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Former Independent MN Governor; possible Presidential Challenger


After WWII, we put top Nazis to work for us

If you believe in things like making a pact with the devil, you might say that our intelligence agencies did just that at the end of WWII. That's when we started giving many of Hitler's top henchmen not only sanctuary, but putting these same Nazis to wor for us. The Cold War with the Soviet Union was beginning--and the excuse was that we needed every bit of scientific expertise that we could get.

It almost seems to me that the Cold War was staged so the weapons manufacturers and others could make money off it. Otherwise, how could we go from being allies with the Russians all through the war to their becoming our bitter enemies almost overnight?

And I find it outrageous that some of the leading Nazis were brought over here because it was apparently more important to fight the Cold War than to hold them responsible for what they'd done.

There should have been a thorough vetting done by this country--and not secretly but in public--so American people knew which Nazis were coming and why.

Source: 63 Documents, by Gov. Jesse Ventura, p. 80 , Apr 4, 2011

Visited Cuba & Fidel Castro, despite presidential opposition

In 2002, I got the opportunity to meet Fidel Castro. A few of America's sanctions against Cuba dealing with food and agricultural products had finally been lifted, so Minnesota was able to put together a trade mission for humanitarian purposes. Pres. Bush was very opposed to my going along, but I decided it was my right as a American citizen.

I'd grown up in fear of Fidel Castro. I was young when his revolution took place in 1959, but I remember the propaganda. I vaguely recall hearing about the Bay of Pigs invasion.

I met Castro at the trade fair. The first words out of his mouth were, "You are a man of great courage." I was puzzled; he looked at me and said, "You defied your president to come here." I guess he has pretty good "intel."

And I looked right back at him and said, "Well, Mr. President, you'll find that I defy most everything." I told him that I felt the U.S. boycott was wrong. It did nothing positive for either of our countries, and it was time for Americans to get over it.

Source: American Conspiracies, by Jesse Ventura, p. 26-27 , Mar 8, 2010

Questions why we still need Cuban embargo

I grew up in fear of Fidel Castro. I was young in 1959 when his revolution in Cuba took place, but I remember the propaganda.

I questioned Pres. Clinton about why we continued to have an economic boycott against the Cubans. At the time, I was smoking cigars, and I said that I was sick and tired of having to feel like a criminal every time I wanted a Cuban cigar. Clinton talked about how Cuba had shot down an American plane that strayed over its air space, and allegations of human rights violations, as justifications for why the boycott had to continue. Which still didn't fly much with me.

In 2002, a MN trade mission to Cuba came about after a few of the sanctions dealing with food and agricultural products had been lifted. This provided us an opening to seek deals with the Cuban government, for humanitarian purposes. Pres. Bush did not want me to personally go. Being there reaffirmed my position that the American sanctions are wrong. You realize that these are only hurting the Cuban people.

Source: Don`t Start the Revolution, by Jesse Ventura, p.107-110 , Apr 1, 2008

Global cooperation OK; world government not

I believe that the one-world government everyoneís chattering about probably isnít going to happen. People are incorrigible individualists; theyíre never going to be happy with a single system of government. I think enough people realize that theyíre better off with choices. If they really canít stand the government in one country, they can emigrate to another. Just look at the people from around the world who line up to get into the US. If enough people get fed up with their government, they can change it-witness the fall of Communism in Europe.

Can you imagine the potential for corruption that would exist within a single global government? We have enough trouble trying to rein in corruption in our own federal government! The temptation to abuse power on a global scale would be sure to attract the worst of humankind. Iím all for nations cooperating with each other, being peaceful & friendly, and keeping trade free and borders open, but I donít ever want to see a single worldwide government

Source: Do I Stand Alone, by Jesse Ventura, p.221 , Jul 2, 2000

Buchanan is an unrealistic isolationist

Having watched the national Reform Party in recent months, I have concluded that it is best for the Reform Party of Minnesota to disaffiliate from the national Reform Party and reclaim its original Independence Party name. Iím also recommending disaffiliation and a name change for ideological reasons. Pat Buchanan is now a figure in the Reform Party and is virtually unopposed in the quest for the Reform Party nomination. Buchanan is an anti-abortion extremist and unrealistic isolationist. The Minnesota Reform Party is the party of the political center. In Minnesota, we cannot maintain our socially moderate identity while a right-winger heads our national ticket. If we are to win state and local elections in Minnesota, we must stick to our proven success formula. We must continue to stand as fiscal conservatives and social moderates.
Source: Letter Regarding National Parties , Feb 11, 2000

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