Alan Keyes on Social Security

Republican challenger for IL Senate; previously Candidate for President

Keep promises but give future choice

Two principles must govern any reform of Social Security: (1) promises must be kept, and (2) future generations must have more choice, as well as a higher return on their savings, through market investments. We must keep the promises that have been made to current participants of the system, while returning control of current earnings and future security to each individual citizen.

I strongly support a fundamentally new approach for younger workers, placing them in control of the investments made with their savings dollars. The elimination of the income tax will make tax-privileged "retirement" accounts irrelevant-all savings will be tax free. So while I favor the transitional policy of replacing Social Security with individually-controlled tax-free investment accounts, the ultimate solution to the problem of long-term and retirement savings is to return responsibility for this crucial function to the citizens of the country, along with the freedom necessary to accomplish it.

Source: Campaign website www.Keyes2004.com, "Issues" Sep 9, 2004

Supports privatization & Lock-box

Source: Vote-Smart.org 2000 NPAT Jan 13, 2000

Keep our promises on Social Security benefits, guaranteed

For many years, my slogan on Social Security has been simple and clear. We’ve got to keep the promises we’ve made, because folks who have paid into the system in good faith ought to be able to expect that they will get the benefits that they have been promised. And we ought to guarantee that, even if we have to pay for it out of general revenue.
Source: Arizona Republican Primary Debate Nov 21, 1999

Let people who earn their money invest their own money

We’ve got to keep the promises we’ve made. But to make [Social Security] solvent, we have to stop making promises we can’t keep. We can’t keep the promise that the government is going to manage money that people earn over the course of their lifetimes better than the people who earn that money. We go out and work for it, we make the sacrifices, we have the sense to support ourselves, then we ought to be trusted to invest that money in ways that will produce the best return for us and our family.
Source: Arizona Republican Primary Debate Nov 21, 1999

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