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2018 State of the State speeches
(Jan.-March, 2018)
2018 State of the Union speech
(Jan. 30, 2017)
2017 State of the Union speech
(Feb. 28, 2017)
Third Presidential debate
(Oct. 19, 2016)
Second Presidential debate
(Oct. 9, 2016)
Vice-presidential debate
(Oct. 4, 2016)
First Presidential debate
(Sept. 26, 2016)
Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton On the Issues
(paperback Feb. 2016)

Miami Democratic debate
(March 2016)
Miami Republican debate
(March 2016)
Republican primary debate in Detroit, Michigan
(March 2016)
CNN-Telemundo Republican debate on eve of Texas primary.
(Feb. 2016)
2016 CNN GOP Town Hall in South Carolina
(Feb. 2016)
2016 CBS News Republican Debate in S.C.
(Feb. 2016)
PBS Democratic Primary Debate in Wisconsin
(Feb. 2016)
2016 ABC News/IJReview Republican Debate in N.H.
(Feb. 2016)
MSNBC Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire
(Feb. 2016)
CNN Democratic Town Hall
(Jan. 2016)
Fox Iowa GOP debate
(Jan. 2016)
NBC/CBC Democratic debate
(Jan. 2016)
Fox Business GOP debate
(Jan. 2016)
State of the Union address
(Jan. 2016)
Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush On the Issues
(paperback Feb. 2016)

CNN GOP Nevada debate
(Dec. 2015)
Syrian Refugee crisis
(Nov.-Dec. 2015)
CBS Democratic debate
(Nov. 2015)
Fox Business GOP debate
(Nov. 2015)
CNBC GOP debate
(Oct. 2015)

CNN Democrat debate
(Oct. 2015)

CNN GOP debate
(Sept. 2015)

Fox/Facebook GOP debate
(August 2015)

Marco Rubio vs. Jeb Bush On the Issues
(paperback June 2015)

Hillary Clinton vs. Rand Paul On the Issues
(paperback May 2015)

Rand Paul vs. Jeb Bush On the Issues
(paperback April 2015)

Jeb vs. Hillary On the Issues
(paperback Feb. 2015)

Rand vs. Ron Paul On the Issues
(Chart April 2015)

Hillary vs. Bill Clinton On the Issues
(Chart Feb. 2015)

Jeb vs. George Bush On the Issues
(Chart March 2015)

Excerpts from "Hard Choices"
(by Hillary Clinton)

Excerpts from "Immigration Wars"
(by Jeb Bush)

Excerpts from "Government Bullies"
(by Rand Paul)

3rd Romney-Obama debate (Lynn U., Oct. 22)

2nd Romney-Obama debate (Hofstra, Oct. 16)

Biden-Ryan V.P. debate (Kentucky, Oct. 11)

1st Romney-Obama debate (Denver, Oct. 3)

Romney-Obama Univision Interviews

Romney-Obama Science Debate

AARP Senate Voter Guides

2012 Democratic Convention

2012 Democratic Party Platform

2012 Republican Convention

2012 Republican Party Platform

2012 Senate debates:
AZ  -   CA  -   CT  -   DE  -   FL  -   HI  -   IN  -   MA  -   MD  -   ME  -   MI  -   MN  -   MO  -   MT  -   ND  -   NE  -   NJ  -   NM  -   NV  -   NY  -   OH  -   PA  -   RI  -   TX  -   UT  -   VA  -   VT  -   WA  -   WI  -   WV

2012 Senate Debates

2012 State of the Union speech

2012 Governors' State of the State speeches

Recent books by...
Former Gov. Mitt Romney (R, MA)
No Apology
Rep. Paul Ryan (R, WI)
Young Guns
Pres. Barack Obama
The Audacity of Hope
V.P. Joe Biden
Promises to Keep
Former Rep. Ron Paul
End the Fed

Former Pres. George W. Bush
Decision Points
Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R, AK)
America By Heart
Secy. of State Hillary Clinton
Living History
Former Pres. Bill Clinton
My Life
Gov. Jesse Ventura
American Conspiracies

Book Reviews & Excerpts

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Political Leaders:

Presidential contenders for 2020:
CEO Donald Trump (R,NY)
Mike Pence (V.P. and Former Governor)
Joe Biden (Democratic V.P. and Senator)
Kamala Harris (Democratic California Senator & V.P. nominee)
CA Sen.
Don Blankenship (former WV Senate nominee)
Rocky De La Fuente
De La Fuente
New York Green Party contender
Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian nominee)
Gloria La Riva
La Riva
Kanye West (Birthday Party)
Democratic Veepstakes contenders for 2020:
Stacey Abrams (Democratic state Rep.)
GA Rep.
Tammy Baldwin (WI Sen.)
WI Sen.
Tammy Baldwin
Rep. Karen Bass (CA-37)
CA Rep.
Karen Bass
Keisha Lance Bottoms (Atlanta, GA)
Atlanta Mayor
Keisha Bottoms
Val Demings (FL Rep.)
FL Rep.
Val Demings
Tammy Duckworth (IL Sen.)
IL Sen.Tammy
Kirsten Gillibrand (Democratic New York Senator)
NY Sen.
Sen. Maggie Hassan (NH)
NH Sen.Maggie
Amy Klobuchar (Democratic Minnesota Senator)
MN Sen.
Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham (NM)
NM Gov.
Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (NV)
NV Sen.
Catherine Masto
Gina Raimondo (RI Gov)
RI Gov.
Gina Raimondo
Ambassador Susan Rice (ME)
Susan Rice
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (NH)
NH Sen.
Elizabeth Warren (Democratic Massachusetts Senator)
MA Sen.
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (MI)
MI Gov.
Attorney General Sally Yates (GA)
Sally Yates
Withdrawn Republican and Independent contenders for 2020:
Justin_Amash (Republican seeking Libertarian Party nomination)
MI Rep.
Former Rhode Island Governor and Senator
RI Gov.
Jeff Flake (Republican Arizona Senator)
AZ Sen.
Mitt Romney (Republican Utah Senator and former Massachusetts Governor)
UT Sen.
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford
SC Gov.
Howard Schultz (Independent CEO)
Schultz (I)
Minnesota Governor; Green Party contender
Former Illinois Rep. (and radio host)
IL Rep.
Former Massachusetts Governor (Libertarian V.P. nominee 2016)
MA Gov.
Withdrawn Democratic contenders for 2020:
CO Sen. Michael Bennet
CO Sen.
Mike Bloomberg (Independent NYC mayor)
NYC Mayor
Cory Booker (New Jersey Democratic Senator)
NJ Sen.
Steve Bullock (Democratic Governor)
MT Gov.
Pete Buttigieg (Democratic South Bend IN Mayor)
IN Mayor
Julian Castro (Democratic Mayor and HUD Cabinet Secretary)
Bob Corker (Republican Tennessee Senator)
TN Sen.
 Bill de Blasio (NYC Mayor, D-NY)
NY Mayor
de Blasio
John Delaney (Former House Member, D-MD)
MD Rep.
Tulsi Gabbard (House Member, D-HI)
HI Rep.
Mike Gravel (Democratic Alaska Senator)
AK Sen.
John Hickenlooper (Democratic Colorado Governor)
CO Gov.
Jay Inslee (Democratic Washington Governor)
WA Gov.
Former Republican Governor John Kasich (Ohio)
OH Gov.
Terry McAuliffe (Democratic Governor)
VA Gov.
Wayne Messam (Democratic Florida Mayor)
FL Mayor
Seth Moulton (Democratic Massachusetts Rep.)
MA Rep.
Beto O`Rourke (Democratic Texas Congressman)
TX Rep.
Deval Patrick (Dem. Massachusetts Governor)
MA Gov.
OH-13 Rep. Tim Ryan
OH Rep.
Joe Sestak (Navy Admiral)
PA Rep.
Tom Steyer
>CA-15 Rep. Eric Swalwell
CA Rep.
Bernie Sanders (Independent Vermont Senator)
VT Sen.
Marianne Williamson (Democrat)
Andrew Yang (CEO of VFA)
Past Presidents  Presidential 2000  Opinion Leaders   Parties & Organizations 
Bill Clinton
Democrat, 1992-2000
George Bush, Sr.
Republican, 1988-1992
Ronald Reagan
Republican, 1980-1988
Jimmy Carter
Democrat, 1976-1980
Gerald Ford
Republican, 1974-1976
Richard Nixon
Republican, 1968-1974
Lyndon Johnson
Democrat, 1963-1968
John F. Kennedy
Democrat, 1961-1963

Al Gore
Democratic V.P. 1992-2000
Bob Dole
Republican nominee 1996
Dan Quayle
Republican V.P. 1988-1992
Al Gore
Democratic nominee
Ralph Nader
Green Party nominee
Pat Buchanan
Reform Party nominee
Harry Browne
Libertarian nominee
John Hagelin
Natural Law nominee
Howard Phillips
Constitution nominee
David McReynolds
Socialist nominee

Joe Lieberman
Democratic V.P. nominee
Winona LaDuke
Green V.P. nominee
Ezola Foster
Reform V.P. nominee

Noam Chomsky
(Liberal Activist)
Newt Gingrich
(Speaker of the House, 1994-1998)
Jesse Jackson
(Democratic Spokesman)
Rush Limbaugh
(Conservative talk-show host)
Ross Perot
(Reform Party founder)
Donald Trump
(Real estate magnate)

Alan Keyes
(Conservative spokesman)
Bill Bradley
(Democratic primary challenger)
DNC Platform
(Democratic Party)
RNC Platform
(Republican Party)
GP Platform
(Green Party)
LP Platform
(Libertarian Party)
NLP Platform
(Natural Law Party)
RPUSA Platform
(Reform Party U.S.A.)

