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Chris Christie MyOcracy topics and responses

    Criminal Justice

    Use of treatment centers for violators of criminal laws targeting drug-use

  • 2014-01-14: Drug courts: mandate treatment, not imprisonment
  • 2012-06-05: 1995: Applied 25% of county salary to drug addict residence
  • 2012-01-17: Drug treatment rather than non-violent offenders in prison

    Legal age for prosecution as an adult: Increase

  • 2012-06-05: 1995 juvenile justice plan: individualized to child's needs

    Civil Rights

    Ban abortions except in limited cases

  • 2012-06-05: 1996: partial birth procedure is reprehensible
  • 2011-06-26: I'm pro-life with exceptions; take it or leave it
  • 2011-06-15: Default pro-choice until hearing 13-week fetal heartbeat

    Support for gun control measures

  • 2012-06-05: 2009: No right-to-carry cross-state reciprocity
  • 2012-06-05: Favors gun control measures from law-enforcement perspective
  • 2012-06-05: We already have too many firearms in our community

    Prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

  • 2012-06-05: Homosexuality is not a sin; people are born that way
  • 2011-06-26: Pursue civil unions in NJ, but not same-sex marriage

    Abortion rights: Ban all abortions

  • 2011-06-15: Life is precious and should be protected
  • 2009-07-21: Pro-life; the life of every human being is precious

    Support marriage rights between a man and a woman only

  • 2012-06-05: Marriage is an institution between one man & one woman
  • 2009-07-21: Marriage exclusively between one man and one woman

    Support for gun rights

  • 2013-10-16: Vetoed outright ban on Barrett .50 caliber rifle

    Support marriage rights between same-sex individuals

  • 2011-06-15: Homosexuals are born that way; they're not sinners

    Economic Issues

    Taxes for wealthier tax payers: Less

  • 2013-03-05: 2012: Across-the-board tax cut; 2013: exclude over $400K
  • 2011-02-17: OpEd: Vetoed Millionaire's Tax on wealthiest New Jerseyans
  • 2009-11-03: We can and we must lower taxes

    Taxes for wealthier tax payers: More

  • 2012-06-05: 2009: Single tax rate would raise taxes for low earners

    Education Issues

    Support school vouchers

  • 2012-08-28: Dems believe in teacher's unions; we believe in teachers
  • 2012-06-05: 1999: Lobbied for Edison Schools, for-profit school operator
  • 2012-06-05: Allow students in failing schools to attend better schools
  • 2009-07-21: Children attend parochial school
  • 2009-07-21: Public education system is failing; increase accountability

    Support privatization of mass education

  • 2012-01-17: Replace Abbott District funds with tenure reform & charters
  • 2011-01-11: Expand 73 charter schools to replace 200 failing schools

    Environmental Issues

    Eliminate tax incentives and/or subsidies to the fossil fuel industry

  • 2011-08-01: $100 supplement for seniors' home cooling assistance
  • 2011-07-26: The future for New Jersey is in green energy
  • 2009-07-21: Make NJ a magnet for renewable energy manufacturer

    Use tax incentives for wind energy development and use

  • 2012-06-05: Consider windmills off NJ coast
  • 2009-11-03: Incentivize energy manufacturing & wind turbines

    Oppose off-shore drilling to tap new oil sources

  • 2011-08-11: Jersey shore for tourism instead of offshore drilling

    Healthcare Issues

    Reduce government involvement in the provision of health insurance for taxpayers

  • 2012-06-05: Allow insurers to sell mandate-free policies

    Lower eligibility age for Medicare to increase coverage of older taxpayers

  • 2013-11-10: Expand Medicare, but no N.J. ObamaCare exchange


    Provide amnesty for undocumented individuals

  • 2013-11-10: Path to citizenship in context of fixing broken system

    Allow in-state tuition at public universities and colleges for undocumented students

  • 2013-10-16: I've never been opposed to tuition equality for illegals


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