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Chris Van Hollen: Signed letter opposing Israeli annexation of territories

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Pramilla Jayapal sent a Dear Colleague letter to Secretary of State Pompeo, expressing concern that annexation would "lay the groundwork for Israel becoming an apartheid state" and calling for the non-recognition of annexed land and withholding of some of the $3.8 billion in military funding. Her compelling letter was signed by a dozen other Congresspeople, including influential figures such as Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The AOC-Jayapal letter on annexation made headlines and sent the Israel lobby into a tizzy, frantically trying to stop any other lawmakers from signing on. But just a few days later, on July 2, another unexpected action came. Sen. Chris Van Hollen, supported by Senators Sanders, Warren, Leahy, and others, filed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to prohibit US military aid from being used in any annexation activities.

Source: on 2022 Maryland Senate race Jul 17, 2020

Ian Schlakman: Oppose American Exceptionalism

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Support American Exceptionalism"?

A: Strongly oppose

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Governor candidate Aug 21, 2018

Richard Madaleno: No state contracts if connected to Iran

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Governor candidate Jun 1, 2018

Shawn Quinn: No opinion on American Exceptionalism

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Support American Exceptionalism"?

A: No opinion.

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Governor candidate May 13, 2018

Tony Campbell: Secure our foreign interests but don't police the world

Q: What is your position on foreign policy and military issues?

Campbell: The United States must secure its interest throughout the world without being overtaxed as the world's policeman. Our government must use its diplomatic, financial and military assets in the most effective way possible.

Source: on 2018 Maryland Senate race Apr 6, 2018

Arvin Vohra: America should be the greatest country on earth

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Support American Exceptionalism"?

A: Strongly support. America should be the greatest country on earth. That will come from ending the welfare state, including government schools, shutting down foreign military bases and bringing the troops home, and abolishing the income tax. Let American genius and innovation, not welfarism, guide America to legitimate greatness.

Source: OnTheIssues interview of 2018 Maryland Senate candidate Mar 30, 2018

Sam Faddis: Revamp our policies and approach on the Middle East

For 8 long years under Barack Obama, American policy in Iraq careened from one disaster to another. Across the entire Middle East American allies are under assault, and Iran is ascendant. We still have time to turn the tide and to correct course, but to do so will require decisive changes in policy and approach. We must rebuild alliances with key allies. We must stand by our Kurdish allies. We must abandon the fantasy that Iranian backed forces in Iraq can somehow be our friends.
Source: 2018 Maryland Senatorial campaign website Feb 22, 2018

Sam Faddis: Being the best military doesn't mean always being involved

First, we need not always intervene. Second, force is not always the answer. Finally, when we determine that some form of force is required we should not fall into the habit of assuming that such force must always be wielded in the same form that military thinkers typically choose. We have the best commandos, aircraft, and munitions on the globe. Sometimes the answer is not to use them. Sometimes the answer is defined purely by what is in our national interest.
Source: 2018 Maryland Senatorial campaign website Feb 22, 2018

Kathy Szeliga: Cutting deals with our enemy puts America at risk

Q: What is your view of the international agreement intended to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons?

Szeliga: A nuclear Iran would destabilize the Middle East and endanger America's ally, Israel. I believe the agreement fails to provide enough safeguards to ensure Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon. Last year while the Iran deal was being crafted, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, even said, "The Americans say they stopped Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. They know it's not true." Cutting deals with our enemy puts America and our allies at risk. The deal releases billions of dollars to the Iranians. Even the current administration believes that some of the money will end up in hands of terrorist groups. Can you believe that? We would be assisting our enemies by funding their attacks. As Americans we need to make sure our families are safe and this deal doesn't protect us.

Source: Baltimore Sun Voter Guide on 2016 Maryland Senate race Sep 9, 2016

Margaret Flowers: ISIS is a symptom of the failure of "War on Terror"

Q: What strategy should the United States pursue to protect itself and its allies from ISIS?

Flowers: ISIS is a symptom of the destruction of nations in the Middle East through the United States' failed "War on Terror". This has led to chaos in countries like Iraq and Libya that creates an opening for extremists and foments anti-American sentiment. Our first priority should be to cut off ISIS' access to money and to weapons, which are coming from U. S. allies. And our second priority should be to provide basic support to stabilize countries in the Middle East. There is much that needs to be done to restore basic infrastructure and access to energy, food, clean water, education and more. As these states re-stabilize, they will regain the trust of their people and reduce extremism. United States' militarism and intervention is the cause of this problem, not the solution.

Source: Baltimore Sun Voter Guide on 2016 Maryland Senate race Sep 9, 2016

Arvin Vohra: Instead of foreign aid, sell sovereignty rights

Right now, dozens of countries are struggling and demanding foreign aid. But the fact is: they don't need foreign aid. They all have large quantities of the most valuable resource on earth: sovereign territory.