Tea Party
(books and opinions)
(Liberal environmental group)
Heritage Foundation
(Conservative environmental group)
Cato Institute
(Libertarian environmental group)

Political Family Legacies:

2016 Presidential Race:

2016 Presidential General Election major-party candidates:
CEO Donald Trump (R,NY) Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R,IN, V.P. nominee) Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) Governor Tim Kaine (Ddemocratic V.P. nominee)
2016 Presidential General Election third-party candidates:
Former New Mexico Governor (Libertarian N.M.) Former Massachusetts Governor (Libertarian V.P.) Jill Stein (Green,MA) Ajamu Baraka (Green V.P. nominee) Evan McMullin (Independent presidential challenger)
2016 Republican Presidential Primary candidates:
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R,FL) Tea Party favorite Ben Carson, M.D. (R,MD) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R,NJ) Senator Ted Cruz (R,TX) CEO Carly Fiorina (R,CA) Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore (R,VA) Sen. Lindsey Graham (R,SC) Gov. Mike Huckabee (R,AR) Gov. Bobby_Jindal (R,LA)
Former Governor John Kasich (R,OH) Former Governor Sarah Palin (R,AK) Former Governor George Pataki (R,NY) Senator Rand Paul (R,KY) Governor Rick Perry (R,TX) Senator Marco Rubio (R,FL) Former Senator Rick Santorum (R,PA) CEO Donald Trump (R,NY) Governor Scott Walker (R,WI)
2016 Democratic Presidential Primary candidates:
Vice President Joe Biden (D,DE) Mayor Mike Bloomberg (I,NYC) Governor Lincoln Chafee (I,RI) Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) Governor Martin O`Malley (D,MD) Senator Bernie Sanders (I,VT) Senator Elizabeth Warren (D,MA) Former Senator Jim Webb (D,VA)

2012 Presidential Race:

Major party candidates:
Former Governor of Massachusetts Romney
Republican nominee    
Mitt Romney
Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan
Republican V.P. nominee    
Paul Ryan
President Barack Obama
Democratic nominee    
Barack Obama
Vice President Joe Biden
Democratic V.P. nominee    
Joe Biden

Third party candidates:
Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson
Justice Party nominee    
Rocky Anderson
Reform candidate Andre Barnett
Reform nominee    
Andre Barnett
Peace and Freedom Party candidate Roseanne Barr
Peace and Freedom     
Party nominee    
Roseanne Barr
Former Rep. and Constitution Party Nominee Virgil Goode
Constitution Party nominee    
Virgil Goode
Libertarian candidate; Former Governor of New Mexico Johnson
Libertarian nominee    
Gary Johnson
Green Party candidate Jill Stein
Green Party nominee    
Jill Stein

2008 Presidential Race:

  Major Party Race  

  Withdrawn Republicans  

  Withdrawn Democrats  


2004 Republicans  2004 Democrats  2004 3rd Parties  Presidential 2000  
George W. Bush   Sen. John Kerry Ralph Nader Al Gore
Dick Cheney Sen. John Edwards Peter Camejo Sen. Joe Lieberman
Colin Powell Sen. Hillary Clinton Michael Badnarik Bill Clinton
John Ashcroft  Gov. Howard Dean David Cobb Sen.John McCain  
Alan Keyes Barack Obama Michael Peroutka Pat Buchanan

Elected Officials:
Members of Congress, Senators, Senate candidates, Governors, and opinion leaders:

