Al Franken on Tax Reform

DFL Jr Senator (MN)


2008: Owed $70K in back taxes & $25K in workmen's compass

As a hobby, Michael Brodkorb started a blog called "Minnesota Democrats Exposed." In short order, he was uncovering stories the mainstream media somehow missed. In 2008, Brodkorb discovered that Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken owed about $70,000 in back taxes and had a $25,000 judgment against his corporation in NY for unpaid workers' compensation insurance. Franken's spokesman responded to these allegations by denouncing Brodkorb as "the right-wing noise machine."

In an AP article about Brodkorb's repeatedly breaking news that the mainstream media had failed to uncover, the AP delusionally asserted that Brodkorb "had no real counterweight on the left." No real counterweight? How about the Associated Press? The AP managed to file a decent report on Brodkorb. Why couldn't it report on Franken--not a conservative blogger but a candidate for the US Senate?

Source: Guilty, by Ann Coulter, p. 74 , Nov 10, 2009

Gift of living in America comes with responsibilities

Democrats believe that all Americans have been given an incredible gift, living in America. And with that gift comes certain responsibilities. That applies especially to those who have been fortunate enough to find themselves at the top of our income pyramid. No American gets rich on his or her own. Every one of us rich people stands on the shoulders of people who stood on the shoulders of people who stood on the shoulders of people who stood on the necks of Native Americans.

Our Republican friends in Congress had opposed Clinton's tax increase on the top 1%. They had predicted it would lead to a recession, but instead it had been followed by 8 fat years.

Source: The Truth (with jokes), by Al Franken, p.303 , Oct 25, 2005

Minimum tax rate of 30% for those earning over $1 million.

Franken co-sponsored Paying a Fair Share Act