically weapons for everybody who wants them, and in particular, we should not be delivering weapons systems or support of any sort to nations around the world that are human rights violators.

Source: Democracy Now interviews of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Jun 22, 2015

End Israeli apartheid occupations and illegal settlements

OBAMA: A nuclear Iran is a threat to our national security, and it's a threat to Israel's national security.

ROMNEY: I think the tension that existed between Israel and the United States was very unfortunate.

STEIN: We're seeing the candidates very similar to each other. They're both vowing their obedience to the right-wing government in Israel. And they are both saying that they will stop at nothing, but that war will be the last result. So, once again, we're seeing shades of gray here between the Democratic and Republican candidates, but we're not seeing what the American people really need and what international security really needs. And in fact, I should add that this slave-like mentality towards Israel is absolutely unjustified. We need to start raising the bar for Israel and holding them to an equal standard for supporting human rights and international law and ending occupations and illegal settlements and apartheid.

Source: Democracy Now! Expanded Third Obama-Romney 2012 debate , Oct 22, 2012

Get tough policy has opposite effect of what was intended

Q: What about the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya?

STEIN: The tragedy in Libya, I think, is a very good case in point that really shows how this "get tough" international policy has really been extremely unproductive, has really produced the opposite effect of what was intended. And we're seeing this now not only in Libya, but in the demonstrations against U.S. embassies across the Middle East, in the fact that the Afghanistan army is shooting at U.S. soldiers. The war effort really is not being turned over to an Afghan army. The Afghan army itself has a very high desertion rate. We need a foreign policy based not on "tough guy" militarism, but on international law and respect for human rights, not on wars for oil.

Source: Democracy Now! Expanded Second Obama-Romney 2012 debate , Oct 16, 2012

End trade embargo and travel ban on Cuba

Q: Should the United States end its trade embargo and travel ban on Cuba?

A: Yes.

Q: Should the U.S. intervene in the affairs of other countries?

A: No, we should oppose wars of aggression and entangling alliances with other nations

Source: Presidential comparison website www.iSideWith.com , May 16, 2012

Start holding all parties accountable in Israel/Palestine

Q: What's your stand on the Israel/Palestine conflict and US foreign policy more generally?

A: Israel/Palestine is a microcosm of broader US foreign policy principles, and our foreign policy needs to come into harmony with principles of human rights, nonviolent conflict resolution and a respect for international law--which haven't been there at all in Israel/Palestine and more globally. So, in Israel/Palestine, we need to start holding all parties accountable. All of the various factions responsible in Palestine and in Israel, for stopping human rights violations, so that assassinations are not accepted, so that apartheid is not accepted etc. We need to ask all parties to come up to the same standards of respect of human rights. We need to stop, in particular, being Israel's enabler of being the more powerful prohibitor of human rights. Occupation is unacceptable.

Source: Interview with Steve Horn of Truthout.org , Jan 29, 2012

US should behave as member of world community, no world cop

Q: When you think about the US pursuing its interests abroad, how much should the US listen to other countries? Are you a unilateralist or a multilateralist?

A: On that scale, a multilateralist. We cannot afford to be the unilateral policemen of the world enforcing our own interest. We are a member of a very integrated world community and world economy and we need to behave accordingly.

Source: 2011 AmericansElect interview questionnaire with Jill Stein , Dec 21, 2011

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