Neil AbercrombieDemocrat Representative (HI-1)
Spencer AbrahamCabinet Member & Former Republican Senator (MI)
Anibal Acevedo-VilaRepresentative (PR-Delegate)
Gary AckermanDem./Ind./Lib./Working-Fam. Representative (NY-5)
Robert AderholtRepublican Representative (AL-4)
Daniel AkakaDemocrat Jr Senator (HI)
Todd AkinRepublican Representative (MO-2)
Lamar AlexanderRepublican Candidate (TN)
Rodney AlexanderUS Representative (Louisiana-5)
Wayne AllardRepublican Jr Senator (CO)
George AllenRepublican Jr Senator (VA)
Tom AllenDemocrat Representative (ME-1)
Lincoln AlmondRepublican Governor (RI)
Rob AndrewsDemocrat Representative (NJ-1)
Frank AnnunziataIndependence (New York)
Robert AntonioniDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Worcester & Middlesex)
Bill ArcherRepublican Representative (TX-7)
Dick ArmeyRepublican Representative (TX-26)
John AshcroftCabinet Member Former Republican Senator (MO)
Joe BacaDemocrat Representative (CA-42)
Spencer BachusRepublican Representative (AL-6)
Jan Backus2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (VT)
Michael BadnarikLibertarian presidential nominee 2004
Steven BaddourDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (First Essex)
Scotty BaeslerFormer Democrat Representative (KY-6), ran for Senate (1998); re-ran for House (2000)
Brian BairdDemocrat Representative (WA-3)
Bill BakerFormer Republican Representative (CA-10)
Richard Hugh BakerRepublican Representative (LA-6)
John BaldacciDemocrat Representative (ME-2)
Tammy BaldwinDemocrat Representative (WI-2)
Frank BallanceUS Representative (North Carolina-1)
Ben Ballenger2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (GA)
Cass BallengerRepublican Representative (NC-10)
James BarciaDemocrat Representative (MI-5)
Roy BarnesDemocrat Governor (GA)
Bob BarrRepublican Representative (GA-7)
Bill BarrettRepublican Representative (NE-3)
Gresham BarrettUS Representative (South Carolina-3)
Tom BarrettDemocrat Representative (WI-5)
Jarrett BarriosDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex)
Roscoe BartlettRepublican Representative (MD-6)
Joe Linus BartonRepublican Representative (TX-6)
Chuck BassRepublican Representative (NH-2)
Herb BatemanRepublican Representative (VA-1)
Max BaucusDemocrat Sr Senator (MT)
Gary Bauer2000 Republican Primary Candidate for President
Evan BayhDemocrat Jr Senator (IN)
Bob BeauprezUS Representative (Colorado-7)
Xavier BecerraDemocrat Representative (CA-30)
Chris BellUS Representative (Texas-25)
Medea Benjamin2000 Green Challenger for Senate (CA)
Robert BennettRepublican Jr Senator (UT)
Ken BentsenDemocrat Representative (TX-25)
Doug BereuterRepublican Representative (NE-1)
Shelley BerkleyDemocrat Representative (NV-1)
Howard BermanDemocrat Representative (CA-26)
Ed BernsteinDemocrat (Nevada)
Frederick BerryDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Second Essex)
Marion BerryDemocrat Representative (AR-1)
Joe BidenDemocrat Jr Senator (DE)
Judy BiggertRepublican Representative (IL-13)
Brian BilbrayRepublican Representative (CA-49)
Michael BilirakisRepublican Representative (FL-9)
Jeff BingamanDemocrat Jr Senator (NM)
Tom BirminghamDemocratic Gubernatorial Challenger (MA)
Rob BishopUS Representative (Utah-1)
Sanford BishopDemocrat Representative (GA-2)
Tim BishopUS Representative (New York-1)
Marsha BlackburnUS Representative (Tennessee-7)
Rod BlagojevichDemocratic Governor; former Representative (IL-5)
Tom BlileyRepublican Representative (VA-7)
Alan BlinkenDemocrat Challenger (ID)
Earl BlumenauerDemocrat Representative (OR-3)
Roy BluntRepublican Representative (MO-7)
Peter BluteFormer Republican Representative (MA-3)
Sherry BoehlertRepublican/Independence Representative (NY-23)
John BoehnerRepublican Representative (OH-8)
Kit BondRepublican Sr Senator (MO)
Henry BonillaRepublican Representative (TX-23)
David BoniorDemocrat Representative (MI-10)
Jo BonnerUS Representative (Alabama-1)
Mary BonoRepublican Representative (CA-44)
Sonny BonoFormer Republican Representative (CA-44)
Robert BorskiDemocrat Representative (PA-3)
Leonard BoswellDemocrat Representative (IA-3)
Rick BoucherDemocrat Representative (VA-9)
Carlton BowenIndependent American (Utah)
Erskine BowlesDemocratic Candidate (NC)
Barbara BoxerDemocrat Jr Senator (CA)
Allen BoydDemocrat Representative (FL-2)
Bill BradburyDemocrat Challenger (OR)
Bill Bradley2000 Democratic Primary Challenger for President
Jeb BradleyUS Representative (New Hampshire-1)
Kevin BradyRepublican Representative (TX-8)
Robert BradyDemocrat Representative (PA-1)
John BreauxDemocrat Sr Senator (LA)
Phil BredesenDemocratic Governor (TN)
Stephen BrewerDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Franklin)
Stephen BreyerSupreme Court Justice
Susan BrooksFormer Republican Representative (CA-36)
Corrine BrownDemocrat Representative (FL-3)
George BrownFormer Democrat Representative (CA-42, 1965-1999)
Hank BrownFormer Republican Senator (CO)
Henry BrownRepublican Representative (SC-1)
Sherrod BrownDemocrat Representative (OH-13)
Troy Brown2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (MS)
Sam BrownbackRepublican Sr Senator (KS)
Harry Browne2000 Libertarian Nominee for President
Ginny Brown-WaiteUS Representative (Florida-5)
Richard BryanDemocrat Jr Senator (NV)
Ed BryantRepublican Representative (TN-7)
Pat Buchanan2000 Reform Candidate for President
Dale BumpersFormer Democrat Senator (AR)
Jim BunningRepublican Jr Senator (KY)
Michael BurgessUS Representative (Texas-26)
Conrad BurnsRepublican Jr Senator (MT)
Max BurnsUS Representative (Georgia-12)
Richard BurrRepublican Representative (NC-5)
Tom Burrell2000 Independent Challenger for Senate (TN)
Dan BurtonRepublican Representative (IN-6)
George Bush Sr.President of the U.S., 1988-1992
George W. BushPresident of the United States
Jeb BushRepublican Governor (FL)
Steve BuyerRepublican Representative (IN-5)
Robert ByrdDemocrat Sr Senator (WV)
Sila CalderonPuerto Rico Governor (PR)
Sonny CallahanRepublican Representative (AL-1)
Ken CalvertRepublican Representative (CA-43)
Jose Camahort2000 Reform Challenger for Senate (CA)
Dave CampRepublican Representative (MI-4)
Ben Nighthorse CampbellRepublican Sr Senator (CO)
Tom CampbellRepublican Representative (CA-15) & 2000 Senate Challenger
Charles CanadyRepublican Representative (FL-12)
Chris CannonRepublican Representative (UT-3)
Eric CantorRepublican Representative (VA-7)
Maria CantwellDemocrat Jr Senator (WA)
Shelley Moore CapitoRepublican Representative (WV-2)
Lois CappsDemocrat Representative (CA-22)
Michael CapuanoDemocrat Representative (MA-8)
Benjamin CardinDemocrat Representative (MD-3)
Dennis CardozaUS Representative (California-18)
Jean CarnahanDemocrat Jr Senator (MO)
Mel CarnahanGovernor & 2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (MO)-Deceased 2000
Tom CarperDemocrat Jr Senator (DE)
Brad CarsonDemocrat Representative (OK-2)
Julia CarsonDemocrat Representative (IN-10)
Jimmy CarterPresident of the U.S., 1976-1980
John CarterUS Representative (Texas-31)
Ed CaseUS Representative (Hawaii-2)
Michael CastleRepublican Representative (DE-AL)
Ben CayetanoDemocrat Governor (HI)
Ted Celeste2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (OH)
Paul CelucciFormer Republican Governor (MA)
Steve ChabotRepublican Representative (OH-1)
John ChafeeFormer Republican Senator (RI)-Deceased 1999
Lincoln ChafeeRepublican Jr Senator (RI)
Saxby ChamblissRepublican Jr Senator (GA); Former Rep (GA-8)
Harriette ChandlerDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (First Worcester)
Hazel Chandler2000 Natural Law Party Challenger for Senate (TX)
Elaine ChaoCabinet Member
Dick CheneyVice President of the United States
Helen ChenowethRepublican Representative (ID-1)
Chris ChocolaUS Representative (Indiana-2)
Noam ChomskyPolitical Activist
Donna ChristensenRepresentative (VI-Delegate)
Jon ChristensenFormer Republican Representative (NE-2)
Dick ChryslerFormer Republican Representative (MI-3)
Jeff Clark2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (TN)
Wesley ClarkDemocrat for President
Ray ClatworthyRepublican Challenger (DE)
William Lacy ClayDemocrat Representative (MO-1)