Normally, when you buy land, you don't also buy sovereignty rights. You cannot treat your house like a private country, setting your own laws, regulations, and taxes. But any country can theoretically sell you those sovereignty rights. Sovereign rights over land have been sold many times in history.

Most countries have huge amounts of unused, state-owned land. Selling sovereign rights to that land to private companies would quickly raise billions of dollars in capital.

Of course, the creation of new, private countries would benefit everyone else. How much would a hundred new Hong Kongs help the global economy? As private nations competed with public nations to offer better services, lower taxes, and lower regulations, it would force all countries to improve.

Source: 2018 Maryland Senatorial campaign website Jun 28, 2016

Richard Douglas: Reform policies on Russian aggression, ISIS, Syria, and Iran

Following a successful fundraising event with Ambassador John Bolton, Richard Douglas announced he is exploring a run for the 2016 Senate GOP nomination. "Now more than ever, the US Senate needs individuals like Richard Douglas who understand the power of Congress in these dangerous times," said Bolton. "The Iran deal is dangerous for America, Israel, and our allies across the globe."

Douglas will leverage his military background and legal experience as former senior counsel to key US Senate committees to protect the nation's security interests and reform foreign policy in the wake of the Iran agreement, the so-called "red-line" against Syria using chemical weapons, Russian aggression in Ukraine and the threat of ISIS at home and abroad.

"These times demand a mastery of Senate rules & the subject matter," said Douglas. "They require tenacity to overcome inertia & Senate unwillingness to assert itself in policies defining the nation. If the Senate fails we fail. I aim to prevent that."

Source: 2016 Campaign website for MD Senate, Jul 21, 2015

Martin O`Malley: Respect my right to shy away from foreign policy

On his 8-day trip to Israel, Jordan & the Palestinian territories, O'Malley said, "I'm sure all of you will ask me foreign policy questions. I respect your right to ask them, and I hope you'll respect my right to shy away from answering them."

On the news of the day--apparent differences between Obama and the Israeli military on whether chemical weapons had been deployed by the Syrian military--O'Malley deferred to the president's judgment. "It's certainly one of the great challenges," he allowed.

Asked whether the American people, weary from a decade of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, would be ready to engage in another military operation to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, O'Malley avoided specifics. "I believe that the president will make that call," he said, "and the president will have the primary responsibility of making that case to the American people and also to Congress."

How about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? "All of us hope for peace in the Middle East."

Source: N.Y.Times on 2014 Maryland gubernatorial race Apr 24, 2013

Martin O`Malley: Israeli separation barrier might be called "peace wall"

Governor O'Malley, 50, said it was his third visit to Israel, and that he had brought with him about 50 high-tech executives, Jewish leaders, and Maryland officials for what is essentially a trade mission. After a side trip to Jordan in which he met with Prince Faisal--"What we spoke about was the huge challenge that the ongoing conflict in Syria has for the entire region"--much of his itinerary here is filled with companies that have offices in his home state, including one that makes radar for the vaunted Iron Dome missile defense system.

A reporter pointed out that on his way into Bethlehem, he would see the controversial separation barrier Israel has erected in the West Bank. O'Malley said he had seen something similar in Northern Ireland. "They call it the peace wall," he noted.

Source: N.Y.Times on 2014 Maryland gubernatorial race Apr 24, 2013

Rob Sobhani: Focus on bringing foreign investment to Maryland

Cardin said a bipartisan plan to address the national deficit needs to be the top priority. Cardin underscored that he believes revenues need to be a part of the plan. "Everybody should be paying their fair share," Cardin said. "We should eliminate the deductions that allow businesses to send our jobs overseas, and we shouldn't be giving to oil industries special breaks that are not available to other aspects of the energy sector."

Sobhani said he would focus on bringing foreign investment to Maryland. "The way I believe we grow our economy is, once again, we link our economy, Maryland's economy, to the international economy and we go after specific projects," Sobhani said, noting that he supports seeking funding for cancer research and new homes in Baltimore.

Source: Cumberland Times-News on 2012 Maryland Senate debate Oct 25, 2012

Rob Sobhani: Peace through strength

America faces many challenges in today's world, and one of the greatest of these is the lack of consistent leadership. Our allies and enemies alike must know where America stands and WHAT we stand for. I believe in peace through strength, free and fair trade, and multilateralism based on American leadership.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, Oct 15, 2012

Dan Bongino: Base Israel borders on 1967 lines, with Jerusalem as capital

Bongino said he was disheartened by President Obama's remarks in May that "the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states."

Bongino also was upset over Obama's press secretary's "non-answer" when asked by a reporter recently whether the U.S considers Jerusalem or Tel Aviv the capital of Israel.

"Israel needs to be our number one ally in the Middle East," Bongino said. "I was upset over the president's remarks and disturbed by the recent comments over Jerusalem."

Source: Baltimore Jewish Times on 2012 Maryland Senate debates Aug 3, 2012

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