Rush Limbaugh on Immigration

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Illegal immigration is an invasion, breakdown of rule of law

We have an emergency. This is an invasion. The very existence and definition of American culture, American society, the rule of law. Why does nobody talk about the fact that millions and millions and millions of people are breaking the law coming here illegally and that the Democratic Party wants that to happen? We can't have the breakdown of rule of law and law and order this way. That alone would suggest that this has gone on way too long and we need to stop it.
Source: Fox News Sunday interview series for 2019 , Feb 17, 2019

Legal immigrants should join together in common culture

Q: You said that you're skeptical about a new executive order on the so-called "travel ban", and that this new one is going to pass muster with the federal courts?

LIMBAUGH: Well, not so much skeptical. The judge in Seattle said, "well, the president said during the campaign that he wanted to ban Muslims"--it's irrelevant. They're not even using the law to try to stop the president on this. We've even lost the definition of immigration. Immigration today, if you listen to the left, equals anybody who wants to come into the country should be allowed. That's not what immigration is. That's illegal immigration. And we ought to all oppose it. We are all in favor of immigration that determines the quantity of people who get in, whether they assimilate or not--nobody is opposed to that. But immigration has been defined now as people flooding the country who are noncitizens. We're just ruining our opportunity to stay together as a people with common culture.

Source: Fox News Sunday 2017 interview by Chris Wallace , Feb 19, 2017

2005: Mexican illegal immigrants are an invasive species

Limbaugh has expressed contempt for Mexicans and Latinos. Early in his radio career, he explained why a Mexican won the New York marathon: "An immigration agent chased him for the last 10 miles."

In 2005 Limbaugh compared Mexican illegal immigrants to an "invasive species." In 2006 he described them as "a renegade, potential criminal element that was poor and unwilling to work."

Source: The Most Dangerous Man in America, by J.K.Wilson, p. 38 , Mar 1, 2011

Enforce the law, secure the borders, and legalize some

I have never said, whatever number are here illegally, "Round 'em up and deport 'em." It isn't realistic. We have to stop the influx. So you can't pose a question to me, "Okay, Mr. Limbaugh, after we secure the borders..." the borders are key. And then we come up with a plan, I could give you two or three of them that would help legalize these people if they're willing to assimilate. We don't want a Balkanized America, and that's what this is leading to. It's just a matter of following the law
Source: Transcript of the Rush Limbaugh radio show, rushlimbaigh.com , May 3, 2010

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