Eva ClaytonDemocrat Representative (NC-1)
Max ClelandDemocrat Sr Senator (GA)
Bob ClementDemocrat Representative (TN-5)
Bill ClingerFormer Republican Representative (PA-5)
Bill ClintonPresident of the U.S., 1992-2000
Hillary ClintonDemocrat Jr Senator (NY)
James ClyburnDemocrat Representative (SC-6)
Daniel CoatsFormer Republican Senator (IN)
John Howard CobleRepublican Representative (NC-6)
Tom CoburnRepublican Representative (OK-2)
Thad CochranRepublican Sr Senator (MS)
Burt CohenDemocrat Challenger (NH)
William CohenFormer Republican Senator (ME)
Tom ColeUS Representative (Oklahoma-4)
Norm ColemanRepublican Challenger (MN)
Mac CollinsRepublican Representative (GA-3)
Susan CollinsRepublican Jr Senator (ME)
Larry CombestRepublican Representative (TX-19)
Gary ConditDemocrat Representative (CA-18)
Kent ConradDemocrat Sr Senator (ND)
John ConyersDemocrat Representative (MI-14)
Merrill CookRepublican Representative (UT-2)
John CookseyRepublican Representative (LA-5)
Wes CooleyFormer Republican Representative (OR-2)
Jim CooperUS Representative (Tennessee-5)
Joyce Jansa CorcoranDemocrat Challenger (WY)
John CornynRepublican Challenger (TX)
Jon CorzineDemocrat Jr Senator (NJ)
Jerry CostelloDemocrat Representative (IL-12)
Paul CoverdellFormer Republican Senator (GA)
Christopher CoxRepublican Representative (CA-47)
William CoyneDemocrat Representative (PA-14)
Larry CraigRepublican Sr Senator (ID)
Bud CramerDemocrat Representative (AL-5)
Philip CraneRepublican Representative (IL-8)
Michael CrapoRepublican Jr Senator (ID)
Robert CreedonDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Second Plymouth & Bristol)
Cynthia CreemDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (First Middlesex & Norfolk)
Frank CremeansFormer Republican Representative (OH-6)
Ander CrenshawRepublican Representative (FL-4)
Joseph CrowleyDemocrat Representative (NY-7)
Barbara CubinRepublican Representative (WY-AL)
John CulbersonRepublican Representative (TX-7)
Elijah CummingsDemocrat Representative (MD-7)
Duke CunninghamRepublican Representative (CA-51)
Andrew CuomoDemocratic Challenger Governor (NY)
Mario CuomoFormer Governor of New York
Al D'AmatoRepublican Jr Senator (NY)
Pat DannerDemocrat Representative (MO-6)
Tom DaschleDemocrat Sr Senator (SD)
Artur DavisUS Representative (Alabama-7)
Danny DavisDemocrat Representative (IL-7)
Gray DavisDemocrat Governor (CA)
Jim DavisDemocrat Representative (FL-11)
Jo Ann DavisRepublican Representative (VA-1)
Lincoln DavisUS Representative (Tennessee-4)
Susan DavisDemocrat Representative (CA-49)
Tom DavisRepublican Representative (VA-11)
Mark DaytonDemocrat Jr Senator (MN)
Nathan DealRepublican Representative (GA-9)
Howard DeanFormer Democrat Governor (VT)
Peter DefazioDemocrat Representative (OR-4)
Diana DeGetteDemocrat Representative (CO-1)
Bill DelahuntDemocrat Representative (MA-10)
Rosa DeLauroDemocrat Representative (CT-3)
Tom DeLayRepublican Representative (TX-22)
Jim DeMintRepublican Representative (SC-4)
Peter DeutschDemocrat Representative (FL-20)
Mike DeWineRepublican Sr Senator (OH)
Jim Dexter2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (UT)
Lincoln Diaz-BalartRepublican Representative (FL-21)
Mario Diaz-BalartUS Representative (Florida-25)
Jay DickeyRepublican Representative (AR-4)
Norm DicksDemocrat Representative (WA-6)
Donny DiFrancescoRepublican Governor (NJ)
John DingellDemocrat Representative (MI-16)
Julian DixonDemocrat Representative (CA-32)
Princella Dixon2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (GA)
Chris DoddDemocrat Sr Senator (CT)
Lloyd DoggettDemocrat Representative (TX-10)
Bob DoleFormer Republican Senator (KS)
Elizabeth Dole2000 Republican Primary Candidate for President; 2002 NC Senator
Pete DomeniciRepublican Sr Senator (NM)
Cal DooleyDemocrat Representative (CA-20)
John DoolittleRepublican Representative (CA-4)
Byron DorganDemocrat Jr Senator (ND)
Bob DornanFormer Republican Representative (CA-46)
Jim DouglasRepublican Governor (VT)
Eugene Douglass2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (HI)
Mike DoyleDemocrat Representative (PA-18)
David DreierRepublican Representative (CA-28)
Jimmy DuncanRepublican Representative (TN-2)
Jennifer DunnRepublican Representative (WA-8)
Richard DurbinDemocrat Sr Senator (IL)
James DurkinRepublican Challenger (IL)
Mark EarleyRepublican Candidate Governor (VA)
Mike EasleyDemocrat Governor (NC)
John Eastman2000 Natural Law Challenger for Senate (OH)
Chet EdwardsDemocrat Representative (TX-11)
John EdwardsDemocrat Jr Senator (NC)
Vernon EhlersRepublican Representative (MI-3)
Robert EhrlichFormer Republican Representative (MD-2); currently Governor
Rahm EmanuelUS Representative (Illinois-5)
Bill EmersonFormer Republican Representative (MO-8)
Jo Ann EmersonRepublican Representative (MO-8)
Eliot EngelDemocrat/Liberal Representative (NY-17)
John EnglerRepublican Governor (MI)
Phil EnglishRepublican Representative (PA-21)
John EnsignRepublican Jr Senator (NV)
Michael EnziRepublican Jr Senator (WY)
Anna EshooDemocrat Representative (CA-14)
Bob EtheridgeDemocrat Representative (NC-2)
Donald EvansCabinet Member
Lane EvansDemocrat Representative (IL-17)
Larry Evans2000 Natural Law Challenger for Senate (IN)
Terry EverettRepublican Representative (AL-2)
Thomas EwingRepublican Representative (IL-15)
Jim ExonFormer Democrat Senator (NE)
Lauch FairclothFormer Republican Senator (NC)
Eni FaleomavaegaDemocratic Delegate to Congress from Samoa
Susan FargoDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Third Middlesex)
Sam FarrDemocrat Representative (CA-17)
Chaka FattahDemocrat Representative (PA-2)
Harris FawellFormer Republican Representative (IL-13)
Vic FazioFormer Democrat Representative (CA-3, 1979-98)
John Featherman2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (PA)
Tom FeeneyUS Representative (Florida-24)
Russell FeingoldDemocrat Jr Senator (WI)
Dianne FeinsteinDemocrat Sr Senator (CA)
Mike FergusonRepublican Representative (NJ-7)
Jack FieldsFormer Republican Representative (TX-8)
Bob FilnerDemocrat Representative (CA-50)
Peter FitzgeraldRepublican Jr Senator (IL)
Jeff FlakeRepublican Representative (AZ-1)
Ed Flanagan2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (VT)
Mike FlanaganFormer Republican Representative (IL-5)
Ernie FletcherRepublican Representative (KY-6)
Hugh Foley2000 Reform Challenger for Senate (MO)
Mark FoleyRepublican Representative (FL-16)
Michael ForbesRepublican Representative (NY-1)
Randy ForbesRepublican Representative (VA-4)
Steve Forbes2000 Republican Primary Candidate for President
Gerald FordPresident of the U.S., 1974-1976
Harold FordDemocrat Representative (TN-9)
Wendell FordFormer Democrat Senator (KY)
Kirk FordiceRepublican Governor (MS)
Douglas ForresterRepublican Challenger (NJ)
Vito FossellaRep./Cons./Right-To-Life Representative (NY-13)
Mike FosterRepublican Governor (LA)
Tillie FowlerRepublican Representative (FL-4)
Jon FoxFormer Republican Representative (PA-13)
Barney FrankDemocrat Representative (MA-4)
Gary FranksFormer Republican Representative (CT-5)
Robert FranksRepublican Representative (NJ-7)
Trent FranksUS Representative (Arizona-2)
Rodney FrelinghuysenRepublican Representative (NJ-11)
Milton FriedmanLibertarian Economist
Daniel FrisaFormer Republican Representative (NY-4)
Bill FristRepublican Jr Senator (TN)
Martin FrostDemocrat Representative (TX-24)
David FunderburkFormer Republican Representative (NC-2)
Elizabeth FurseFormer Democrat Representative (OR-1)
David Gallaher2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (WV)
Elton GalleglyRepublican Representative (CA-23)
William GalvinDemocratic Gubernatorial Challenger (MA)
Greg GanskeRepublican Representative (IA-4)
Scott GarrettUS Representative (New Jersey-5)
Lauren Beth GashDemocrat (IL 10th district)
Jeff Gates2000 Green Challenger for Senate (GA)
Sam GejdensonDemocrat Representative (CT-2)
George GekasRepublican Representative (PA-17)
Dick GephardtDemocrat Representative (MO-3)
Jim GeringerRepublican Governor (WY)
Jim GerlachUS Representative (Pennsylvania-6)
Jim GibbonsRepublican Representative (NV-2)
