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America's not ready for a gay candidate kissing his husband

Rush Limbaugh said President Trump advised him to "never apologize" for his comments on Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's sexuality.

Limbaugh said on his show that Trump called him to talk about his comments last week that "America's still not ready to elect a gay guy kissing his husband on the debate stage." His remarks prompted Buttigieg to respond that he doesn't need lectures on family values from Limbaugh.

"Hell, the president even called me about this!" Limbaugh said on his show. "He said, 'Rush, I just got to tell you something. Never apologize. Don't ever apologize," Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh said he thinks people were upset about his comments because "low-information voters" did not know the candidate was gay. "There's a lot of people that don't know he's gay and that I sort of dropped the dime on it and let people who otherwise didn't know that Mayor Pete is gay," he said. "I think that's what they're really mad about, that I even mentioned it."

Source: The Hill, "Trump advised me to never apologize" (2020 race) , Feb 18, 2020

Call NBA teams "gangs"; fans go to watch Crips vs. Bloods

How does Rush Limbaugh generally describe black athletes? He said once, "Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it." He was oddly fond of describing predominately black athletes with the Crips and the Bloods analogy, as when he said, "I think it's time to get rid of this whole NBA. Call it the TBA, the Thug Basketball Associate, and stop calling them teams. Call 'em gangs. They're going in to watch the Crips and the Bloods out there whenever the neighborhood is where the arena happens to be, and be who you are." Limbaugh also revealed his deep understanding of gangs and fashion: "You look at NBA players and the uniforms, you don't have to go back very far. The uniforms have changed totally. They're now in gang colors." To him, a black athlete is just another gang member.
Source: The Most Dangerous Man in America, by J.K.Wilson, p. 16 , Mar 1, 2011

Feminism gives unattractive women access to mainstream

Rush Limbaugh is proud of his misogyny. One of his most famous statements is "Feminism was established so that unattractive women could have easier access to the mainstream of society. Limbaugh said that feminism was represented by a "frumpy-looking woman who has been discriminated against because she is unattractive and hasn't found a decent guy to marry."

Limbaugh believes that feminism is a vast liberal conspiracy to spread conflict between men and women and therefore create liberal policies: "Feminism is a way to get men and women arguing with one another about other things and get them distracted. Sponsoring hate, promoting hate, is an exclusive of the left. They own it. They thrive on the promotion of hate and angst and contempt and unrest and chaos. It is the only way to distract people sufficiently so that the left can accomplish its statist objectives."

Source: The Most Dangerous Man in America, by J.K.Wilson, p. 43 , Mar 1, 2011

1995: AIDS is the only federally-protected virus

Early in his career, he was particularly outspoken in his hatred of gays and lesbians. He referred to gay men as "perverts." In his 1993 book Limbaugh wrote about homosexuality, "Surely no one can argue that it is healthy to encourage such a lifestyle." He called AIDS Rock Hudson's disease until his station managers objected. In 1995 Limbaugh complained that AIDS "is the only federally protected virus. It does have civil rights."

Later Limbaugh said, "It's the single most regretful thing I've ever done." But though Rush may have regretted mocking people dying of AIDS, he continues to denounce homosexuals and mock liberals in homophobic terms.

Source: The Most Dangerous Man in America, by J.K.Wilson, p. 58-59 , Mar 1, 2011

Marriage is between one man and one woman

They seek to impose their perverted views, their depraved views on family and marriage. Nobody's denying anybody the right to get married. Marriage? There's a definition of it, for it. It means something. Marriage is a union of a man and a woman.
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer blog, "Limbaugh Loud" , Aug 8, 2010

We need the Walmart voter & the NASCAR voter

These cocktail elitists get made fun of when the next NASCAR race is on TV and their cocktail buds come up to them. It would be easy to throw them overboard, so as to maintain beltway media relationships. But I tell you: We've got to go get the Walmart voter. When I look out at you in this audience, I don't see a Walmart voter. And I don't see a black, and I don't see a woman, and I don't see a Hispanic. I see human beings who happen to be the luckiest people on earth: you are Americans.
Source: Speech to 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference , Feb 28, 2009

Abolish P.C. speech codes at colleges

Political Correctness, PC, is literally the law of the land on many campuses. And its theoreticians and top practitioners are bestowed with the highest honors and endowed with great authority. If there was any stigma attached to the politically selective enforcement of speech codes in the universities, Donna Shalala could never have been confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services. What was her claim to fame before landing a job overseeing a $590 billion agency?

She was a champion of multiculturalism as chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She supported a rigid code limiting “hateful” speech, but it was so repressive that it was even struck down by the courts as a violation of the First Amendment. Some called her “the queen of political correctness”-and those were her admirers. Such speech codes should be abolished. Limiting free speech in this manner is antithetical to the idea of America.

Source: See, I Told You So, p.262-63 , Jul 2, 1993

N.O.W. supports liberal feminists, not women in general

[Following the Anita Hill hearings], several senators agreed that there should be more women in the Senate. Paul Simon clucked about the inequity. So did Bill Bradley. Well, guess what? Both of those senators defeated women in their last elections. Why don’t they give up their seats to [their opponents] Christine Todd Whitman and Lynn Martin?

The reason is that they were Republican women. It’s not women that the feminists want in the Senate. It’s liberal feminists they want. The women’s groups supported Bradley and Simon for election, not their female opponents.

I make no apologies for taking issue with those in the forefront of the feminist movement, such as the National Organization for Women (NOW). Those in the leadership of the movement do not speak for anything close to the majority of women. “Their” interests are not the interests of the American female, but rather the political agenda of the feminist leadership, which is decidedly leftist.

Source: The Way Things Ought To Be, p.120-21 & 186 , Jul 2, 1992

Chivalry is male chauvinism to radical feminists

Feminism is one of those issues which has established itself in the political correctness hall of fame. As such, it is not fashionable to take issue with or poke fun at the philosophy which underlies the movement. Those who have the courage to do so are quickly impugned as women-haters, bigots, chauvinists, sexists, and a host of other epithets. Name-calling becomes a substitute for meaningful debate of the issues.

I believe feminism started out as a genuine and sincere effort to improve conditions. The original concerns of feminists, such as equal pay for equal work, were laudable and justifiable. Then gradually there was a shift in their approach and in the type of women who were attracted to groups like N.O.W. The profile of a NOW woman came to be that of a loud, militant person whose views were based on the belief that women no longer needed men.

It degenerated to the point that men would wonder if they should open a car door for women. Chivalry had become synonymous with male chauvinism.

Source: The Way Things Ought To Be, p.185-93 , Jul 2, 1992

Men ogling women is part of gender equality

One of my fabulous routines concerns a San Francisco men’s club which lost its battle to exclude women from membership. The courts ruled that they had to admit women on the basis that businesswomen were being unfairly denied opportunities to do business. This is specious. How much business did women think they were going to get as a result of forcing their way in?

Anyway, after one year, the female members demanded their own exercise room. They were probably tired of being ogled by a bunch of slobbering men while they pumped iron in leotards and spandex. The men offered to install the first three exercise machines in the women’s new workout room. The ladies were thrilled. When they arrived on that first exciting day they found, to their stunned amazement, a washing machine, an ironing board, and a vacuum cleaner. Heh, heh, heh.

Let me leave you with a thought that honestly summarizes my sentiments: I love the women’s movement. especially when I am walking behind it.

Source: The Way Things Ought To Be, p.142-45 , Jul 2, 1992

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