Howard Schultz on Homeland Security

Starbucks CEO; independent candidate for President until July 2019


Imagine if politicians lived by "Honor, country, and duty"

Q: You think the issue of the bad economy is directly tied to Washington?


Q: Explain.

SCHULTZ: Well, here's an example. I was at West Point with an extraordinary group of young cadets. Everywhere I went, you saw three words, "Honor, country, and duty." Can you imagine if people in Washington, the new Congress, the administration, embraced those words and lived by that? We would be in a much better position than we are today. In addition to that, we have a million veterans now entering civilian life.

Q: Disproportionately, they're coming home to and they're not finding jobs.

SCHULTZ: That's right. But it would be catalytic to the country if we hired these veterans who have extraordinary skills. But we're not. Forget Washington for a while. Let's forget pointing fingers, stop blaming them. As business people and business leaders, we need to take the lead and do what we can to move the country forward. And that will help the economy.

Source: Meet the Press 2014 interview by Chuck Todd , Nov 9, 2014

Volunteer army means 98% of us have no skin in the game

Q: You wrote a book, "For Love of Country," about these veterans that are coming home. There's been a lot of talk about trying to help them get back into civilian life. What is the one thing that you think the public needs to understand about helping these folks back into civilian life?

HOWARD SCHULTZ: Two and a half million extraordinary young men and women have served for the last ten, 15 years in an all-volunteer service. As a result of that, most of America, 98% have not had real skin in the game. We need to have a conversation, be empathetic, be understanding, and do everything we possibly can across the country, in rural America and every town, to hire a veteran.

Source: Meet the Press 2014 interview by Chuck Todd , Nov 9, 2014

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