James Gibson2000 Independence Party Challenger for Senate (MN)
Wayne GilchrestRepublican Representative (MD-1)
Jim Giles2000 Independent Challenger for Senate (MS)
John Gillespie2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (WI)
Paul GillmorRepublican Representative (OH-5)
Benjamin GilmanRepublican Representative (NY-20)
Jim GilmoreRepublican Governor (VA)
Phil GingreyUS Representative (Georgia-11)
Newt GingrichFormer Speaker of the House of Representatives (R, GA-6)
Ruth Bader GinsburgSupreme Court Justice
Philip Giordano2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (CT)
Rudy GiulianiMayor of New York City; Republican Candidate for 2000 Senate (NY)
Parris GlendeningDemocrat Governor (MD)
John GlennFormer Democrat Senator (OH)
Guy GlodisDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Second Worcester)
Nat GoldhaberNatural Law (Vice President)
Charlie GonzalezDemocrat Representative (TX-20)
Virgil GoodeIndependent Representative (VA-5)
Bob GoodlatteRepublican Representative (VA-6)
Bill GoodlingRepublican Representative (PA-19)
Bart GordonDemocrat Representative (TN-6)
Jesse GordonEditor-in-chief, OnTheIssues.org
Al Gore2000 Democratic Nominee for President & Former Vice President
Tipper GoreDemocratic Candidate (TN)
Slade GortonFormer Republican Senator (WA)
Porter GossRepublican Representative (FL-14)
Bob GrahamDemocrat Sr Senator (FL)
Lindsey GrahamRepublican Representative (SC-3)
Phil GrammRepublican Sr Senator (TX)
Rod GramsFormer Republican Senator (MN)
Kay GrangerRepublican Representative (TX-12)
Jennifer GranholmDemocratic Governor (MI)
Chuck GrassleyRepublican Sr Senator (IA)
Bill GravesRepublican Governor (KS)
Samuel GravesRepublican Representative (MO-6)
Gene GreenDemocrat Representative (TX-29)
Mark GreenRepublican Representative (WI-8)
Richard C. Green2000 Natural Law Challenger for Senate (CT)
Jim GreenwoodRepublican Representative (PA-8)
Judd GreggRepublican Jr Senator (NH)
Raul GrijalvaUS Representative (Arizona-7)
Steve GrossmanDemocratic Gubernatorial Challenger (MA)
Felix GrucciRepublican Representative (NY-1)
Kenny GuinnRepublican Governor (NV)
Steve GundersonFormer Republican Representative (WI-3)
Carl GutierrezGuam Governor (GU)
Luis GutierrezDemocrat Representative (IL-4)
Gil GutknechtRepublican Representative (MN-1)
Chuck HagelRepublican Jr Senator (NE)
John Hagelin2000 Natural Law Party Nominee for President
John HagerRepublican Primary Candidate Governor (VA)
James Hall2000 Reform Challenger for Senate (MO)
Ralph Moody HallDemocrat Representative (TX-4)
Tony HallDemocrat Representative (OH-3)
Lee HamiltonFormer Democratic Representative (IN-9, 17 terms)
Mel HancockFormer Republican Representative (MO-7)
James HansenRepublican Representative (UT-1)
Tom HarkinDemocrat Jr Senator (IA)
Jane HarmanDemocrat Representative (CA-36)
Katherine HarrisRepublican Representative (FL-13)
John HartDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (First Suffolk)
Melissa HartRepublican Representative (PA-4)
Denny HastertRepublican Representative (IL-14)
Alcee HastingsDemocrat Representative (FL-23)
Doc HastingsRepublican Representative (WA-4)
Orrin HatchRepublican Sr Senator (UT)
Mark HatfieldFormer Republican Senator (OR)
Robert HavernDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Fourth Middlesex)
Robin HayesRepublican Representative (NC-8)
J.D. HayworthRepublican Representative (AZ-6)
Robert HedlundRepublican Massachusetts State Senator (Plymouth & Norfolk)
Joel HefleyRepublican Representative (CO-5)
Bill HefnerFormer Democrat Representative (NC-8, 1975-98)
Fred HeinemanFormer Republican Representative (NC-4)
Jesse HelmsRepublican Sr Senator (NC)
Jeb HensarlingUS Representative (Texas-5)
Wally HergerRepublican Representative (CA-2)
Baron HillDemocrat Representative (IN-9)
Rick HillRepublican Representative (MT-AL)
Van HillearyRepublican Representative (TN-4)
Earl HilliardDemocrat Representative (AL-7)
Maurice HincheyDem./Ind./Lib./Working-Fam. Representative (NY-26)
Ruben HinojosaDemocrat Representative (TX-15)
Dave HobsonRepublican Representative (OH-7)
Jim HodgesDemocrat Governor (SC)
Joseph HoeffelDemocrat Representative (PA-13)
Peter HoekstraRepublican Representative (MI-2)
John HoevenRepublican Governor (ND)
Martin HokeFormer Republican Representative (OH-10)
Bob HoldenDemocrat Governor (MO)
Tim HoldenDemocrat Representative (PA-6)
Fritz HollingsDemocrat Jr Senator (SC)
Rush HoltDemocrat Representative (NJ-12)
Mike HondaDemocrat Representative (CA-15)
Darlene HooleyDemocrat Representative (OR-5)
Steve Hopkins2000 Constitution Challenger for Senate (TX)
Steve HornRepublican Representative (CA-38)
John HostettlerRepublican Representative (IN-8)
Amo HoughtonRepublican/Conservative Representative (NY-31)
Carla HowellLibertarian Challenger Governor (MA) & 2000 Challenger for Senate
Scott Howell2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (UT)
Steny HoyerDemocrat Representative (MD-5)
Rick Hubbard2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (VT)
Mike HuckabeeRepublican Governor (AR)
Arianna HuffingtonPolitical Columnist
Jane Dee HullRepublican Governor (AZ)
Kenny HulshofRepublican Representative (MO-9)
James HuntDemocrat Governor (NC)
Duncan HunterRepublican Representative (CA-52)
Asa HutchinsonDirector of DEA & Former Republican Representative (AR-3)
Tim HutchinsonRepublican Sr Senator (AR)
Kay Bailey HutchisonRepublican Jr Senator (TX)
Henry HydeRepublican Representative (IL-6)
Bob InglisFormer Republican Representative (SC-4)
James InhofeRepublican Jr Senator (OK)
Daniel InouyeDemocrat Sr Senator (HI)
Jay InsleeDemocrat Representative (WA-1)
Johnny IsaksonRepublican Representative (GA-6)
Steve IsraelDemocrat Representative (NY-2)
Darrell IssaRepublican Representative (CA-48)
Ernest IstookRepublican Representative (OK-5)
Jesse Louis JacksonDemocrat Representative (IL-2)
Rev. Jesse JacksonCivil Rights Activist
Cheryl JacquesDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex)
Bill JanklowRepublican Governor (SD)
Jeff Jared2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (WA)
William JeffersonDemocrat Representative (LA-2)
Jim JeffordsRepublican Jr Senator (VT)
Bill JenkinsRepublican Representative (TN-1)
Mike JohannsRepublican Governor (NE)
Chris JohnDemocrat Representative (LA-7)
Charles Johnson2000 Independent Challenger for Senate (TN)
David Johnson2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (IN)
Eddie Bernice JohnsonDemocrat Representative (TX-30)
Gary JohnsonRepublican Governor (NM)
Nancy Lee JohnsonRepublican Representative (CT-6)
Sam JohnsonRepublican Representative (TX-3)
Tim JohnsonDemocrat Jr Senator (SD)
Timothy JohnsonRepublican Representative (IL-15)
Bennett JohnstonFormer Democrat Senator (LA)
Stephanie Tubbs JonesDemocrat Representative (OH-11)
Walter Beaman JonesRepublican Representative (NC-3)
Brian JoyceDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth)
Paul KanjorskiDemocrat Representative (PA-11)
Marcy KapturDemocrat Representative (OH-9)
John KasichRepublican Representative (OH-12)
Nancy KassebaumFormer Republican Senator (KS)
Frank KeatingRepublican Governor (OK)
Ric KellerRepublican Representative (FL-8)
Gene Kelley2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (TX)
Sue KellyRepublican/Conservative Representative (NY-19)
Dirk KempthorneRepublican Governor (ID) & Senator
Anthony KennedySupreme Court Justice
Mark KennedyRepublican Representative (MN-2)
Patrick KennedyDemocrat Representative (RI-1)
Ted KennedyDemocrat Sr Senator (MA)
Barbara Bailey KennellyFormer Democrat Representative (CT-1), ran for Governor, 1998
Joseph KernanDemocratic Governor (IN)
Brian KernsRepublican Representative (IN-7)
Bob KerreyDemocrat Sr Senator (NE)
John KerryDemocrat Jr Senator, ran for President 2004 (MA)
Alan Keyes2000 Republican Primary Candidate for President
Dale KildeeDemocrat Representative (MI-9)
Carolyn KilpatrickDemocrat Representative (MI-15)
Jay KimFormer Republican Representative (CA-41)
Ron KindDemocrat Representative (WI-3)
Angus KingIndependent Governor (ME)
Peter KingRep./Ind./Con./Right-To-Life Representative (NY-3)
Steve KingUS Representative (Iowa-5)
