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2018 Wisconsin Senate race: debates and news coverage

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    from 2018 WI Senate race (number of quotes indicated):
  • Leah Vukmir (29) Republican candidate for Wisconsin U.S. Senator Wisconsin
  • Ron Johnson (1) Republican Sr Senator Wisconsin
  • Tammy Baldwin (22) Democratic Challenger Wisconsin
    OR click on an issue category below for a subset.

    Wisconsin 2018 Senatorial debates and race coverage:
  • ABC 'This Week' interview of Sen. Ron Johnson, 12-22-19
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Vukmir and Baldwin exchange barbs on Tomah VA scandal," by Bill Glauber, Sept. 10, 2018
  • Urban Milwaukee, "Lead Efforts to Combat the Opioid Epidemic," by State Sen. Leah Vukmir, Jan 19th, 2018
  • Wisconsin Gazette, "Vukmir silent on the stump about gays," Oct 20, 2010

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Leah Vukmir: No exceptions, including rape, incest, or mother's life.
    Tammy Baldwin: Planned Parenthood provides essential services.
Budget & Economy
    Leah Vukmir: Congress is addicted to spending our money.
    Leah Vukmir: Congress is addicted to spending our money.
Civil Rights
    Tammy Baldwin: Legal gay marriage is victory for fairness & equality.
    Leah Vukmir: Voted against anti-bullying legislation to protect students.
    Leah Vukmir: Silent on LGBT issues during debate and surveys.
    Tammy Baldwin: Support Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
    Leah Vukmir: Law and order is a critical issue.
    Leah Vukmir: Keep marijuana a Schedule 1 drug; no medical use.
    Tammy Baldwin: Legalize medical marijuana; let states decide.
    Leah Vukmir: Don't let our veterans down, like with opioids at Tomah VA.
    Ron Johnson: Death penalty for drug dealers.
    Leah Vukmir: More law enforcement grants to prevent drug flow into WI.
    Leah Vukmir: Opposes stronger penalties for drunk driving.
    Leah Vukmir: I want schools competing for enrollment.
    Leah Vukmir: Get federal government out of business of student loans.
    Tammy Baldwin: Opposes giving taxpayer dollars to private schools.
    Tammy Baldwin: Refinance student loans at lower rates.
Energy & Oil
    Leah Vukmir: No government subsidies for renewable energy.
    Tammy Baldwin: Global climate change poses a growing threat.
    Leah Vukmir: Opposes funding clean energy & high-speed rail.
    Leah Vukmir: Many EPA actions are over-regulation.
    Tammy Baldwin: Restore full EPA funding & oppose new cuts.
Free Trade
    Leah Vukmir: Tariffs on China give time to negotiate fairer deals.
    Tammy Baldwin: Tariffs send message to bad actors like China.
Government Reform
    Leah Vukmir: Drew districts overturned as unconstitutional gerrymander.
    Leah Vukmir: Supports voter photo-ID law.
    Tammy Baldwin: Ease campaign spending rules; limit donor disclosure.
    Tammy Baldwin: Partisan gerrymandering is an attack on our democracy.
    Tammy Baldwin: Voter photo-ID requirements harm participation.
Gun Control
    Leah Vukmir: Approach any 2nd Amendment law skeptically.
    Tammy Baldwin: Ban bump stocks & high-capacity magazines.
Health Care
    Leah Vukmir: Full repeal of ObamaCare, period.
    Tammy Baldwin: Take repeal off the table & work to improve ObamaCare.
    Leah Vukmir: Opposed requiring health insurers to cover oral chemotherapy.
Homeland Security
    Tammy Baldwin: Jason's Law: stop over-prescribing opioids at VA hospitals.
    Leah Vukmir: Address disgraceful neglect at Veterans Affairs.
    Leah Vukmir: First build a wall; illegals go home then re-apply.
    Tammy Baldwin: Support DREAMers and earned path to citizenship.
    Leah Vukmir: Construct a wall on the southern border.
    Tammy Baldwin: Raise minimum wage from $7.25 to $15/hour.
Principles & Values
    Leah Vukmir: Our rights come from God, not man.
Social Security
    Leah Vukmir: Personal Retirement Accounts for portion of payroll taxes.
    Tammy Baldwin: Long opposed to privatization.
Tax Reform
    Leah Vukmir: It's garbage that Trump tax cuts only benefited the wealthy.
    Tammy Baldwin: Trump tax cuts overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy.
    Tammy Baldwin: Internet must not become a two-tiered system.
    Tammy Baldwin: Invest in core infrastructure, as federal stimulus.
War & Peace
    Leah Vukmir: Iran nuclear treaty was a foolish & dangerous deal.
    Tammy Baldwin: Keep the Iran nuclear treaty.
    Leah Vukmir: Confront ISIS & Islamic jihadists who want to kill us.

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  • Leah Vukmir Republican candidate for Wisconsin U.S. Senator Wisconsin
  • Ron Johnson Republican Sr Senator Wisconsin
  • Tammy Baldwin Democratic Challenger Wisconsin

The above quotations are from 2018 Wisconsin Senate race: debates and news coverage.

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