Howard Schultz on Foreign Policy

Starbucks CEO; independent candidate for President until July 2019


China is not an ally, but we need to work with them

I don't believe China is our ally. But I also do not believe China is our enemy. China is a fierce competitor of the United States. There are areas that are in our national interest to cooperate with China. We need China's cooperation to help solve the problem of North Korea. We need China's cooperation specifically with lots of other nations, with regard to doing everything we can to solve the climate change issue.
Source: CNN Town Hall: 2020 presidential hopefuls , Feb 12, 2019

CARE programs in rural areas in Third World

In April 1989, CARE, the worldwide relief & development foundation, included a picture of Starbucks' Dave Olsen. After traveling to almost every coffee-growing region in the world, Dave knew only too well how poor the living conditions are in rural areas of the Third World. By paying a premium to farmers who grow high-quality coffee, he believes we are inherently supporting local economies while also providing incentives for better-quality coffee. [In addition, Starbucks was] enthusiastic about helping improve their lives through an organization with a proven track record.

Dave talked to me about CARE, & we both liked its approach. CARE programs don't just feed the hungry, they help improve basic living standards in poor countries by such efforts as educating people about basic health care and helping them get across to cleaner water. Although we were then a small, private company with annual sales of less than $20 million, we liked the idea of giving back to coffee-origin countries through CARE.

Source: Pour Your Heart Into It, by Howard Schultz, p.294-295 , Jan 6, 1999

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