Jack KingstonRepublican Representative (GA-1)
Joel Kinstle2000 Independent Challenger for Senate (TN)
Mark KirkRepublican Representative (IL-10)
Ron KirkDemocrat Candidate (TX)
John KitzhaberDemocrat Governor (OR)
Jerry KleczkaDemocrat Representative (WI-4)
John KlineUS Representative (Minnesota-2)
Ron KlinkDemocrat Representative (PA-4) & 2000 Senate Challenger
Scott KlugFormer Republican Representative (WI-2)
Michael KnapikRepublican Massachusetts State Senator (Second Hampden & Hampshire)
Joe KnollenbergRepublican Representative (MI-11)
Tony KnowlesDemocrat Governor (AK)
Herbert KohlDemocrat Sr Senator (WI)
Jim KolbeRepublican Representative (AZ-5)
Dennis KucinichDemocrat Representative (OH-10)
Ted KulongoskiDemocratic Governor (OR)
Steven KuykendallRepublican Representative (CA-36)
Jon KylRepublican Jr Senator (AZ)
John LaFalceDemocrat/Ind./Lib. Representative (NY-29)
Ray LaHoodRepublican Representative (IL-18)
Nicholas LampsonDemocrat Representative (TX-9)
Mary LandrieuDemocrat Jr Senator (LA)
James LangevinDemocrat Representative (RI-2)
Tom LantosDemocrat Representative (CA-12)
Steve LargentRepublican Representative (OK-1)
Rick LarsenDemocrat Representative (WA-2)
John LarsonDemocrat Representative (CT-1)
Tom LathamRepublican Representative (IA-5)
Steven LaTouretteRepublican Representative (OH-19)
Frank LautenbergDemocrat Sr Senator (NJ)
Philip Lawler2000 Constitution Challenger for Senate (MA)
Mark Lawrence2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (ME)
Rick LazioRepublican/Cons. Representative (NY-2); candidate for Senate 2000
Jim LeachRepublican Representative (IA-1)
Patrick LeahyDemocrat Sr Senator (VT)
Mike LeavittRepublican Governor (UT)
Barbara LeeDemocrat Representative (CA-9)
Sheila Jackson LeeDemocrat Representative (TX-18)
Brian LeesRepublican Massachusetts State Senator (First Hampden & Hampshire)
Carl LevinFormer Democrat Senator (MI)
Sander LevinDemocrat Representative (MI-12)
Al LewisGreen Party (New York)
Jerry LewisRepublican Representative (CA-40)
John LewisDemocrat Representative (GA-5)
Ron LewisRepublican Representative (KY-2)
Joseph LiebermanDemocrat Jr Senator, ran for V.P. 2000, ran for president 2004 (CT)
Gail Lightfoot2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (CA)
Jim LightfootFormer Republican Representative (IA-3)
Rush LimbaughConservative Talk-show Host
Blanche Lambert LincolnDemocrat Jr Senator (AR)
John LinderRepublican Representative (GA-11)
Martin Lindstedt2000 Reform Challenger for Senate (MO)
Linda LingleRepublican Governor (HI)
William LipinskiDemocrat Representative (IL-3)
Bob LivingstonFormer Republican Representative (LA-1)
Frank LoBiondoRepublican Representative (NJ-2)
Gary LockeDemocrat Governor (WA)
Zoe LofgrenDemocrat Representative (CA-16)
Mel Logan2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (WY)
Willie Logan2000 Independent Challenger for Senate (FL)
Jim LongleyFormer Republican Representative (ME-1)
Trent LottRepublican Jr Senator (MS)
Nita LoweyDemocrat Representative (NY-18)
Frank Dean LucasRepublican Representative (OK-6)
Ken LucasDemocrat Representative (KY-4)
Richard LugarRepublican Sr Senator (IN)
Bill LutherDemocrat/Farmer/Labor Representative (MN-6)
Steve LynchDemocrat Representative (MA-9)
Paul MacGregor2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (GA)
Connie MackRepublican Jr Senator (FL)
David MagnaniDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Second Middlesex & Norfolk)
Denise MajetteUS Representative (Georgia-4)
Carolyn MaloneyDemocrat/Liberal Representative (NY-14)
Jim MaloneyDemocrat Representative (CT-5)
Donald ManzulloRepublican Representative (IL-16)
Ed MarkeyDemocrat Representative (MA-7)
Jim MarshallUS Representative (Georgia-3)
Tom MartinDemocratic Challenger for House (PA-5)
Marty MartinezRepublican Representative (CA-31)
Mel MartinezCabinet Member
Judy MartzRepublican Governor (MT)
Frank MascaraDemocrat Representative (PA-20)
Jim MathesonDemocrat Representative (UT-2)
Robert MatsuiDemocrat Representative (CA-5)
Mack Mattingly2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (GA)
Charlie MatulkaDemocrat Challenger (NE)
John McAlister2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (OH)
John McCainRepublican Sr Senator (AZ)
Scott McCallumRepublican Governor (WI)
Carolyn McCarthyDem./Ind./Working-Families Representative (NY-4)
Karen McCarthyDemocrat Representative (MO-5)
Betty McCollumDemocrat Representative (MN-4)
Bill McCollumRepublican Representative (FL-8)
Mitch McConnellRepublican Sr Senator (KY)
Thad McCotterUS Representative (Michigan-11)
Jim McCreryRepublican Representative (LA-4)
Joe McDadeFormer Republican Representative (PA-10)
Jim McDermottDemocrat Representative (WA-7)
Thomas McGeeDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Third Essex & Middlesex)
Jim McGovernDemocrat Representative (MA-3)
Jim McGreeveyDemocrat Candidate Governor (NJ)
John McHughRepublican/Conservative Representative (NY-24)
Scott McInnisRepublican Representative (CO-3)
David McIntoshRepublican Representative (IN-2)
Mike McIntyreDemocrat Representative (NC-7)
Kevin McKeigue2000 Independent Challenger for Senate (WA)
Buck McKeonRepublican Representative (CA-25)
Cynthia McKinneyDemocrat Representative (GA-4)
Michael McNultyDemocratic/Ind./Cons. Representative (NY-21)
Marty MeehanDemocrat Representative (MA-5)
Carrie MeekDemocrat Representative (FL-17)
Kendrick MeekUS Representative (Florida-17)
Gregory MeeksDem./Working-Families Representative (NY-6)
Linda MelconianDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Hampden)
Joan MenardDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (First Bristol & Plymouth)
Robert MenendezDemocrat Representative (NJ-13)
Jack MetcalfRepublican Representative (WA-2)
Jan MeyersFormer Republican Representative (KS-3)
John MicaRepublican Representative (FL-7)
Michael MichaudUS Representative (Maine-2)
Barbara MikulskiDemocrat Jr Senator (MD)
Juanita Millender-McDonaldDemocrat Representative (CA-37)
Brad MillerUS Representative (North Carolina-13)
Candice MillerUS Representative (Michigan-10)
Dan MillerRepublican Representative (FL-13)
Gary MillerRepublican Representative (CA-41)
George MillerDemocrat Representative (CA-7)
Jeff MillerRepublican Representative (FL-1)
Zell MillerDemocrat Jr Senator, retiring 2004 (GA)
Norman MinetaCabinet Member
David MingeDemocrat/Farmer/Labor Representative (MN-2)
Patsy MinkDemocrat Representative (HI-2)
Ruth Ann MinnerDemocrat Governor (DE)
Joe MoakleyDemocrat Representative (MA-9)
Susan MolinariFormer Republican Representative (NY-13)
Alan MollohanDemocrat Representative (WV-1)
Walter MondaleDemocrat for Senate (MN)
Mark MontignyDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Second Bristol & Plymouth)
Dennis MooreDemocrat Representative (KS-3)
Richard MooreDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Worcester & Norfolk)
Carlos MoorheadFormer Republican Representative (CA-27)
James MoranDemocrat Representative (VA-8)
Jerry MoranRepublican Representative (KS-1)
Connie MorellaRepublican Representative (MD-8)
Michael MorrisseyDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Norfolk & Plymouth)
Carol Moseley-BraunFormer Democrat Senator (IL)
Pat MoynihanFormer Democrat Senator (NY)
Frank MurkowskiRepublican Jr Senator (AK)
Lisa MurkowskiRepublican Jr Senator (AK)
Tim MurphyUS Representative (Pennsylvania-18)
Patty MurrayDemocrat Jr Senator (WA)
Therese MurrayDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Plymouth & Barnstable)
John MurthaDemocrat Representative (PA-12)
Marilyn MusgraveUS Representative (Colorado-4)
Ronnie MusgroveDemocrat Governor (MS)
John MyersFormer Republican Representative (IN-7)
Sue MyrickRepublican Representative (NC-9)
Ralph Nader2000 Green Candidate for President
Jerrold NadlerDem./Lib./Working-Families Representative (NY-8)
Grace NapolitanoDemocrat Representative (CA-34)
Lewis Napper2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (MS)
Richard NealDemocrat Representative (MA-2)
Ben NelsonDemocrat Jr Senator (NE)
Bill NelsonDemocrat Jr Senator (FL)
George NethercuttRepublican Representative (WA-5)
Randy NeugebauerUS Representative (Texas-19)
Mark NeumannFormer Republican Representative (WI-1)
Bob NeyRepublican Representative (OH-18)
Don NicklesRepublican Sr Senator (OK)
Richard NixonPresident of the U.S., 1968-1974
Anne Meagher NorthupRepublican Representative (KY-3)
Eleanor Holmes NortonDemocrat Representative (DC-Delegate)
Gale NortonCabinet Member
Charlie NorwoodRepublican Representative (GA-10)
Andrea NuciforoDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin)
Devin NunesUS Representative (California-21)
Sam NunnFormer Democrat Senator (GA)
Jim NussleRepublican Representative (IA-2)
Frank O'BannonDemocrat Governor (IN)
James OberstarDemocrat/Farmer/Labor Representative (MN-8)
David ObeyDemocrat Representative (WI-7)
Shannon O'BrienDemocratic Gubernatorial Challenger (MA)
Sandra Day O'ConnorSupreme Court Justice
Shawn OHara2000 Reform Challenger for Senate (MS)
Robert O`LearyDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Cape & Islands)
John OlverDemocrat Representative (MA-1)
Paul O'NeillCabinet Member
Solomon OrtizDemocrat Representative (TX-27)
Tom OsborneRepublican Representative (NE-3)
Doug OseRepublican Representative (CA-3)
Butch OtterRepublican Representative (ID-1)
Bill OwensRepublican Governor (CO)
Major OwensDemocrat/Working-Families Representative (NY-11)
David Ownby2000 Independent Challenger for Senate (TN)
Michael OxleyRepublican Representative (OH-4)
Marc PachecoDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (First Plymouth & Bristol)
Ron PackardRepublican Representative (CA-48)
Rod PaigeCabinet Member
Frank PalloneDemocrat Representative (NJ-6)
Steven PanagiotakosDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (First Middlesex)
Susan ParkerDemocrat Challenger (AL)
Democratic PartyParty Platform
Green PartyParty Platform
Libertarian PartyParty Platform
Natural Law PartyParty Platform
Reform PartyParty Platform
Republican PartyParty Platform
Bill PascrellDemocrat Representative (NJ-8)
Ed PastorDemocrat Representative (AZ-2)
George PatakiRepublican Governor (NY)
Paul PattonDemocrat Governor (KY)
Ron PaulRepublican Representative (TX-14)
Tim PawlentyRepublican Governor (MN)
Bill PaxonFormer Republican Representative (NY-27)
Donald PayneDemocrat Representative (NJ-10)
Steven PearceUS Representative (New Mexico-2)
Ed PeaseRepublican Representative (IN-7)
Claiborne PellFormer Democrat Senator (RI)
Nancy PelosiDemocrat Representative (CA-8)
Mike PenceRepublican Representative (IN-2)
Sonny PerdueRepublican Governor (GA)
Ross Perot1992 & 1996 Reform Party Nominee for President
Rick PerryRepublican Governor (TX)
Collin PetersonDemocrat/Farmer/Labor Representative (MN-7)
John PetersonRepublican Representative (PA-5)
Tim Peterson2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (WI)
Tom PetriRepublican Representative (WI-6)
David PhelpsDemocrat Representative (IL-19)
Howard Phillips2000 Constitution Party Nominee for President
Chip PickeringRepublican Representative (MS-3)
Owen PickettDemocrat Representative (VA-2)
Chellie PingreeDemocrat Challenger (ME)
Joseph PittsRepublican Representative (PA-16)
Todd PlattsRepublican Representative (PA-19)
Richard PomboRepublican Representative (CA-11)
Earl PomeroyDemocrat Representative (ND-AL)
John PorterRepublican Representative (IL-10)
Jon PorterUS Representative (Nevada-3)
Rob PortmanRepublican Representative (OH-2)
Glenn PoshardFormer Democratic Representative (IL-19, 1989-98), candidate for Governor, 1998
Colin PowellCabinet Member
Larry PresslerFormer Republican Senator (SD)
David Eugene PriceDemocrat Representative (NC-4)
Anthony PrincipiCabinet Member
Deborah PryceRepublican Representative (OH-15)
David PryorFormer Democrat Senator (AR)
Mark PryorDemocrat Challenger (AR)
Adam PutnamRepublican Representative (FL-12)
Dan QuayleVice President of the U.S., 1988-1992
James QuillenFormer Republican Representative (TN-1)
Jack QuinnRepublican/Ind./Cons. Representative (NY-30)
Marc RacicotRepublican Governor (MT)
Rocky RaczkowskiRepublican Challenger (MI)
George RadanovichRepublican Representative (CA-19)
Nick RahallDemocrat Representative (WV-3)
Jim RamstadRepublican Representative (MN-3)
Charles RangelDem./Lib./Working-Families Representative (NY-15)
Sam Rankin2000 Reform Challenger for Senate (MT)
Paul Rappaport2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (MD)
Ronald ReaganPresident of the U.S., 1980-1988
William Redmond2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (NM)
Jack ReedDemocrat Sr Senator (RI)
Brian Rees2000 Natural Law Challenger for Senate (CA)
Ralph RegulaRepublican Representative (OH-16)
Dennis RehbergRepublican Representative (MT-AL)
William RehnquistSupreme Court Justice
Robert ReichFormer Labor Secretary & Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger (MA)
Harry ReidDemocrat Sr Senator (NV)
Ed RendellDemocratic Governor (PA)
Janet RenoDemocratic Challenger Governor (FL)
Rick RenziUS Representative (Arizona-1)
Pamela ResorDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Middlesex & Worcester)
Silvestre ReyesDemocrat Representative (TX-16)
Thomas ReynoldsRepublican/Cons. Representative (NY-27)
Bill RichardsonDemocratic Governor (NM)
Tom RidgeFormer Republican Governor (PA)
Frank RiggsFormer Republican Representative (CA-1)
Bob RileyRepublican Representative (AL-3)
Robert RileyRepublican Governor (AL)
Lynn Nancy RiversDemocrat Representative (MI-13)
Charles RobbFormer Democrat Senator (VA)
Pat RobertsRepublican Jr Senator (KS)
Jack Robinson2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (MA)
John RockefellerFormer Democrat Senator (WV)
Ciro RodriguezDemocrat Representative (TX-28)
Tim RoemerDemocrat Representative (IN-3)
James RoganRepublican Representative (CA-27)
Hal RogersRepublican Representative (KY-5)
Mike RogersRepublican Representative (MI-8)
Dana RohrabacherRepublican Representative (CA-45)
Stanley RosenbergDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Hampshire & Franklin)
Ileana Ros-LehtinenRepublican Representative (FL-18)
Mike RossDemocrat Representative (AR-4)
Toby RothFormer Republican Representative (WI-8)
William RothFormer Republican Senator (DE)
Steven RothmanDemocrat Representative (NJ-9)
Marge RoukemaRepublican Representative (NJ-5)
Mike RoundsRepublican Governor (SD)
John RowlandRepublican Governor (CT)
Lucille Roybal-AllardDemocrat Representative (CA-33)
Ed RoyceRepublican Representative (CA-39)
Peter Ruane2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (NY)
Donald RumsfeldCabinet Member
Dutch RuppersbergerUS Representative (Maryland-2)
Bobby RushDemocrat Representative (IL-1)
Mary Ruwart2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (TX)
George RyanRepublican Governor (IL)
Paul RyanRepublican Representative (WI-1)
Tim RyanUS Representative (Ohio-17)
Jim RyunRepublican Representative (KS-2)
Martin SaboDemocrat/Farmer/Labor Representative (MN-5)
Matt SalmonRepublican Representative (AZ-1)
Linda SanchezUS Representative (California-39)
Loretta SanchezDemocrat Representative (CA-46)
Duane Sand2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (ND)
Douglas Sandage2000 Green Challenger for Senate (TX)
Alex SandersDemocratic Candidate (SC)
Bernie SandersIndependent Representative (VT-AL)
Max SandlinDemocrat Representative (TX-1)
Mark SanfordRepublican Governor (SC); formerly Representative (SC-1)
Rick SantorumRepublican Jr Senator (PA)
Paul SarbanesDemocrat Sr Senator (MD)
Tom SawyerDemocrat Representative (OH-14)
Jim SaxtonRepublican Representative (NJ-3)
Antonin ScaliaSupreme Court Justice
Joe ScarboroughRepublican Representative (FL-1)
Dan SchaeferFormer Republican Representative (CO-6)
Edward SchaferDemocrat Governor (ND)
Bob SchafferRepublican Representative (CO-4)
Jan SchakowskyDemocrat Representative (IL-9)
Adam SchiffDemocrat Representative (CA-27)
Edward SchrockRepublican Representative (VA-2)
Charles SchumerDemocrat Jr Senator (NY)
Bret SchundlerRepublican Candidate Governor (NJ)
Mark SchweikerRepublican Governor (PA)
Brian Schweitzer2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (MT)
Bobby ScottDemocrat Representative (VA-3)
David ScottUS Representative (Georgia-13)
Andrea SeastrandFormer Republican Representative (CA-22)
James SensenbrennerRepublican Representative (WI-9)
Jose SerranoDemocrat/Liberal Representative (NY-16)
Jeff SessionsFormer Republican Senator (AL)
Pete SessionsRepublican Representative (TX-5)
John ShadeggRepublican Representative (AZ-4)
Jeanne ShaheenDemocrat Governor (NH); candidate for Senate 2002
Charles ShannonDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Second Middlesex)
Al SharptonCivil Rights Activist
Clay ShawRepublican Representative (FL-22)
Christopher ShaysRepublican Representative (CT-4)
Richard ShelbyRepublican Sr Senator (AL)
Brad ShermanDemocrat Representative (CA-24)
Don SherwoodRepublican Representative (PA-10)
John ShimkusRepublican Representative (IL-20)
Ronnie ShowsDemocrat Representative (MS-4)
Bud ShusterRepublican Representative (PA-9)
Don SiegelmanDemocrat Governor (AL)
Rob SimmonsRepublican Representative (CT-2)
Paul SimonFormer Democrat Senator (IL)
Alan SimpsonFormer Republican Senator (WY)
Mike SimpsonRepublican Representative (ID-2)
Norman SisiskyDemocrat Representative (VA-4)
David SkaggsFormer Democratic Representative (CO-2, retired 1998)
Joe SkeenRepublican Representative (NM-2)
Ike SkeltonDemocrat Representative (MO-4)
Louise SlaughterDemocrat Representative (NY-28)
Bob SmithRepublican Sr Senator (NH)
Christopher SmithRepublican Representative (NJ-4)
David Adam SmithDemocrat Representative (WA-9)
Gordon Harold SmithRepublican Jr Senator (OR)
Lamar SmithRepublican Representative (TX-21)
Linda SmithFormer Republican Representative (WA-3)
Nick SmithRepublican Representative (MI-7)
Olympia SnoweRepublican Sr Senator (ME)
Vic SnyderDemocrat Representative (AR-2)
Hilda SolisDemocrat Representative (CA-31)
Gerald SolomonFormer Republican Representative (NY-22)
Mark SouderRepublican Representative (IN-4)
David SouterSupreme Court Justice
Arlen SpecterRepublican Sr Senator (PA)
Floyd SpenceRepublican Representative (SC-2)
JoAnn SpragueRepublican Massachusetts State Senator (Bristol & Norfolk)
John SprattDemocrat Representative (SC-5)
Debbie StabenowDemocrat Jr Senator (MI) & Former Representative (MI-8)
Pete StarkDemocrat Representative (CA-13)
Stuart Starky2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (AZ)
Grant Stauffer2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (MO)
Cliff StearnsRepublican Representative (FL-6)
Don StenbergRepublican (Nebraska)
Charles StenholmDemocrat Representative (TX-17)
John Paul StevensSupreme Court Justice
Ted StevensRepublican Sr Senator (AK)
Steve StockmanFormer Republican Representative (TX-9)
Ted StricklandDemocrat Representative (OH-6)
Tom StricklandDemocrat Challenger (CO)
Bob StumpRepublican Representative (AZ-3)
Bart StupakDemocrat Representative (MI-1)
Don SundquistRepublican Governor (TN)
Tauese SuniaGovernor of American Samoa
John SununuRepublican Representative (NH-1)
John SweeneyRepublican/Conservative Representative (NY-22)
Jane SwiftRepublican Governor (MA)
Bob TaftRepublican Governor (OH)
Jim TalentRepublican Representative (MO-2)
Tom TancredoRepublican Representative (CO-6)
John TannerDemocrat Representative (TN-8)
Bruce TarrRepublican Massachusetts State Senator (First Essex & Middlesex)
Randy TateFormer Republican Representative (WA-9)
Ellen TauscherDemocrat Representative (CA-10)
Billy TauzinRepublican Representative (LA-3)
Charles TaylorRepublican Representative (NC-11)
Gene TaylorDemocrat Representative (MS-5)
Mike TaylorRepublican Challenger (MT)
Diane TemplinAmerican Independent (California)
Pedro TenorioGovernor-Insular Territories
Lee TerryRepublican Representative (NE-2)
Bill ThomasRepublican Representative (CA-21)
Clarence ThomasSupreme Court Justice
Craig ThomasRepublican Sr Senator (WY)
Thomas ThomassianMinority Party (New York)
Bennie ThompsonDemocrat Representative (MS-2)
Fred ThompsonRepublican Sr Senator (TN)
Mike ThompsonDemocrat Representative (CA-1)
Tommy ThompsonCabinet Member
Mac ThornberryRepublican Representative (TX-13)
John ThuneRepublican Representative (SD-AL)
Karen ThurmanDemocrat Representative (FL-5)
Strom ThurmondRepublican Sr Senator (SC)
Todd TiahrtRepublican Representative (KS-4)
Pat TiberiRepublican Representative (OH-12)
John TierneyDemocrat Representative (MA-6)
Bob TingleRepublican Challenger (RI)
Richard TiseiRepublican Massachusetts State Senator (Middlesex & Essex)
Steven TolmanDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Second Suffolk & Middlesex)
Warren TolmanDemocratic Gubernatorial Challenger (MA)
Pat ToomeyRepublican Representative (PA-15)
Peter TorkildsenFormer Republican Representative (MA-6)
Esteban TorresFormer Democrat Representative (CA-34, retired 1998)
Bob TorricelliDemocrat Jr Senator (NJ)
Ed TownsDemocrat/Liberal Representative (NY-10)
Jim TraficantDemocrat Representative (OH-17)
Robert TravagliniDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (First Suffolk & Middlesex)
Gloria TristaniDemocrat Challenger (NM)
Donald Trump2000 Reform Primary Challenger for President
Susan TuckerDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Second Essex & Middlesex)
Charles TurnbullVirgin Islands Governor (VI)
Jim TurnerDemocrat Representative (TX-2)
Mike TurnerUS Representative (Ohio-3)
Mark UdallDemocrat Representative (CO-2)
Tom UdallDemocrat Representative (NM-3)
Cecil UnderwoodRepublican Governor (WV)
Robert UnderwoodRepresentative (GU-Delegate)
Fred UptonRepublican Representative (MI-6)
Chris Van HollenUS Representative (Maryland-8)
Nydia VelazquezDemocrat/Working-Families Representative (NY-12)
Ann VenemanCabinet Member
Bruce VentoDemocrat/Farmer/Labor Representative (MN-4)
Jesse VenturaIndependent Governor (MN)
Tom VilsackDemocrat Governor (IA)
Peter ViscloskyDemocrat Representative (IN-1)
David VitterRepublican Representative (LA-1)
George VoinovichRepublican Jr Senator (OH)
Frank VondersaarDemocrat Challenger (AK)
Barbara VucanovichFormer Republican Representative (NV-2)
Greg WaldenRepublican Representative (OR-2)
Enid WaldholtzFormer Republican Representative (UT-2)
Olene WalkerRepublican Governor (UT)
Robert WalkerFormer Republican Representative (PA-16)
Jim WalshRep./Ind./Conservative Representative (NY-25)
Marian WalshDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Suffolk & Norfolk)
Winnie Walsh2000 Independent Challenger for Senate (GA)
David WaltersDemocrat Challenger (OK)
Zach WampRepublican Representative (TN-3)
John WarnerRepublican Sr Senator (VA)
Mark WarnerDemocrat Candidate Governor (VA)
Maxine WatersDemocrat Representative (CA-35)
Wes WatkinsRepublican Representative (OK-3)
Diane WatsonDemocrat Representative (CA-32)
Robert Watson2000 Independent Challenger for Senate (TN)
Mel WattDemocrat Representative (NC-12)
J.C. WattsRepublican Representative (OK-4)
Henry WaxmanDemocrat Representative (CA-29)
Louis WeinConstitution Party Candidate for NY Senate
Lois Combs WeinbergDemocrat Challenger (KY)
Anthony WeinerDemocrat/Liberal Representative (NY-9)
Curt WeldonRepublican Representative (PA-7)
Dave WeldonRepublican Representative (FL-15)
Jerry WellerRepublican Representative (IL-11)
Paul WellstoneFormer Democrat Sr Senator (MN)-deceased 2002
Robert WexlerDemocrat Representative (FL-19)
Robert Weygand2000 Democrat Challenger for Senate (RI) & Former Representative (RI-2)
Joseph Whelan2000 Libertarian Challenger for Senate (WV)
Rick WhiteFormer Republican Representative (WA-1)
Ed WhitfieldRepublican Representative (KY-1)
Christie Todd WhitmanCabinet Member
Roger WickerRepublican Representative (MS-1)
Dianne WilkersonDemocratic Massachusetts State Senator (Second Suffolk)
Heather WilsonRepublican Representative (NM-1)
Bob WiseDemocrat Governor (WV) & Former Representative (WV-2)
Frank WolfRepublican Representative (VA-10)
Jay WolfeRepublican Challenger (WV)
Bobby Wood2000 Republican Challenger for Senate (GA)
Lynn WoolseyDemocrat Representative (CA-6)
David WuDemocrat Representative (OR-1)
Ron WydenDemocrat Sr Senator (OR)
Albert WynnDemocrat Representative (MD-4)
Bill YoungRepublican Representative (FL-10)
Don YoungRepublican Representative (AK-AL)
Bill ZeliffFormer Republican Representative (NH-1)

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